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This article will give you a detailed introduction to what kind of pcb boards can be produced by FS Technology and the related knowledge of pcb productions.

Directory of PCB Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

FS Tech provide electronics pcb manufacturing services, we have been focus on supplying quality compliance and cost-performance PCB. From prototype pcb fabrication to high volume production, FS Tech will meet various needs between different clients and technologies and comply with the quality requirements or certification standards.

FS Technology can make multi-layer PCB up to 20L, including Rigid PCBFlexible PCBRigid Flex PCBAluminum PCBHigh Frequency PCB, HDI PCB ect.

Online PCB Fabrication Technology Including:

  • Fast PCB prototyping services
  • Non Through Plating Holes PCB
  • Double Side PTH PCB
  • Multi-layer PCB up to 20L
  • Rogers,Taconic, Nelco&Arlon PCB manufacturing
FS Tech will penalize your different shape PCB design in a high use ratio way to minimize your pcb manufacturing cost.

In the past production experience, we found many designs from our clients still able to improve to accommodate the scale production, in this case, we will came up with our advises to help them perfection their design or correct some common mistake in their design.

We won a lot of PCB projects from Aerospace, Marine, military, industry, Automotive and security due to our technologies and services. 


Rigid PCB

Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB

Aluminum/Copper PCB

Layer Counts



2-10L (36/10)


Maximum Size






CME1、CME3、FR-4, High TG FR4 , Halogen-free FR4 , Polyimide ,aluminium 、Ceramic(96% Alumina)    Teflon、PTFE(F4B,F4BK), Rogers(4003,4350,5880) Taconic(TLX-8,TLX-9), Arlon(35N,85N) etc.

Material Mixed Laminate

4 layers — 10 layers  ( FR4+Ro4350 , FR4+Aluminium , FR4+ FPC)

Board Thickness


Copper Thickness  

0.5-6OZ, Pilot run: 12OZ

Minimum Line / Space  


Board Outline Tolerance


Trace width Tolerance  


Minimum Drilling Hole

Mechanical 0.1mm, Laser hole 0.075mm

Hole Position/hole Tolerance

±0.05mm           PTH:±0.076MM     NPTH:±0.05mm

Mini Solder Mask Bridge


Impedance Control Tolerance


Surface Finishing

HASL, Lead free HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver,Plated gold , OSP, Carbon ink, ENEPIG, Gold Finger

Special Process

Buried Hole, Blind Hole, Embedded Resistance, Embedded Capacity, Hybrid, Partial hybrid, Partial high density, Back drilling, and Resistance control.

1-2L Lead-time

Sample Expedited 24 hours and 48 hours, Normal2-5 days,  Mass production 5-7days

4- 8L Lead-time

Sample Expedited 48 hours 72 hours, Normal 5-7days,Mass production 7-10 days

10-18L Lead-time

10-15 days,Special circumstances based on the actual PCB design

More than 20L  Lead-time

15-20 days ,Special circumstances based on the actual PCB design

Acceptable File Format


Types of pcbs that FS can make

As a top printed circuit board provider in China, no matter what type of circuit board, FS TECH will meet the PCB manufacturing needs of different customers in various materials and technologies, and unswervingly comply with customer requirements quality or certification standards.

We understand that you focus more on supplier quality and delivery when sourcing PCBs, and that’s what we do best – we promise you fast delivery and competitive pricing.

PCB Board Production Capacity

  • Layers:1-58L;
  • Material:CME1、CME3、FR-4, High TG FR4 , Halogen-free FR4 , Polyimide ,aluminium 、Ceramic(96% Alumina) Teflon、PTFE(F4B,F4BK), Rogers(4003,4350,5880) Taconic(TLX-8,TLX-9), Arlon(35N,85N) etc.
  • Material Mixed Laminate:4 layers -10 layers  ( FR4+Ro4350 , FR4+Aluminium , FR4+ FPC)

Materials used in PCB manufacturing

  • High speed material: Rogers PCB,Nelco,Teflon,Arlon,Taconic,
  • Dupont,Isola
  • Normal pcb materials: Fr4, Fr2, cem-1,cem-3
  • Metal core PCB: Aluminum core, Copper base PCB

The PCB process that can be realized:

Order Quantity Requirements for PCB Manufacturing:

FS Tech has no minimum requirement for orders for high quality pcb fabrication, that is MOQ=1. We support prototype pcb production, small scale pcb manufacturing orders, high volume orders, custom pcbs. Whatever your needs, we will do our best to meet them.If you want to know more detailed capabilities of FS Technology, feel free to email us, we will answer you in detail and give you the cheapest pcb manufacturing quotation.

Relevant PCB manufacturing knowledge

What is PCB?

PCB is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board. A printed circuit board is a substrate for assembling electronic components,which is integrated required components in certain position via copper circuit on fiber glass material. The main function of this product is to make various electronic components form the connection of the predetermined circuit, which plays the role of relay transmission and it was called “the mother of electronics products”.Becuase printed circuit board as a substrate of components connection, it is necessary for all electronics devices in the world.  

That’s all for this article. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of FS Technology’s pcb manufacturing capabilities. If you have this demand, whether it is pcb smt  manufacturing, rigid flex pcb fabrication, 4 layer pcb manufacturing, we can achieve it. Please get your pcb fabrication online quote by email below.

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