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FS TECH established in 2004 located in Shenzhen, GuangDong. As an Electronics manufacturing services contract manufacturer, we good at PCB fabricationPCB component procurement, PCB Assembly, testing and quality control as well as finished products assembly services. 

We have 18+ years manufacturing and project management experiences, our quality control standard and considerate project management services are been highly recommended by our clients. Whether it’s a simple PCB board or a complex PCB assembly, or even delivering a finished product; whether it’s a start-up company or an industry-leading scale enterprise; whether it’s small batch or large manufacturing, you can trust us to meet your needs.

FS TECH clearly understands that each of our customers is constantly faced with various potential supply chain opportunities and temptations, which is also a challenge to us. Continuing to win and grow in this competitive environment requires us to establish a key philosophy and uphold it in a way that borders on faith. Therefore, in the past 18 years, FS TECH has continued to pay attention to “quality, service, cost-effectiveness and sustainable growth” as the key to the company’s development.


The same with our customers, quality is FS TECH’s first one concern. We pay attention to each detail, and ensure that quality control is achieved in every link of production and manufacturing, so that customer trust is the goal of quality management.

We introduce advanced production and testing equipment, develop new technologies, and implement total quality management and environmental management. The company has successively obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, UL certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO/TS16949 automotive quality management system certification, and ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification.

FS Technology's Quality Assurance
Small batch PCBA sales team


FS TECH is better at thinking about problems and improving work from the perspective of customers. “Worry-free”, “timely” and “exceeding expectations” are our service standards. We pay attention to each detail of the project process and set up an exclusive one to one for this purpose service team, this team consists of project service support, components procurement, PCB engineers, hardware technical engineers, BOM engineers, PMC, IQC, production supervisors, production personnel, process control engineers, OQC and other personnel.

Products are widely used in telecommunications, computing networks, medical equipment, automotive electronics, industrial control systems, new energy, household appliances, aerospace and defense military equipment and other high-tech fields.


Benefit to the strong global sourcing capabilities of our purchasing team, the price-performance ratio that is higher than that of the peers is achieved at FS TECH.

FS Tech's Sustainable Development Concept

Sustainable development

FS TECH has more patience and greater investment to establish and develop long-term cooperative relations with customers. “Growing with customers” has always been our philosophy.

Our Beliefs

  • Company Vision
  • Company mission 
  • Company values
FS PCBA Company Vision

Company Vision

Committed to becoming a first-class manufacturer and service provider in the PCB&PCBA industry.

Company Mission

Professional services help customers realize product value

Higher standards and requirements inspire employees to realize personal value

Company Values


Professional dedication / keep improving/ work hard/ happily life

Guarantee of cooperation with FS TECH​

FS Tech

Quality assurance

Our team strictly follow the quality certification standards and FS TECH's internal control standards to promote the project work, which is the most powerful guarantee for us to achieve zero-defect product delivery. At the same time, our quick response capability can also respond quickly to your changing needs. Both is a big difference between strict quality assurance on the one hand and flexibility of quick response on the other. But it turns out that FS TECH has achieved a good balance in these two aspects.


Service assurance

Whether your project is a pcb prototype, small batch or large production stage, we have a complete service plan for you, so that you don't need to worry about the cumbersome things of electronic product manufacturing.
According to our past work results, we can bring unexpected benefits to our customers in terms of technical support, which can bring our customers shorter development product cycles and lower procurement costs.
At the same time, our professional capabilities can achieve faster product delivery for our customers, which will bring additional cost benefits to customers.

FS Tech

Price assurance

We have the ability to quickly match the optimal solution according to your specific needs to ensure that you get the most cost-effective procurement plan, which is likely to be lower than your target cost price. This purchasing solution is often achieved through our strong global sourcing capabilities, collaborative design substitution and strict low-cost production process control.

Collaboration assurance

FS TECH has always ensured good cooperation with our global full-link suppliers. At the same time, relying on the company's perfect management system, every employee and each work station of the company is also in good operation. Benefit from these, we have provided good service to our customers around the world and established a good collaborative relationship between us and our customers.
The greatest benefit for you of this good cooperative relationship is that professional PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly are handed over to FS TECH, and you can focus more on achieving greater breakthroughs and benefits in your core competitive areas.

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