EMS Manufacturing

The abbreviation of Electronics Manufacturing Services is EMS, also known as Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM), is an umbrella term for the various services that companies can provide in the field of electronic components.

Directory of EMS Services

PCB Contract Manufacturing

FS Tech has over 10 years PCBA EMS(electronic manufacturing service) experience, including turnkey pcb assembly or partial turn-key projects. We could offering high quality services for many kinds of EMS demand from our clients. In fact, the main services of every electronic manufacturing services companies would be difference, it is necessary to know the details and capabilities of a company before you choose a company as your EMS PCBA services provider.

3D CAD modeling and mass production

3D CAD model realization is a key part of EMS PCB assembly services,we can verify your design by the method of 3D model design and printing to check the real housing of your product, etc., this is much helpful for avoiding mistake and speed up the mass production.

Various housing material

As an pcba contract manufacturing company, we must familiar with different kinds of housing material to meet our clients different enclosures demand. Which means we must have strong enough resources for supplying the satisfy quality for our clients. We could supply all kinds of desired plastic, soft material, metal and wooden housing customization services according to your project demand, such as ABS, Silicone, steel or aluminum material, ect. Working with and cheap EMS PCB Assemble manufacturer like FS Tech, our client will save much time to find the reliable housing supplier, FS Tech will help with taking care of the details discussion. 

System integration services

System integration services is the core services of an pcb contract assembly manufacturer. Means we could assembly including power module, motherboard,heat sink,cooler or fan, display, memory bank, input/output interface connectors, motors and other accessories. 

In the manufacturing process, there will required a lot of components such as strip cable, multi strand or single strand wires,RF coaxial connector,cable clips, connectors, terminals or metal body to the ground, placing silicon glue on cooler components and ties ect.

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical assembly plant and skillful workers are the basic condition of an printed circuit boards EMS manufacturer. Mechanical assembly would  be required after the system integration assembly,according to the mechanical design and SOP, mechanical assembly often involves riveting, drilling screw holes, tightening nuts and bolts, washers and mechanical locks to assemble core functional components into the final housing.

For some simple products with no sub-components would be much more efficiently when assembly those product with more than 2 sub-components. In theory, the more sub-components, the more labor-hour are required to assemble. While some of the EMS PCB manufacturer is not able to provide high quality Mechanical assembly services. 


After hardware assembly done correctly, Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider is always able to help with initial factory programming or set up the configuration of the product. The programming content included but not limited to the firmware or driver installation, date or time setting, manufacturing code, operation system configuration and BIOS updating.FS Tech has a well experience programmer and technician team, this EMS services make our clients feel very easy to work with FS Tech. 

Labeling and signs

According to the Work instruction,an china ems pcba manufacturer must take good care of some detail works and little things like Labels and Signs that was required by the product designer. FS Tech can help with placing or printing the logo or labels on the product body.Common label type as below:

  • Product specification and parameter info;

  • Usage specifications and mandatory identification of user region;

  • The manufacturer info of the product;

Functional testing

The functional testing is the key process to verify if the product reach delivery quality standard. Functional testing including power on/off testing, signal output wave analyzing, resistance testing, keypad input testing, frequency, aging test, ect. 

We have some common functional test equipment in our lab, which can satisfy the testing demand for most of the electronics projects. But we also could offer customize pcb assembly inspection services for some special projects and we will communicate and confirm with our client to specify who to supply those equipment and testing tool. 

An EMS manufacturer is different from an OEM manufacturer, most of OEM manufacturer they are not able to customize test jig and accommodate the demands for projects, but FS Tech could help clients avoiding loss for ship the faulty products back and they don’t need to pay extra labor cost to test their products in local.


Many client would required FS Tech help them with designing and customized the package box, therefore product packaging became a part of our pcb contract manufacturing services. According to the package SOP, product must match the correct components,warranty card, user manual, assembly and disassembly instructions ect to pack together inside the color boxes. This job make sure our users could fully understand how to use and operate the products and components, also aware what is danger to do. This job is also a part of value in our electronics manufacturing services that presented to consumers.

Storage and Shipment

EMS companies will store our packed well products in our warehouse before our client inform the pickup time by carrier. Our warehouse will be fully managed by a warehouse officer and factory guard, we will also maintaining a appropriate temperature,humidity and warehouse cleanliness, to make sure our product storage in a safe place before deliver to our client.This is a key node for us to complete electronic contract manufacturing services!

We have stable and competitive forwarder company,they could help us ship all packages to our clients located all over the world. For specified shipping company by our client, what we can do is fully cooperate with them and fully offer our custom clearance documentations, to ensure they could pickup and export the goods on time.

After-sales services and maintenance

After delivery, we would also offer repair, maintenance, calibration services for our clients to make sure they would not concern a lot after selling.This is the last important part of our EMS manufacturing service. To release the after-sales concerning for our customer, they don’t even need to hire a skillful technician to do the maintaining job. 

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