Top 10 PCB Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: A Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents Top 5 PCB Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: A Beginner’s Guide Ever wondered how smartphones and smartwatches pack so much functionality into tiny spaces? It’s all thanks to PCB design! Think of PCB design as the blueprint for electronics, where every component fits perfectly to make the device work. PCB […]

Military PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Military PCB Manufacturing and Assembly for Military Systems Table of Contents What is Military PCB (Printed Circuit Board)? In the realism of advanced technology, printed circuit boards have an important role in our daily use of electronic equipment, beginning from small electronic devices like mobile cell phones to large industrial systems and military communication systems. […]

Smart Home PCB Design, Manufacturing

Smart Home PCB Design, Manufacturing What is a Smart Home PCB? Smart Home Printed Circuit Board is the process of designing, manufacturing, and assembling PCB’s precisely designed for smart devices. A smart home is a place of residence that uses IOT, or interconnected appliances, to get remote monitoring and management of systems and devices such […]

Aerospace PCB Assembly by FS Tech

Aerospace PCB Assembly: From Designs to Selecting Suppliers Exploring space and beyond Earth’s limits, the aerospace industry is getting more advanced. In aerospace applications, PCB plays a vital role. It handles the operation of any system. It also provides the electrical and mechanical support between various electronic components. IoT and electronics have become even more important […]

Aircraft Wire Harness Assembly

Aircraft Wire Harness Assembly The inception of aircraft saw minimal electrical systems, relying instead on structural elements, ropes, and pulleys to maneuver control surfaces. Gradually, metal cables replaced these ropes, leading to the integration of primitive electrical systems. The introduction of simple electrical components, like a battery, switch, and light bulb, marked the genesis of […]

PCBA for LED Lighting System

The rapid advancements in lighting technology have brought about a significant revolution in the field of illumination. Among the various options available, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have gained immense popularity due to their remarkable energy efficiency, durability, and versatility. An essential component that lies at the core of every high-efficiency LED light is the LED printed […]

Thermal Printer PCB & PCBA Service

Thermal Printer PCB & PCBA Service For industries such as medical care, retail, and logistics that require printing a large number of receipts and invoices, thermal printers are necessary and can have a positive impact on service quality. As an electronic device that heavily relies on heat output, thermal printers have higher requirements for printed […]

Consumer Electronics PCBA

It is evident that consumer electronics come with lower profit margins, making it necessary for manufacturers to maintain high quality standards in the production of PCBs and related components. A partnership with a Chinese turnkey PCBA contractor is a crucial factor for long-term success in cost reduction. At FS Technology, we offer a wide range […]

Medical PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

PCBA boards are an important part of today’s electronics industry, enabling machines to improve and advance. While printed circuit boards are used in many electronic devices, including LEDs, water dispensers, and air conditioners, their use in the medical device is one of the most cutting-edge applications. Medical PCB is a specific type of PCB used […]

PCBA used in mini aircraft

DJI Mini Drone

High Frequency High Density Mini Drone PCB In February 2022, the Ukrainian-Russian war will begin in full swing. During the war, advanced mini-drones kept Ukraine in a passive state. Even without war, we know that the power of technology can destabilize a nation. As the best flying product in China and even in the world, […]