Mechanical Assembly

In addition to Turnkey PCB Assembly and pcb manufacturing service, we are also good at finished product assembly services, which can save you a series of assembly links.

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Contract Mechanical Assembly

FS Tech can provide Mechanical Assembly services for final electronics product.We have assembly production line could satisfy daily capability 4000+ units for consumer products. We also have a 100000 level dust-free assembly plant,in our previous manufacturing experience, we have offered mechanical components assembly services for many clients in industrial controller, consumer, IOT module applications.We help with assembly 100% QC passed circuit boards, enclosures, housing, accessories  together and package to a ready for selling product to end customer.

Electronics Finished Product Assembly services is an important part of electronic manufacturing services. There are many manual operation procedures, which have high requirements for workers’ quality, production operation standards, process control and quality control, and require strong process control and quality control ability.FS TECH is certified by authorities of ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management System, ISO13485 for Medical Device Management System, and IATF16949 for Automotive Electronics. In the PCBA assembly process, we strictly implement SOP operating standards, and applying self-inspection, QC inspection, QA online sampling, pre-shipment OBA sampling and other quality management methods, we focus on higher QC passed rate and higher customer quality sampling qualified rate.

Advantages of FS Tech Mechanical assembly

  • We have rich experience in assembly high precision and complicated products; 
  • 95% skillful workers was trained with strictly assembly skill before they could enter the production line;
  • Every production line has 1v1 leader to inspect the worker’s efficient and working standard, to avoiding failure timely before the product enter to the next procedures and the production line leader will be helpful to improve the production quality;
  • Strictly work instruction included operation methods,quality standard, tools and records and analysis content;
  • 100% full inspection by online QC, spot check by QA in accordance with AQL standard, timely find out and control the defective items in the assembly process ;
  • The quality department shall conduct OBA unpacking inspection before shipment;
  • The production line is equipped with many kinds of general operating equipment, such as electric screw driver, magnifying glass, torque meter, glue dispensing machine, test jigs and various auxiliary inspection equipment (for products requiring targeted special operating equipment, we will communicate with customers and prepare in advance before the production operation);
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