Small batch PCB assembly

Small Batch PCB Assembly

Small Scale PCB Manufacturing | Small Volume PCB Assembly | Prototyping

Small batch, also referred to as low volume or small run, is commonly utilized in the context of PCB manufacturing or assembly projects comprising 25pcs or more. PCBA projects often entail long-term collaborative processes, and customers tend to be reluctant to switch suppliers unless there are exceptional circumstances. Consequently, the evaluation of EMS manufacturing primarily revolves around quality and production capacity. Printed circuit boards, serving as the core components of electronic products, play a crucial role. However, the development of new products regularly involves numerous uncertain factors, which may introduce potential quality issues to the circuitry. To facilitate the seamless progression of projects, starting from PCBA prototyping, through small batch production, and culminating in mass assembly, small volume PCB assembly assumes vital importance as a pivotal intermediary stage.

Low Volume PCB Manufacturer in China

Small batch PCBAFS Technology is a leading turnkey PCBA manufacturer based in China, offering comprehensive services ranging from design to assembly. In contrast to small volume PCB projects, high volume projects bring us better benefits. However, at our company, we recognize that customer value cannot be solely measured based on order volume. Our focus lies in providing exceptional services that drive customer success.

Throughout our years of service, we have successfully assisted numerous customers in their circuit board production, helping them grow from small electronics manufacturers to larger enterprises. This experience has ingrained in us the commitment to delivering high-level low volume PCBA production services, even if the order quantity is 1.

Our fully turnkey low-volume PCBA service encompasses the complete process, including component procurement, bare board fabrication, PCB assembly, final testing, and prompt delivery to you. Every step is executed by our well-trained employees and state-of-the-art automated equipment, ensuring both efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, our engineering department conducts meticulous Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) analyses, specifically tailored for small scale PCB assembly. Rest assured, this does not compromise production speed. On the contrary, it helps us identify and rectify any issues before final manufacturing, thereby minimizing rework and avoiding delays in delivery.

Since our establishment in 2004, FS Technology has assembled a highly skilled team of professionals dedicated to providing top-notch services to our customers. Our frontline production employees undergo rigorous IPC training and adhere to industry-standard practices. Additionally, diligent QA experts oversee the production process. Each PCB and PCBA board undergoes triple inspection processes, including optical inspection, X-ray testing, and functional inspection, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Cutting-edge Small Batch PCB Assembly Solutions

For customers who are encountering FS Technology for the first time, our small batch and prototype services serve as key indicators of our long-term cooperation capabilities. This is especially crucial for new development projects and small electronic manufacturers. We uphold a unified quality standard in PCB assembly and manufacturing. Furthermore, we do not impose a minimum order quantity, demonstrating our commitment to serving customers of all sizes. Our team of designers and sales staff possesses an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements associated with small run PCB assembly.

  • Service Commitment: We are fully dedicated to meeting the stringent precision requirements of our customers’ products. This commitment is exemplified through continuous internal training, optimization of our internal management system, regular inspections of our small PCB manufacturing machines, and the allocation of highly skilled technicians with comprehensive expertise to oversee each project. To enhance the customer experience, we provide round-the-clock dedicated service, ensuring that your inquiries are promptly addressed at any time. We also offer highly flexible customization solutions to reduce the cost of low volume PCB fabrication.
  • Component Management: Inventory management system, combined with trusted suppliers, instills confidence in our ability to provide superior quality. We meticulously handle component procurement and small quantity PCB order based on your specific requirements. The procurement team at FS Technology sources high-quality, cost-effective components from suppliers across 130 countries worldwide. Additionally, we offer affordable alternatives and support the use of customer-provided components and raw materials, giving you greater flexibility.
  • On-time Delivery: Our commitment to delivering on schedule is reinforced by our adherence to a comprehensive risk management process that ensures traceability and high quality. By conducting thorough DFM inspections prior to project commencement, we can identify and address any errors, significantly reducing rework time. Additionally, our diligent monitoring of manufacturing operations and strict adherence to industry standards contribute to an extended product shelf life. To further guarantee a seamless process, we perform proactive sampling testing prior to delivery, ensuring fast turnaround PCB assembly without compromising quality.
  • High Quality: Employ sophisticated manufacturing technologies, such as SMT, THT, manual soldering, wave soldering, and reflow soldering, to ensure that the circuit boards we produce exhibit unparalleled reliability and quality. These boards are designed to withstand demanding environmental conditions, including pressure and high temperatures. Leveraging the strength of our facility, we have obtained industry certifications such as ISO 13485, IATF16949, and others, establishing our qualification to provide exceptional PCBA for automotive, aerospace, military, medical, and various other industries.

Low-Volume PCB Assembly Services

Design small batch orders


At FS Technology, we prioritize DFM and DFT as integral components of our project initiation stage. When you choose us as your low-volume PCB assembly supplier, our designers assume responsibility for reviewing all product documents, including BOM, drawings, Gerber files, and circuit diagrams. We believe in open communication and collaboration, and our team engages with you to discuss cost reduction strategies, such as exploring cheaper component alternatives and optimizing PCB panel creation. Additionally, we provide professional advice on the creation of test programs to ensure efficient and effective testing processes.

Testing service for small batch orders

Comprehensive Test

At our low volume PCBA factories, we have an insightful quality assurance team that brings valuable insights to the table. They actively identify test points on the PCB board and assist in determining the appropriate probe type and test fixtures, thus compensating for any potential testing gaps. With the support of our experts, you can effectively address your specific testing requirements, including error testing and related parameter assessments. Furthermore, we enhance product reliability without compromising project cost and time by incorporating manual inspection, AOI, X-ray, and other advanced PCB test techniques into our factory production line.

Customized small batch PCBA service

Customized Project

Whether you prefer a turnkey, semi-turnkey, consignment, or any other model, we are committed to accommodating your needs. We understand that each project is unique, and customization is key. With that in mind, we provide the option to split services to achieve maximum flexibility. For instance, you have the freedom to procure conventional components independently while entrusting us with the challenging task of sourcing difficult-to-find chips. Using us will save you a lot of time in screening various service providers, so that your projects are always carried out on a single platform. This applies whether in prototypes, small batches, or high volume PCB assembly projects.

Hybrid Technology in Low Volume PCB Assembly

Hybrid Technology

Considering the diverse needs, use the advantages and convenience of utilizing mixed PCB assembly. This includes combining SMT and THT or employing a combination of automated production and manual soldering. Depending on specific project requirements, we recommend a tailored approach that leverages the benefits of both techniques. In cases where small batch production and rapid turnaround are essential to verify design feasibility, manual labor proves advantageous, as it eliminates time-consuming program modifications. Conversely, for projects characterized by high circuit complexity, automated production ensures superior reliability and consistency.

Small scale BGA assembly

Micro BGA Assembly

FS Technology excels in micro BGA assembly, offering advanced technology that has garnered consistent acclaim from our satisfied customers. Our state-of-the-art equipment plays a pivotal role in efficiently executing BGA assembly projects. We employ cutting-edge X-ray inspection machines and employ highly precise BGA and micro BGA assembly techniques to deliver superior-quality PCBA for a diverse range of applications. With this advanced technology, FS Technology stands out among the small scale PCB assembly factories

Small Order Component Purchasing Service

Materials Procurement

The unit price of a manufacturing project is often influenced by the order quantity, with larger batches generally resulting in lower prices. This pricing dynamic is driven by the allocation of fixed costs for PCB manufacturing and the impact of material procurement expenses. At FS Technology, we have fostered long-term partnerships with reputable and industry-leading suppliers. This advantageous collaboration allows us to procure components and materials at more competitive prices. As a result, when you choose FS Technology as your low volume PCB production and assembly supplier, you can benefit from our ability to offer cost-effective services without compromising on the durability, quality, and performance of the parts.

Low-volume component assembly services

Component Assembly

FS Technology is renowned in the industry for its exceptional PCBA services, catering to the electronic PCB assembly service needs of global electronics manufacturers. Our processes include the use of solder paste stencil, precise component placement using reflow technology, and meticulous manual assembly. Every step is carefully inspected and tested to guarantee the utmost quality and reliability of the final product. We understand the critical importance of precision and attention to detail in electronic assembly. Trust us to bring your electronic assembly projects to life with unparalleled precision and quality.

Small Run PCB Assembly Capabilities

Assembly MethodSurface Mount, Thru-hole, Mixed Technology, Single and double-sided SMT/PTH, complex circuit on one side, BGA on both sides
StencilsLaser-cut stainless-steel stencils
ComponentsPassive components smallest size 0201, Fine pitch components smallest size 8 Mils pitch, Leadless chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA, FPGA & DFN, Connectors and terminals
InspectionX-ray analysis, AOI, and Microscope to 20X
Solder TypeLeaded and Lead-free/RoHS compliant
ShapeRectangular, Circular, Slots and cut-outs, and any Odd Shapes as per requirements
Available PCB TypesFlex, Rigid, Rigid-flex
Minimum OrderNo Minimum Order, Support prototype proofing
Component SizeSmallest Components, BGA, Micro BGA, and Fine Pitch Parts Assembly
TestingFlying Probe testing, ICT Testing, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Functional Testing, X-ray Inspection

Low-Volume PCB Assembly Technologies

FS Technology offers three different PCBA assembly methods:

  • Through-hole Technology (THT)
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Mixed Technology

Through-hole: Assembly technique employed by FS Technology. In this method, we utilize manual or fully automatic assembly processes to position DIP components into drilled holes on the surface of the circuit board. Despite being an older and less commonly used technique, our assembly shop is equipped with a skilled team of operators readied to handle your project. Particularly in industries such as aviation, where high temperature and stress are involved, PCBA boards created using the Through hole assembly offer robust connections between the board and components, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Surface Mount: The utilization of SMT PCBA allows for the creation of flawless and highly functional circuit boards. With this technique, components are mounted directly onto the surface of the board, enabling the production of intricate circuitry within a compact structure. By employing contact points instead of traditional leads, even small-sized elements can be seamlessly integrated onto the board. FS Technology offers exceptional SMT assembly services, enabling the utilization of both sides of the circuit board and facilitating the creation of complex circuits with utmost precision.

Mixed Technology: Our capabilities extend to the use of both SMT and through-hole techniques simultaneously when required. We possess expertise in small batch production and possess the necessary equipment to handle SMT and through-hole assembly methods. Whether it’s for prototyping purposes or high-speed production, we are well-equipped to meet your needs. Our state-of-the-art machines and instruments ensure accurate component placement, allowing for the creation of highly precise circuitry.

Low-Volume PCB Assembly Testing

Our comprehensive low volume PCB assembly service includes a range of testing services, both paid and free of charge, to ensure the highest quality standards:

  • FCT: Verify that the PCBA board performs the intended function.
  • MIV: Visual sampling inspections performed by experienced workers during production.
  • FPT: The test method designed for small-batch projects uses high-speed probes to move test points on the board at high speed.
  • ICT: Test fixtures and test pins that need to be engineered are therefore often used for high-volume projects.

FS Technology is the best turnkey PCBA company in China, we prioritize quality during production. Regardless of the order size, we maintain consistent and stringent testing standards for all circuit boards that leave our warehouse. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements is further reinforced by the extra effort we invest, which directly translates into enhanced brand competitiveness and production quality levels.

To proactively identify and resolve any issues that may negatively impact the low-volume PCBA fabrication process, we conduct DFM and DFA checks. These checks enable us to detect any design-related issues and optimize the fabrication process accordingly.

We employ advanced testing tools and equipment to ensure the perfection of the components used in the assembly. If any component is found to be defective, our team promptly addresses the issue, either through repairs or by replacing the component entirely.


Service Field

As we are providing high-quality services with high-speed delivery as one solution to all services. So our services for small batch production are used by different industries that are listed.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics Products
  • Semiconductor
  • 4G and 5G Communication Industry
  • Aerospace Business
  • Autonomous Driving Technology
  • Military Equipment

Our Certifications

Qualification of FS PCBA

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IPC-CC-830B compliant
  • IPC-WHMA-A-610 compliant
  • IPC-A-610-D
  • IPC 610 and IPC 600
  • ANSI/J-STD-00
  • RoHS compliant
  • ITAR compliant

Small Scale PCB Manufacturing FAQ

Considering the nature of the production line, manufacturers that specialize in accommodating low volume PCB manufacturing. Prior to engaging their services, it is crucial to thoroughly assess the capabilities and facilities of these manufacturers.

Yes, we proudly offer our services without any MOQ restrictions. We are dedicated to supporting small-scale electronics manufacturers by providing cost-effective and top-quality PCBA boards, fostering their growth and success.

At FS Technology, we have established a reputation for our exceptional speed in delivering projects. Our lead time for prototyping projects is typically less than 72 hours. For small batch orders, the turnaround time will vary based on the type of service selected by the customer, such as turnkey, semi-turnkey, or consignment arrangements. Additionally, it is necessary to understand the specific order quantity and circuit complexity.

  • Check qualifications: Electronic products in some industries require special industry certifications such as automotive and medical.
  • Understand service: Different manufacturers have unique features and advantages, such as comprehensive service, high-quality service, etc.
  • Quotation: For online quotation companies can directly understand the cost of the project, for service-type companies, manufacturers need to provide quotations after reviewing documents.
  • Capacity: Although you only need to produce in small batches now, you need to have forward-looking awareness for future high-volume projects.
  • Quality: It is necessary to know the manufacturer’s quality control standards and IPC grades in detail, as well as testing services, etc.

For small customers with limited working capital, opting for a cost-effective manufacturer of equal quality proves to be an effective strategy. This allows for allocation of cost savings towards other critical areas.

For large customers, small batch manufacturing serves as both a means to assess the capabilities of the PCBA company and a market research tool to gauge the response to new products.

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