Why do PCB Blind and Buried Vias Shift?

This shift of PCB vias refers to displacement, misplacement, disposition, or misalignment of the holes drilled for these blind and buried vias. There are various issues, and manufacturing mistakes are caused by several reasons.

Thermal Noise in Electronics

Thermal Noise in Electronics With the changing landscape of communication technology and communication needs, there is a growing demand for high-frequency circuits in modern electronics used in various systems requiring high-speed and precise signal transmission. However, in the application process, issues related to thermal noise arise due to frequent component switching and other factors. The […]

How to stress test your Raspberry Pi?

How to stress test your Raspberry Pi? If you are interested in finding out the true capabilities of your Raspberry Pi, especially if you have overclocked (Further Reading: How to overclock your Raspberry Pi?) or modified your Pi, then this tutorial is perfect for you! Raspberry Pi stress test is essentially software that will inform you […]

SPI Inspection: Way to test solder paste printing

SPI Inspection: Way to test solder paste printing As the trend towards miniaturization of electronic devices continues to advance, electronic assembly faces various challenges. In order to enhance the reliability and functionality of devices, it is crucial to implement a comprehensive quality control process. During the SMT assembly process, automated solder paste printing equipment is […]

Importance of Adding AOI Inspection to SMT Production Lines

Importance of Adding AOI Inspection to SMT Production Lines As electronic products become increasingly compact, the use of SMT technology to mount components on PCBs has become more prevalent. However, the reduction in size has made the quality of soldering and assembly more challenging. To address these issues, AOI inspection provides effective solutions. This article […]

Circuit Board Repair and Maintenance Guide

Circuit Board Repair and Maintenance Guide PCBA boards are considered one of the main components of electronics, as they help to operate electronics. However, over time or due to human error, various unexpected failures may occur on the circuit board, causing the equipment to malfunction. To address this issue, FS Technology has provided a detailed […]

A Collection of Common PCB Problems

A collection of common PCB problems Even experienced engineers or professional PCBA manufacturers cannot avoid facing PCB defects. The emergence of these issues will cause numerous irreversible adverse consequences, such as: delaying the delivery time, damage to the manufacturer’s reputation, additional time and money costs, etc. In this article, FS Technology will comprehensively list common […]