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For overseas clients seeking PCB or PCBA services from China, navigating the vast landscape of manufacturers can be a challenging task. Given China’s large population and industrial prowess, there exists a plethora of options to choose from. Among these choices, FS Technology advocates that opting for Shenzhen-based PCB manufacturers represents the most favorable solution. This article aims to accompany FS Technology on a journey to explore Shenzhen comprehensively or enumerate the top manufacturers based in the region.

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Get to know the PCB market in Shenzhen

It is undeniable that Shenzhen serves as the technological hub of China, attracting a multitude of leading companies in the technology sector, including prominent entities like Tencent, Huawei, and FS Technology. Once a humble fishing village, Shenzhen’s strategic geographical location and proximity to Hong Kong and Macau have garnered significant attention and substantial state investment in its scientific and technological development. Remarkably, in a mere four decades, Shenzhen has transformed from obscurity to becoming a formidable global city.

The PCB industry in Shenzhen has thrived immensely with the state’s support. Presently, over 3,000 registered PCB companies operate in Shenzhen. Nevertheless, this extensive number of companies poses a challenge, as many are merely agents rather than true manufacturers. These agents collaborate with factories and inflate prices when offering services to overseas clients, consequently raising costs and risks for customers. However, it would be inaccurate to categorize all Shenzhen manufacturers as unreliable. Custom PCBA boards from China present several advantages:

  • Technological Advancement: Shenzhen hosts nearly all of China’s cutting-edge technologies. Whether a project necessitates HDI, RF circuits, high density configurations, or other, Shenzhen’s robust financial backing and government support provide an ideal environment for such developments.
  • Superior Service: In addition to prioritizing quality, customers place significant emphasis on exceptional service for their PCBA projects. Shenzhen, as China’s largest foreign trade city, boasts an extensive workforce, with nearly one-tenth of its 15 million population engaged in the foreign trade industry. This sizable talent pool ensures a heightened sense of service and seamless communication during the process.
  • Unhindered Procurement: Huaqiangbei, a notable district in Shenzhen, may be infamous for its counterfeit activities, but it is also renowned as the world’s largest electronic distribution center. In this area, known components can be effortlessly sourced within half an hour, saving valuable time that might otherwise be expended elsewhere.

FS Technology

Shenzhen PCB Assembly Company-FS Technology

FS Technology is a reputable PCBA service provider based in Shenzhen, China, with assembly and manufacturing facilities located in both Shenzhen and Huizhou. Established in 2004, our main office is situated in Gushu, Shenzhen. We specialize in offering a comprehensive range of services, spanning from PCB manufacturing to PCB assembly. Our company prides itself on its flexible approach, allowing for extensive customization possibilities. Our services encompass not only board customization but also cater to the specific requirements of individual customers.

As a customer-centric organization, we are attuned to the diverse pain points and demands faced by companies at different stages of their projects. Therefore, we offer a wide array of service options, including turnkey, partial turnkey, fast turnaround, and consignment services, tailored to suit the unique needs of our clientele.

Regarding our manufacturing capabilities, we rely on state-of-the-art equipment to handle an extensive range of orders. These capabilities include the production of circuit boards of up to 56 layers, ceramic substrates, metal substrates, Rogers substrates, flexible boards, and rigid-flex boards. In comparison to bare board manufacturing, our assembly prowess is commendable, with 7 SMT and DIP production lines at our disposal. This enables us to efficiently undertake large volume PCB assembly projects within tight timeframes, delivering prompt and reliable results to our esteemed customers.

For further insights into our capabilities, interested parties can access detailed information on our website. Additionally, we extend a warm invitation to contact us directly via email, as our dedicated team remains available round-the-clock, ready to address inquiries and provide comprehensive support.

ShenZhen ChangSheng Circuits Limited

Established in 1996, Shenzhen Changsheng Circuit Co., Ltd. stands as the preeminent PCB R&D base in Shenzhen, showcasing its expertise through a modest yet impactful website. Behind the unassuming facade lies a company equipped with advanced facilities and adept technicians, excelling in the fiercely competitive market through its innovative and enterprising spirit. Notably, Changsheng Circuit has secured coveted partnerships with renowned enterprises such as NEC, Sony, Omron, Motorola, Siemens, and Nokia.

In selecting suppliers, paramount considerations revolve around service and quality, while the pivotal factor in project feasibility is the manufacturing capability. Addressing these essential aspects, the company specializes in PCB production activities up to 20 layers, adeptly handling impedance control, HDI, blind and buried vias, as well as the integration of flexibility and rigidity. Additionally, a plethora of PCB surface finishes solutions, including HAL, gold finger, immersion gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, flash gold, hard gold, and OSP, are readily available.

Changsheng Circuit’s manufacturing workshop adheres rigorously to international standards, holding ISO9001:2000, ISO 14000, and UL certifications. Spanning 10,000 square meters, this state-of-the-art facility churns out an impressive variety of 6,000 different types of PCBs each month. The company also excels in meeting urgent demands, with double-sided PCB being supplied within a single day and multilayer PCB within 3–5 days.

Miracle Technology

Miracle PWB Technology operates as a distinguished broker, diverging from traditional manufacturers, and excels in providing a comprehensive PCBA chain alongside a wide array of services. Facilitating a smooth and efficient process, the company boasts an expert CAM engineering team, adept at assisting customers in Gerber Data editing, thereby optimizing project costs. These dedicated engineers remain at the customers’ disposal around the clock, ensuring personalized and one-on-one support.

While obtaining PCB assembly services through a broker might not be the most cost-effective option, it offers the advantage of an expanded service area and a diverse array of service offerings. The brokerage model allows Miracle PWB Technology to source specific manufacturers tailored to individual needs. For instance, if a project requires flex circuits, the company will diligently locate the best-in-class manufacturers in this domain, thus showcasing an extensive network of partners dedicated to fulfilling customers’ unique requirements.

Pinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd

Pinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd​ website

Pinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is an esteemed electronic contract manufacturer with over 15 years of industry expertise. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company has expanded its reach globally with branches in Europe, America, and other countries, effectively providing turnkey services to clients worldwide. Their product portfolio finds extensive application in industrial controllers, communication equipment, medical devices, wearable electronics, smart home appliances, and various other fields. Notably, Pinsheng has fostered profound partnerships with industry-leading companies such as Skyworth, DJI, FLIR, and others.

To accommodate diverse production needs, Pinsheng Electronics operates three distinct factories dedicated to PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and post-processing. The primary factory, situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, specializes in rigid PCB and PCB assembly, offering efficient low and medium batch production. Their impressive daily PCBA production capacity exceeds 450 million points. The second factory, located in Meizhou, Guangdong, primarily focuses on aluminum PCB while complementing their offerings with FR4 PCB, HDI PCB, and copper substrates. This facility boasts a monthly production capacity of approximately 20,000 square meters. Lastly, their third factory in Sichuan caters to high-tech industries across various countries, expertly manufacturing L1~L40 multi-variety, small-batch, and fast-turnaround prototyping. With a remarkable monthly production of 50,000 square meters, this facility embodies their commitment to flexibility and efficiency.

Emphasizing top-tier product quality, Pinsheng Electronics maintains a team of 15 full-time engineers, each boasting over a decade of experience, who meticulously review documents and provide invaluable DFM/A advice to ensure the accuracy of board processing. Furthermore, the company employs more than 30 extensively trained professionals and upholds a stringent quality management system. Their use of high-speed automatic machines like AOI, SPI, X-ray, etc., further reinforces the consistent delivery of superior products. Such high throughput and meticulous attention to detail facilitate prompt deliveries, with a remarkable 99.5% on-time delivery success rate, often exceeding customers’ expectations.


pcbsky website

PCBSky stands out as a reputable PCB and flex PCB company based in Shenzhen, China. With a strong commitment to delivering top-notch manufacturing and prototyping services, their focus extends to global customers, ensuring high-quality products for diverse industry needs. Their independent factory enables them to provide comprehensive PCB solutions, including fast turnaround PCB and prototypes, while a robust supply chain system enhances the project’s overall advantages during its progression.

The company boasts a wide array of products in their portfolio, ranging from HDI and high TG heavy copper to rigid-flex, flexible circuits, high frequency, mixed dielectric laminate, buried via, and blind via. These cutting-edge products find applications across multiple high-tech sectors, such as communications, industrial control, power electronic equipment, computers, medical devices, security electronics, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics.

PCBSky’s guiding philosophy revolves around customer-centricity and market focus, with an unwavering commitment to prioritize quality. They continuously strive to offer customers the best value in the industry, delivering PCB that meets the highest standards and providing optimized solutions tailored to individual requirements.


lzjpcb website

Established in 2006, LZJPCB has become a prominent player in the PCB manufacturing and assembly services industry. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company boasts a state-of-the-art production base in Jiangxi. What sets LZJPCB apart from other PCBA service providers is its advanced production line, featuring 6 cutting-edge SMT assembly lines.

The company places a strong emphasis on product quality and reliability, evident by its attainment of prestigious certifications, including UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and IATF 16949. Moreover, LZJPCB adheres to ROHS and REACH standards, ensuring eco-friendly practices in its operations. Their commitment to excellence has led to the promotion of their brand in more than 30 countries, as they continue to deliver exceptional services.

LZJPCB caters to a diverse range of industries, encompassing telecommunications, 5G, Internet of Things, medical, industrial control, automotive, new energy, instrumentation, aerospace, and many more. Their extensive experience and impeccable reputation have been garnered through successful collaborations across various sectors.

PCB Manufacturer FAQ

Yes, FS Technology is headquartered in Shenzhen and has an assembly workshop in Gushu and a production workshop in Huizhou.

Yes, as a major exporter of the PCBA industry, China has a large number of manufacturers, and generally excellent and powerful companies will locate their office buildings in Shenzhen.

Factory inspection is undoubtedly the most direct way. If you want to know our actual strength, we can have a video conference with you or visit our factory offline.

Shenzhen is a city with limited land resources, making it more expensive in terms of factory setup and labor costs compared to other regions. However, many companies choose to establish production facilities in other areas to reduce costs. For example, FS Technology has set up manufacturing workshops in Huizhou.

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