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FS Tech provides not only Turnkey PCBA Assembly and manufacturing services but expert in finished product’s assembly also. This save the clients going through a series of Assembly links. FS Tech provides Mechanical Assembly services for the final electronics products. FS Tech has all assembly production lines that have the capability of assembling 4000+ units a day for consumer’s products. FS Tech has 100000 level dust-free assembly plants. FS Tech completed numerous client projects related to industrial controllers, consumer electronics, IoT module applications etc. FS Tech ensures 100% QC passed circuit boards, enclosures, housing and packaging ready to sell products for end consumers. 

Electronics Finished Product Assembly service is an important part of Electronic Manufacturing services. In this process numerous manual operation procedures are involved that needs expert operators, standard production operations, and strict process and quality control. FS tech aims to achieve all this abilities and certified for ISO9001:2015 Quality management system, ISO13485 for Medical Device Management system and IATF16949 for Automotive Electronics. FS tech implements strict SOP for operations, self-inspection, QC inspection QA online sampling, pre-shipment OBA sampling and other quality management methods. We focus on higher QC passed rate and higher customer quality sampling qualified rate. 

FS Tech Mechanical Assembly Features

FS Tech has rich experience and setup for high precision and complicated products assembly:

  • Skillful workers who are regularly trained and qualified before deploying at the production lines
  • Every production line is supervised by 1V1 leader to ensure standard operation, working standards and avoiding failures before the product enters in next procedure. This helps accelerate the timelines and improve production quality.
  • Strict work instructions includes operation method, quality standards, tools, records and analysis contacts
  • 100% inspection through online QC, spot check by QA in accordance with AQL standards, timely finding out and control defective items during assembly process
  • OBA unpacking inspection before shipment by quality control department
  • State of the art tools and general operating equipment at the production line including electric screw drivers, magnifying glass, torque meter, glue dispensing machine, test jigs and various auxiliary inspection equipment. Products that needs special operating equipment will be communicated and arranged  before assembling process
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