Flexible PCB Cost Optimization Guide​

Flexible PCB Cost Optimization Guide In the modern electronics field, rigid PCB, due to its affordability and sufficient rigidity, is the most common choice. However, with the growing demand for miniaturization and portability, flexible PCB plays a crucial role in adapting to special scenarios in three-dimensional space. The application of flexible technology not only enables […]

Flexible PCB Design Guide

Flexible PCB Design Guide PCB emerged in the early 20th century, reflecting technological advancements in semiconductor packaging that allowed industry professionals to invest in a more compact and efficient electronic product. Today, we see innovative developments such as medical devices tailored to the human body that can monitor health conditions through direct skin contact, or […]

Comprehensive Guide to Multilayer Flexible Circuits​

Comprehensive Guide to Multilayer Flexible Circuits If you are seeking FPC solutions, FS Technology can assist you in the entire process from concept to finished product. We can implement flexible PCB manufacturing services from 1 to 12 layers and meet customers’ needs for assembly and rigid-flex integration. As the project progresses, customers are more concerned about price than […]

Flexible PCB

Flexible printed circuit board, also referred to as FPC or flexible circuit, has gained significant popularity as one of the most widely utilized types of circuit board alongside rigid PCB. Unlike rigid PCB, flexible PCB offers the advantage of being foldable and bendable, making them ideal for various applications where size reduction and flexibility are crucial. […]

Single Layer Flex PCB​

Single Layer Flex PCB Single-layer flex PCB is a circuit structure characterized by its straightforward design and process, making it one of the most fundamental types of circuits. This circuit board is composed of a flexible dielectric film laminated onto a single copper sheet. During the manufacturing process, the designed circuit pattern is printed onto […]

Semi Flex PCB

Rigid and flexible PCB are two common circuit types, but they can’t meet the demands of all applications. To address this issue, rigid-flex PCB has emerged. However, they might not always be the best choice, especially in projects with limited budgets or high mechanical stability requirements. In such cases, FS Tech recommends considering the use […]

Rigid PCB vs Flexible PCB

Rigid PCB vs Flexible PCB In the process of electronic manufacturing, customers often invest time in designing components, shapes, and specifications, overlooking a crucial aspect: PCB selection. This is a pivotal point as using the right type of circuitry can positively impact your entire project. For instance, utilizing IMS PCB is ideal for applications demanding […]

What is a rigid flex PCBA

What is a Rigid Flex PCBA Rigid-flex board is a semi-rigid and semi-flexible circuit structure so project components can be connected on both parts. Rigid-flex board is rigid in some parts and flexible in other parts, so it has the characteristics of both, taking advantage of it and making up for the shortcomings. For all […]

The benefits of wholesale rigid-flex PCBA for electronic projects

The benefits of wholesale rigid-flex PCBA for electronic projects When you consider the wholesale PCBA board to use practically, there are different options available. However, many of these options will be based on the design expenses and building the board, which urges different PCBA suppliers to use the traditional route and choose small batch rigid […]

Ways to Increase Profitability of Flexible Circuit Projects

How to Reduce Flexible PCBA Manufacturing Costs An electronic device can be connected electrically and provide mechanical support by a PCB (Printed circuit Board) Printed circuit board is generally shortened as PCB and relatively often as board. Since the amount of rigid PCB used by electronic equipment is much larger than that of flexible PCB, […]