What is PCBA

If you are in the pcb manufacturing industry, but do not know what is PCBA, this article will help you. FS Technology will introduce the knowledge about PCBA in detail here, including “What is PCBA”, “why choose PCBA service” and so on.

What does PCBA mean

The meaning of PCBA is Printed Circuit Board Assembly, and the more standard writing is PCB’A. According to customer needs, the PCBA factory installs electronic components on the bare PCB board through SMT, DIP and other technologies, realizes the electrical connection between the components, and finally makes the PCBA board complete the specified function. The most essential difference between it and PCB is whether it contains electronic components. If you want to learn more about the difference between the two, you can read the article “PCBA VS PCB”.

The meaning of PCBA’s birth

Before the 20th century, the components in electronic products were connected by wires to achieve electrical connection, but because this process is too complicated, it can no longer meet the needs of human beings for electronic products. Therefore, people began to study the pcb assembly process steps and make electronic devices more powerful through PCB assembly technology. PCB assembly simplifies the electrical interconnection between components and accelerates the development of production technology at the time. It took only 20 years for people to not know what a pcba board is to the elimination of circuit breadboards, which is enough for the power of front PCBA. Today, printed circuit boards dominate the electronics industry, while breadboards are lost in the flood of history.

Why choose pcb assembly service

Buying a bare PCB board and assembling and processing it yourself is outdated. Purchasing a PCB assembly service means that the supplier is in charge of your entire PCB project. For small-scale or start-up companies, choosing a turnkey pcb assembly supplier is the best decision. This will play an important role in optimizing corporate strategic goals and improving sales models. For some customers who do not know what is pcb assembly service is, or who have never purchased a PCBA service, FS Technology has sorted out the following advantages:

  • Save Time
  • Cut Costs
  • Timely Detection of Problems
  • Better Management
  • Provide More Quality Services

The above is the whole content of “what is the pcba”, FS Knowledge PCB Knowledge Blog will add more content in subsequent updates, so stay tuned!

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