PCBA Prototype Assembly

A pcba prototype is a test board used to see if a design is successful and can check the performance, functionality and feasibility of the design. Due to the small quantity, the price of PCBA samples is relatively high, but FS Technology can offer you a low-cost pcb prototype assembly quotation.

Directory of Prototype Services

Prototype PCB Assembly Services

FS Technology specialize in prototype and small batch pcb assembly, we have professional solder technicians, SMT process engineers and component purchasers to finish it. At the same time. We can accept supplied components, cut tape or non reel package. Through our unique design assembly process, we are able to provide you flexible service, competitive price and faster delivery than other PCBA suppliers.

We offer pcba rapid prototyping, high volume pcb and printed circuit board assemblies with Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through Hole Technology (THT) and Hybrid components. We also provide Turnkey PCB Assembly Services ( only need Gerber file and Bom list), consignment, and various alternative to help you reduce cost and time.

Our rapid pcba prototyping service can assemble your board within 24 hours.

We do not have MOQ requirement, We can handle small quantities as well as mass production, even the quantity of 1PCS can be undertaken.

Contents of PCBA Prototype Service

FS tech adheres to the principle of customer first,regardless of the quantity you send, the work we do for you throughout the pcb prototype assembly process is the same in terms of sections, including the following:

Prototype PCB engineering services:

For difficult, high-precision, or special-specification PCBs, we will conduct DFM analysis before quoting to ensure that your requirements are 100% implemented in the prototype pcb fabrication process, and we will provide you with help from the perspective of production. Suggestions to reduce costs or improve production efficiency to help you optimize the overall solution.

PCB prototype assembly service

Each new pcb assembly prototype project must held NPI meeting before production to ensure the team has sufficient understanding for the entire project details. During the assembly process, the production services that may be involved are:

  • PCB SMT: Surface mount assembly, single & double-sided assembly
  • Plated through-hole, Selective soldering
  • Mixed technologies: SMT, through-hole, and electro-mechanical assembly

PCBA prototype function testing

Testing is the most important requirement in the printed circuit board assembly industry. Without this link, your pcb may have various unforeseen problems.Before purchasing a pcb assembly service, the product is generally tested by purchasing a cheap pcb prototype or small batch production, and mass production will be started after confirming that there is no problem.Our pcb prototype board testing including but not limited to the following:

  • Flying probe testing
  • PCB Assembly Inspection: Board-& system-level testing,including engineering support
  • Circuit wire bonding
  • Circuit wire bonding
  • PCBA Conformal coat (full coat or individual component coat)
  • In-circuit testing (ICT): Developing test fixtures and testing (suggested building during prototype assembly)

Achievements of PCBA Samples Service

The prototype printed circuit board assembly service provided by FS Technology has been well received by customers. With the development of science and technology, the applicable fields of products produced by FS Technology are also expanding rapidly.The quick turn sample pcb we provide in the area of telecommunications, computers, networks, new energy, consumer electronics, industrial control, automobiles, home appliances and other industries.

Our items are strictly according to ISO9001 ISO/TS16949、ISO 13485 and UL, all of our products can up to IPC & ROHS standard.

PCBA Prototype Assembly Quotes