Ways to Profit from Small Volume PCBA Assembly Vendors

For consumer electronic products that need to be shipped in large quantities, it is very important to go through a small batch test phase before going to market. As the cornerstone of the electronics industry, the PCBA board can be judged by the functional test of the prototype to determine whether the function is complete, so you must have a professional small volume PCBA service suppliers to serve you. FMCG electronic products all have an explosive period, and it is very important to quickly gain market share and build a brand. If you establish a cooperative relationship with a powerful low volume manufacturing supplier, its quick response capability can help you occupy the market and obtain good profits immediately. It is obvious that FS Technology is such a trusted partner. In addition to quick response, your wise choice also reduces the chance of huge defects after mass production. Next, let FS Technology teach you how to maximize your benefits from a small batch PCB assembly manufacturer.

Judge the manufacturing capabilities of small volume PCBA assembly suppliers

  • Production quality for low volume suppliers

The most significant element to discuss before identifying the PCBA creator to work with is the quality of the board. It’s not uncommon for smaller companies to slip up on quality due to tight budget constraints, but an expert multilayer PCB provider can get these faults easily before high-level production. When we refer to a low-volume manufacturer, we do not mean a small company, but a company that can fulfill both high-volume orders and small-volume manufacturing. There is a Chinese saying that “you can’t have both fish and bear’s paw”. Meaning you can hardly get two opposing abilities at the same time. As an expert in the PCBA industry, you should know that some companies with a production capacity of 100,000+ are not willing to undertake the work of designing circuit boards, but FS Technology can. We have both large and small run production capacity, and provide professional design services. You should consider include the quality and types of circuit boards they manufacture.  For example, you wouldn’t want to be in the position of getting a 5g PCB from a dealer that has a specialty in TV .

  • Fully customizable

High customization is a must-have capability for small volume manufacturers, and professional PCBA service providers can provide multi-layer options for FR4 material, CEM-1 and Rogers PCBA. Rogers are favored by almost all high-level service providers and are considered the best choice for low and high frequency PCB. Due to the denser circuit form, multi-layer circuit can be used in cutting-edge applications with impressive results, like power distribution through the ground plane and signal traces at another side of PCBs. This enhances the efficiency by decreasing crosstalk interference and signal degradation via not required length.

  • Process level of small batch PCBA suppliers

Extensive manufacturing and assembly processes are a must for small volume PCBA companies. Many manufacturers only offer expensive and slow services such as PCB DIP, SCP, and AO, which is disadvantageous for small volume services that require fast production. FS Technology has a wide range of manufacturing workshops, including multiple SMT assembly lines, DIP assembly lines, etc. In addition, customers can also choose from PCBA surface treatment.

PCB production process capability
  • Whether it has the ability of rapid manufacturing

In addition to pricing and assembly processes, you should also focus on the manufacturer’s rapid manufacturing capabilities. Normally Single layer fr4 PCB can be created in about twenty-four hours. Though numerous small Volume PCB service providers offer next-day delivery for orders placed before noon. In some conditions, twenty-four turnarounds are available for same-day or next-morning delivery. This will ensure that your electronic products are not delayed while waiting for electronic components, and the docking will be completed in a better time. If you need faster expedited service for your electronics project, try a mechanical assembly service. The significance of this service is to reduce project time and labor costs. After PCBA is created, the PCB service provider directly completes the assembly of finished electronic equipment in its own factory.

  • Small run PCB vendor with competitive price

After getting everything into account you have to face some charges for small batch PCBA. Important thing is that you have to select vendors that fulfill your innovation requirements and also have compatibility with your financial matters. Any product can be bargained, which is why FS Technology recommends you to look for a China PCB assembly small volume companies. Here you have the option to submit your required features to the manufacturer and ask them to quote.  In some cases, you will find that proximity sometimes plays a significant part in lowering the price due to shipping costs. When the total cost of the project has to be reduced, customers often screen suppliers from the local area, which is not a wise choice. Finding low-volume PCBA suppliers and manufacturers with relatively attractive prices from abroad has a certain role in reducing the cost of electronic projects. This is because the price drivers for PCBA include: sourcing, production, assembly, packaging, shipping, etc. Shipping is only the smallest part of the PCBA cost. For developed countries in Europe and the United States, establishing cooperative relations with Chinese manufacturers can reduce the price of PCBA assembly and manufacturing due to labor prices. For underdeveloped countries, as the largest manufacturing country, Chinese suppliers can provide better quality flexible boards, rigid boards and rigid-flex PCBs. To find a good low volume vendor, you need to look beyond the component price. 

Maximize profits from small volume PCB suppliers

The following tip will help you get the most out of your low-volume assembly and provide a rewarding experience.

  • Co-examine custom materials

If your manufacturing partner uses customized parts, or is reluctant to change components, you may experience sourcing difficulties. It is common for a manufacturer to encounter increasing least orders, unexpected incompetent prices, material obsolescence, and other problems. Some companies that allow online quotations for small-volume orders do not offer component replacement or specified components.

Discuss PCBA files together

To avoid material problems at a critical time, ask your manufacturing partner to conduct a quarterly or semi-annual survey with you about your improved material needs. In a sense, most customers choose a turnkey PCB assembly company because of convenience, and they may not be willing to spend time on it. With the help of a company with PCB component procurement capabilities, it is advantageous to have easy access to any component and to provide a cheaper alternative.

  • Divide and rule

It’s important to see the value in why a trusted partner might choose to outsource your business. For example, retrofit PCBA manufacturers can deal with a specific range of production batch volumes.  However, if they are producing more than their capacity, it can disrupt shipping throughout their client base, including you.

Electronic FMCG is a rapidly changing market that requires sharp insights and quick response capabilities. When your electronic project becomes hot, the High Volume PCB Assembly Service provided by the supplier cannot meet the current demand, which will have a negative impact on your company. Working with 2 or more trusted suppliers in advance would be a current option. If you realize that you will have bundles that will change dramatically in your needs, consider working with two small-volume PCBA suppliers. The job responsibilities and abilities of the two are clearly divided. One has the ability to produce small batches with quick response, and the other has the ability of high-end products and large-scale production. This will give you more benefits: quick reactions, mutual comparisons, increased initiative, and more. It allows you to take advantage of both suppliers and guarantees that you will generally have a certified partner.

  • Indicate the skills manufacturers need to have

Each customer’s electronic project requires different functions, shapes, and types of PCBs, which means that customers need to evaluate the capabilities of different suppliers multiple times. This is the reason why you put your turnkey PCB assembly company in the forefront of your detailed assumption. 

It is undeniable that the technical barriers in the electronics manufacturing industry lie in the iterative update of products and technological innovation. The circuit board acts as a supplier of all electronic equipment functions, and observing the capabilities of different suppliers can be of great benefit to the technological innovation of your products, and is the primary way to maximize the benefits of your assembly services. When you bring the latest technology products into the market, the uniqueness of electronic products will get the most attention for your company.

  • Express all concerns to the small run assembly company

Although it can be result in higher costs and greater risk to vary small-scale EMS service provider, the basic industry practice is to move the business to another manufacturer in place of dealing directly with the exhibition group. So the best solution is to talk about it and put pressure on the supplier to understand that we can always replace him. When the supplier understands his situation, he will not focus on solving your problem, but will spend more time on high-quality manufacturing to respond to your concerns.

If our concern is a common PCB problems and we engage in a heated argument with a partner about it, it could lead to serious damage to your well-earned benefits in the long run. Commitment, trust, honesty, and honest conversations help create great business associations. Beyond that, incorporating some threatening elements into your project negotiation will give your business even more benefits. These points create the right environment for a personal relationship to grow over time.

If there’s something important that you need to keep to yourself, it’s high time you let the PCB manufacturer know. No matter how long you’ve been working with them, make sure you express your interests so that your issues stand out enough for them to notice and find a solution.

Advantages of choosing a small volume assembly vendor

Every electronic instrument should depend on a printed circuit board to work accurately, and as businesses continue to expand, mmWave PCBA technology improves, more and more organizations understand the widespread requirement to rapidly improve equipment.

To remain maintain the possibility of business development, companies are constantly improving and making innovative new products, and FS Technology has therefore updated its assembly equipment and expanded its production team to meet the needs of different companies for new products. This means that item browsing and delivery are much faster than expected. This is why more and more organizations are choosing small-batch PCBs instead of full-scale, large-scale production. Some advantages are discussed here:

  • Better quality product

Order small volume PCB assembly services, advanced technicians can directly work on the client’s reviews of previous products to create a better version. Likewise, since the programming is constantly in need of repair and renewal, the device can also benefit from improvements.

Many companies, especially start-ups and crowdfunding projects, strongly depend on reactivity with their allies and benefit from this style of development. Ultimately, it delivers a better-customized item than the objective market.

  • Small batch production in line with the supply and demand of electronic products

Businesses used to prepare for large production runs may be hesitant to switch to small-run PCBs. Yet it seems wrong to create a surplus for the common purpose. The amount of “valuable” PCBs dominates, and the cost per board can be substantially reduced.

We all know that the unit price of ordering small batches is higher than that of large batches, that is to say, the price of a board in a small volume order is 10&, while the large batch is 5&, so many customers think that batch PCBs are more cost-effective. But this comparison is very one-sided. For enterprises, you need to consider not only the price of a single product, but also a series of cost issues such as sales volume and storage. It doesn’t bode well to ship the high quantity of boards at once if you expect to sell several hundred every month. It goes without saying that if the plan is still unfinished, or a long stockpiling can represent excessive costs.

Competition in the finished product industry is fierce, especially for low-end 3C products. Usually the transition between oversupply and undersupply of electronic products happens instantaneously. Take a recent case as an illustration. In 2020, due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the electronic products of Amazon stores ushered in a bright moment, the phenomenon of supply is less than the demand, and the demand for PCB and various components from major electronic product sellers has increased significantly. But in just a year, that boom disappeared, and a large number of electronics companies went out of business due to the backlog of goods. With the lessons learned, what reason do we have to abandon small volume production and choose wholesale manufacturing?

  • Faster assembly and manufacturing

Small batch orders are no difficulty for manufacturers, and they can tend to be completed in less time and get your project to market quickly, there is no doubt about this. Small volume PCBA assembly applies to both the arrangement and the actual assembly process. The smaller the batch, the smaller the number of faults. Suppliers can make every small volume of your PCBA almost perfect by verifying the PCB prototype, as well as sampling the defective circuit boards, and modifying them in time to solve the root cause of the defects. However, even though we will provide testing on any order, it would be redundant to do a lot of testing in mass production.

It is the option where the skill and adaptability of the quick-response manufacturer come into play. Repair technical staff and quality designers manage a sufficient assortment so that these problems are recognizable and can be solved effectively and without any issues. 

Some turnkey PCBA vendors offer unusually fast turnaround times. With the creation of a board and part-buying in their contributions, they can smooth out the entire assembly process and enhance their expertise.

Factors affecting small batch PCBA manufacturers' charges

By batch PCBA analysis cost, we can know that its price drivers include multiple categories, namely the board quantity, parts packaging, turnaround time, a technique for manufacturing, and expenses for labor. Utilizing a PCBA manufacturing cost minicomputer can help you identify the cost of the activity. In some cases, most PCBA unit costs are somewhere between $10 and $50, depending on the number of units produced.

In general, the cost of small batch assembly of printed circuit boards can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Variables that affect PCB assembly costs include:

  • Parts Packaging

Several sections comprise more work that needs to be packaged and collected appropriately. For example, electrical devices such as BGAs require extra time and effort to bond because they should be connected to an electrical source. As BGAs consist of electrical pins, assembly costs can increase drastically as they should undergo X-beam evaluation to determine if there is a PCB short circuit.

  • Choice of Assembly Technology

An important segment of valuing small-batch PCB assemblies is the type of innovation used. On the one hand, SMT can provide manufacturers with reserve funds for costs because the assembly costs are lower. However, SMT may require through-drilling to accommodate additional surface mount devices (SMD components), increasing costs.

PCBA produced by SMT assembly technology
  • Unit Price

In terms of assembly, large quantities reduce unit assembly costs due to economies of scale. As companies manufacture products on a larger scale, the unit cost of each PCB is decreasing overall. Such an economic phenomenon occurs in all products and not only in the PCBA industry. In turnkey PCB assembly, low-volume suppliers are required to provide customers with initial costs and programming costs, and the proportion of these fixed costs that are amortized to each product decreases as the quantity increases.

Increasing the quantity of PCBA manufactured can put companies’ cash aside in the long run. They do it by avoiding one-time charges that do not need reproduction. In this method, you should consistently search for manufacturers who can meet the huge demand. We have to mention the credit service of FS Technology. We allow long-term cooperative wholesale orders to be paid after enjoying the service, which can relieve your pressure on capital flow.

  • Expedited fee

If you choose FS Technology’s fast turnaround service, we will have to stop all work and focus on your order. In order to respond quickly to your needs, we need to pay workers extra for overtime. In addition to these in-company issues, changing the shipping method also costs more, but it’s proven to work.

  • Labor Charges

The geological location from which the producers manufacture PCBAs greatly affects the cost of labor. Because PCB manufacturing process involves automated machines and skilled technical staff, labor costs can be enormous. So firms have the incentive to produce PCBs in districts where labor is cheaper.

For example, PCBA in South Asia is for the most part several times more affordable than in Western Europe or North America. The normal cost of small volume assembly in North America is generally $1,500 USD for a three-day lead time. However, if you choose a supplier in China PCB manufacturer list to serve you, it can save you about 1000 dollars in price.

Assembly from outer countries can raises the prices due to communication, handling, and shipping delays. In this way, a small batch assembly may include unexpected costs that need to be discussed before importing PCBs.


The expert small batch PCB producer can convert your design into practical form with good quality and maintain the reliability of the circuit. You must know how to choose a PCB manufacturer before choosing a small volume vendor, here is a summary of some tips:

  • Assure that reputation of the vendor is good
  • Check that it has both local and abroad customers
  • Check that their turnaround is fast and also provides all service support to their users
  • Get the details about the design and types assembly, layers details, rules for design, and parts that they have
  • Get the turnaround time for your current project. With that, they are providing different options to choose from that
  • Do a little research on the supplier’s quality control processes and use this information to make your decision.
All these points will help you to choose your good PCB vendor for your projects.

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