High volume PCB assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly

First-class PCBA Wholesaler

FS Technology provide high-volume PCB manufacturing services and lead the Shenzhen PCBA wholesale market since the last ten decades. Wholesale PCBA consists of minimum ten thousand PCB pieces or more that are used in projects.  If you are looking for bulk production of PCB must visit us. We provide reliable and high-quality PCB larger-scale services. We just not provide a high volume but also in a given time to work in a good way in the industry.

wholesale PCB

Furthermore, we provide the most high-end large-scale electronic assembly manufacturing services to customers in different countries and industries around the world. You can find customers’ high recognition of FS Technology on our website or Ali platform, and these praises include sales service attitude, fast turnaround delivery time, and flawless product quality. Those partners with more than 1,000 staff in the company continue to provide us with orders of 3 million US dollars per month. Different from other Chinese manufacturers, FS Technology has the ability to quickly reflect and optimize the service chain, and complete quotation and production at the fastest speed.

The annual employee training cost of millions is the premise that we can provide a large number of high-quality PCBAs. To keep our customers satisfied with our services, our skilled staff and engineers monitor each step from prototype to manufacturing. Quality is the cornerstone of our brand, and we never compromise on quality in order to fulfill wholesale orders.  We are certified by ISO standards and providing PCBA services since 2004. We also have trained staff to perform the triple process inspection for high-volume PCBs. Our technical staff assures you to make durable, high quality and well-assembled boards.

FS Technology's Quality Assurance for high volume PCB Assembly

The biggest drawback of mass production is the need to solve product quality problems, but FS Technology has more than ten years of rich experience in this field. In our production and assembly workshop, we can mass-produce more than 10,000 finished PCBA boards for you at the fastest speed.

Precision Design : First-class engineers and designers make detailed and accurate PCB designs and prototypes, because if a minor error comes can disturb bulk PCBA fabrication process. So our trained engineer look after each step carefully to perform the designing and prototyping accurately.

Low Rework Rate : To make sure less component failure and high-quality product creation we get the component from certified and authorized vendors. A variety of different testing methods and positions are inserted throughout the wholesale project process.

Experts EngineersWe are equipped with expert engineers and machines to make the complete assembly accurately. They take care of the complete processes like manufacturing, procurement, supply chain, board testing, quality, assurance, etc.

High-Quality ProductsWe provide different services for the creation of high-volume PCBs. These boards have similar quality standards, since we perform different tests and inspection measures. Objectively, the time spent in mass production will inevitably conflict with the time required by customers, and in any case, we will meet all the needs of customers with unparalleled cooperation on the basis of high-quality production. The quality of products is more important and never compromised on it. 

Process of PCBA Wholesale Order

PCBA schematic for wholesale order

Review Documents Carefully

Our experts examine the Gerber file and drawing layout to make the PCB structure and select the instruments according to the design requirements. Our experts make modifications to your design according to your requirements. All parameters of your projects are handle through our expert engineer and then they make the final decision for the manufacturing process. To make accurate alignment for layers of board required action is performed.

Wholesale PCBA Electronic Components

Bulk component purchase

In the highly competitive electronic components market, only a turnkey PCB assembly company like FS Technology, which has established long-term relationships with authorized component suppliers, can provide bulk and inexpensive component procurement services for your project. We use our experience to get high-quality products and components. With this, using quality and cheap components will open up a bigger market for your electronics in the 3C market. 

Wholesale PCBA Manufacturing Services

High Volume PCBA

State-of-the-art new assembly and manufacturing equipment makes fast turnaround time key, and FS Technology relies on our equipment advantages to help customers quickly capture the finished product market. For new projects of old customers who have cooperated with us for a long time, we provide free proofing services, and start to put into mass production lines after confirming the qualification. For initial collaborative prototypes or low-volume PCB assembly orders, free testing services are something you deserve. 

Plastic injection factory

Plastic Injection

To get good results regarding prices, quality and capacity we make plastic injection molding. To provide high-quality results we use the latest machines. We are experts in small, medium and large-size plastic injection molded components and provide services to different industries. For high aesthetic components, we have the capability for polymer processing technologies.

Metal Stamping Technology in Wholesale PCBA Services​

Metal Stamping

To provide customers in different industries with components that meet their expectations, FS Technology’s PCBA engineers can offer a wide range of metal stamping services. In metal stamping, FS Technology can provide three different technology types: progressive, four-way sliding, and deep drawing. We have the extensive practical experience and professional theoretical knowledge in various stamping technologies for metal forming. In order to provide our customers with a highly durable solution, we use a new type of custom tooling for metal stamping work. To reduce the cost of wholesale PCBA assembly, the stamping process provided by FS Technology is extremely cost-effective and strives to avoid all costly design errors.

Test high-volume PCBs

Turnkey Assembly and Testing

Our turnkey services include in-house assembly, certification inspection, and some other related features. We perform different tests to make sure the reliable and high-potential products. No matter how big your output is, we will be sampling detection according to your standards, and only when the test results meet your expectations will we notify the factory to ship. If the defect rate of the product is too high, we will report the cause to you as soon as possible, and quickly deploy maintenance measures and quality control standards, even if we have never had such a problem.

High Volume PCB Assembly Capability

 Types of Assembly

Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through Hole Technology(THT), Mixed Technology (SMT/THT), Single and double-sided SMT/PTH, complex circuit on one side, BGA on both sides

PCB Thickness


Copper Thickness

0.5 oz to 5.0 oz

Minimum Line Width

3 mil

Minimum Line Spacing

3 mil

PCB Size

50 mm×50 mm ~450 mm×406 mm


Laser-cut stainless-steel stencils


Passive components smallest size 0201, Fine pitch components smallest size 8 Mils pitch, Leadless chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA, FPGA & DFN, Connectors and terminals


X-ray analysis, AOI, and Microscope to 20X

Solder Type

Leaded and Lead-free/RoHS compliant

Board Shape

Rectangular, Circular, Slots and cut-outs, and any Odd Shapes as per requirements

Min. Diameter / Space of BGA

0.2mm / 0.35mm

Board Type

Flex, Rigid, Rigid-flex

Minimum Order

No Minimum Order

Component Size

Smallest Components, BGA, Micro BGA, and Fine Pitch Parts Assembly

Types of Finishing

Carbon, Selective Gold Plating, SMBOC(HASL), OSP, Hard and Soft Gold Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin

Supported File Formats

BOM: .xls, .csv, .xlsx
Gerber (RS-274X)
Centroid (XY, Pick-n-Place)


Flying Probe Test / Fixture Test, Impedance Test, Solderability Test, Thermal Shock Test, Hole Resistance Test, Micro Metallographic Section Analysis, etc.

Confidence in Wholesale PCBs from FS Technology

The engineers of FS Technology have worked in different industries, and they are the best in China in terms of technology. No matter what your project needs for boards, they can help you realize your unique project concept. We are the most powerful PCBA company in China and try to make boards according to requirements and also make sure high quality. For either high or small batch PCBA assembly, we perform different tests to make sure the high-quality products. Through this testing technique, we assure the required results and try to make fewer errors in the products. We assure a uniform structure in all boards throughout the volume. Before the delivery of products, FS Technology make sure to have zero errors on the boards.

ISO 9001:2015 company certification and obtaining components from authorized companies are the reasons why customers trust us. In addition to these visible qualification certifications, we have also made more efforts behind the scenes: professional skills training, standardized workflow, strict quality control, comprehensive PCBA testing services, etc. The following FS Technology will introduce you to the testing services that you will get when ordering PCBA wholesale services.

  • A design for manufacturability (DFM) – To make sure your design is suitable for high volume PCB manufacturing
  • DFA checks – For detecting issues that negatively impact the PCB fabrication process
  • AOI and AXI tests – Before packaging and shipping
  • Custom function tests – As needed
  • Electrical Testing – For confirming the PCB functionality to its original design
  • Flying Probe Testing – To test electrical performance
  • Functional Testing – To make sure everything is working as per the specific requirements
  • In-Circuit Testing
  • X-ray Testing
  • Solder Paste Inspection

High-Volume PCB Assembly Technologies

In order to realize your mass production order, FS Technology can provide almost all manufacturing technology, assembly technology, etc. The following is the introduction of FS Technology to the assembly of PCB technology.

SMT : With FS Technology’s SMT assembly, your electronic products will become more consumer-friendly miniature products. We are providing SMT services for the last 20 years to fulfill the demands of our users. As consumer demand for electronic products changes, FS Technology has been refining its SMT service capabilities. To provide high-quality boards we are equipped with the latest machines and highly skilled engineers and try to adopt the innovation in the PCB industry. In terms of speed, 7 fully automatic SMT production lines can meet all the needs of your fast turnaround projects; in terms of order volume, it is easy to handle orders of 7 million US dollars per month from old customers. Through the use of SMT, we are providing the board having high mechanical strength. 

THT : We are providing through-hole services from prototype to manufacturing of boards. We have all the required machines and handle the double wave flow process accurately with RoHS soldering, components placement manual, and with machines. We provide the high-end results according to standards through less lead time. Through the use of manual and automated DIP assembly techniques, we fulfill high-volume assembly orders with cheaper and high-quality production.

Mixed : You can also get mixed services of SMT and through-hole at a single platform


Applications of High-Volume PCB Assembly

As we are providing high-quality services with high-speed delivery as one solution to all services. So our services for small batch production are used by different industries that are listed.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics Products
  • Semiconductor
  • 4G and 5G Communication Industry
  • Aerospace Business
  • Autonomous Driving Technology
  • Military Equipment

Our Certifications

Wholesale PCB Qualification

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IPC-CC-830B compliant
  • IPC-WHMA-A-610 compliant
  • IPC-A-610-D
  • IPC 610 and IPC 600
  • ANSI/J-STD-00
  • RoHS compliant
  • ITAR compliant
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