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PCBA equipment

Turnkey PCBA Manufacturer

Our Strength

● 20 years of assembly manufacturing experience
● 24-hour 1 V 1
● Over 8,000 e-contract customers
● ISO9001:2015,ISO14001:2015,ISO45001:2018
ISO13485:2016, IATF16949:2016,

SMT Equipment

● Fast turn around prototyping
● Surface Mount Assembly

● Lead-Free Capability
● BGA SMT placement

● Conventional thru-hole’& mixed technologies PCB assembly (Component sequencers,Axial lead inserting, DIP sequence inserting (DIP) system)

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One Stop PCB Assembly Services

FS Technology was established at Shenzhen, China in 2004 as an PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Our full turnkey PCBA service including: 


We have served thousands of domestic and overseas companies in the past decades. Our manufacturing services are not limited to PCB and PCBA only, but this includes satisfactory execution of extra demands / redesigning / modification required by clients. Through our professional work processes and dedicated work attitude, we have won recognition of numerous industry leaders in the field of microelectronics.  

FS technology pcba company
smt pcb equipment

Our PCBA manufacturing services highlights

As the leading shenzhen PCB assembly manufacturer, we have 18 years of one-stop PCBA manufacturing and overseas project management experience. From our competent sales team to production team, we are successful in pursuing high level of quality control standards. Our advanced and detailed project management experience makes us among the top PCBA turnkey assembly manufacturer in China.

FS technology can exceed customer’s demand for simple to complex projects, low volume to large scale PCBA manufacturing and for start-ups to industry giants. Our expert team executes the project through 1V1 project manager with support from procurement, engineers, production and quality control teams. 

Our factory in not only equipped with advance production and inspection equipment but also certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF 16949, ISO13485, UL. Our manufactured products are successfully deployed in the fields of telecommunication, computer and networks, medical device, automotive, industrial control systems, new energy, home appliance, ect.

In addition, FS Tech has the ability to offer redesigning and up-gradation services for our clients. This greatly helps them save cost and time to market delivery (TTM). This feature makes FS Tech a long term partner and an irreplaceable supplier for our valuable clients. 

Quality Assurance

We pay attention to miniscule details , make sure your technical information and quality standards are fully listened and applied to the whole process from material procurement to final product delivery.

1V1 project management

All of your projects will be handled and processed by one dedicated project manager, who will fully understand your requirements, ensure instant reply, timely processing and follow-up your order.

Cost Performance

We have an expert sourcing team with 15+ years of experience in procurement through multiple sourcing channels. Due to very stable coodination in the past years, we are able to source the best priced electronic components from our reliable suppliers and global distributors. Meanwhile our hardware technical engineers can suggest perfect alternative components while maintaining best quality to extend your options. 

Flexible and Instant response

We are a young and vigorous team who are always flexible to meet client demands beyond printed circuit board assembly only. If some quality issue is reported, the project manager will track the root cause immediately and figure out win-win solution to solve the problem. We will never allow any lose on our client when the problem is caused by our side.

The scope of our PCBA services

We offer all the support you need to complete your project demands including PCB manufacturing to functional testing, mechanical assembly and much more. 

PCB Fabrication Capabilities

PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCBA Prototyping Service

Printed circuit board production equipment
fs technology smt pcba workshop
One-stop prototyping

PCB Manufacturing Capability:1-58L  

PCB Material:CME1、CME3、FR-4, High TG FR4 , Halogen-free FR4 , Polyimide ,aluminium 、Ceramic(96% Alumina) Teflon、PTFE(F4B,F4BK), Rogers(4003,4350,5880) Taconic(TLX-8,TLX-9), Arlon(35N,85N) etc.

Material Mixed Laminate:4 layers -10 layers  ( FR4+Ro4350 , FR4+Aluminium , FR4+ FPC)

SMT Assembly Capacity : 52 million placements per month

Max Board Size:680×500 mm Smallest:0.25″x0.25″

Min Component size:0201 – 54 sq. mm. (0.084 sq. inch), long connector, CSP, BGA, QFP

Speed:0.15 sec/chip, 0.7 sec/QFP

Prototype PCB assembly: 24hours to 48hours

PCBA Mass production: 2-3 weeks


Accept supplied components in cut-tape or in tray.

Affordable price

Reliable PCB Turnkey Assembly Supplier

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FS Tech has 200 clients annually with purchase amount reaching 1 million USD.

1000 +

FS Tech has completed 5000 one-stop PCB assembly contracts from overseas.

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FS Tech shared the same PCBA components supplier as the Fortune 500 companies.

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FS Tech have 1000 clients was recommended by our stable clients.

Full Turnkey PCBA Service Reviews

As a printed circuit board assembly manufacturer with nearly 20 years experiences, FS Tech has received a good deal of positive feedback from our clients. If you are satisfied with our service, you are welcome to leave your positive feedback. If you think we still have room for improvement, we will also accept it humbly and make corrections. Your evaluation will be the driving force for FS Team to move forward.


There were some components used only in prototype, so it is ok. Please make it as described on BOM and it will be ok. Thank you for email, amd happy, so you prove what are you doing and you care as well.​


I have just recieved the package. Quality is super! Thank you very much. Please give me a couple of days, to check them, try software on them, etc...​


Thank you for today, Really, I appreciate, We are very lucky, To meet a company as your pcb supplier, With this kind of managment team.I appreciate everything you have done for me you have been wonderful to work with.​


Super sense of service and perfect after-sales service make me can't believe this is a pcba manufacturer from China. Looking forward to working with you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

PCBA means Printed Circuit Board Assembly. 

The PCB by itself is not yet functional because it lacks the electronic components that will perform specific functions. This is where PCBA comes in. PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly, which is the process of placing the necessary electronic components onto the PCB, soldering them onto the board, and testing the resulting circuit to ensure that it works as intended.

In summary, PCB and PCBA are two stages of the same process. PCB is the initial stage where the conductive pathways are etched onto the board, and PCBA is the final stage where the electronic components are assembled onto the board to make a functional circuit.

According to customer needs, the PCBA factory installs electronic components on the bare PCB board through SMT assembly, DIP assembly and other technologies, realizes the electrical connection between the components, and finally makes the PCBA board complete the specified function. The most essential difference between it and PCB is whether it contains electronic components. If you want to learn more about the difference between the two, you can read the article “PCBA VS PCB”.

FS Tech is the best Shenzhen PCBA manufacturer. You may find the best PCBA manufacturer by connecting with their sales team. It’s the best way to check their service and products. If you are customizing China PCBA or PCB service for the first time and have no direction to find a higher quality manufacturer, the following article will help you “How to find the right PCB assembly company

We take a full range of turnkey services as the main service, temporarily do not support online quotations, and replace them with PCBA component procurement and replacement services that other companies do not have. Read “How to Order PCBA Services” to easily complete your electronics assembly project in seven steps.


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