What is PCBA Test in Mobile?

Mobile phone Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) testing is the most important step in quality control in the entire production process. As it determines the product’s final performance. This article FS Technology will show you its importance and process from the perspective of manufacturers.

Мобильный телефон PCBA

Explanation and introduction of mobile phone PCBA test

PCBA test in mobile phones refers to the electrical conductivity and input-output-based testing of PCBA boards. In the designing phase of mobiles, PCBA tests take place on different PCBs with Electronic Components, along with different test points having some numeric relationship i-evoltage and current.

Improper PCBA in mobile can cause malfunctioning of different electronic components or equipment, due to this reason it is very important to perform PCBA testing in mobile during the development phase. This also ensures whether the developed PCBA meets desired specifications and requirements efficiently or if there are some errors present.

Importance of PCBA Test in Mobiles

After understanding what PCBA test in mobiles is, it is important to know, why is it important to do, following are some reason which depicts its importance

  • Optimize Efficiency: PCBA test in mobiles allows mobile manufacturers to make their models more efficient and reliable without any quality-related issues.
  • Avoid Device Failure: By doing PCBA testing in mobile, one can identify the faults and defects in PCBA, which could eventually lead to malfunctioning of mobile and such failure can result in some serious threat to well-reputed mobile manufacturer firms. To avoid such unwanted circumstances there is a need to do PCBA tests on mobiles.
  • Test Individual Performance of PCBA Components in Mobile: PCBA comprises different electronics components mounted on PCB, and PCBA tests also test each component if it is faulty or not. It is also considered that PCBA testing is also very crucial to test PCBA at component level to check better conductivity, nominal current and voltage rating, and even solder-ability of PCB.
  • Optimize Device Safety: Nowadays, mobile phones are a daily-based use device, therefore it is important to create a mobile, safety optimized device. Fortunately, proper PCBA testing also improves PCBA safety to the optimal level in the best possible way.
There are some other important factors that show the importance of PCBA testing in mobile, as jotted below:

Role of PCBA in Mobile’s Evolution

With time, innovation has gotten plenty of advancement in how we interact and communicate with others. From the first ever mobile in the 1970s, things have changed very swiftly to mobile invented to this date. Researchers and Engineers are working on adopting new technologies to make mobiles smaller, faster, and more efficient and this could only be possible with the help of PCBA which allows them to put more components in comparatively smaller space. This innovation in mobiles can only be due to PCB assembly inspection capabilities.

Conventional PCBA test steps

Following are the five steps of PCBA testing:

  • ICT Test: This test includes measurement of Voltages, Current and their fluctuations, I-V curves, checking of circuit continuity, noise, and amplitude.
  • FCT Test: Comprises simulation testing, burning program in IC, detection of software and hardware problems, and simulating entire PCBA functions and operations.
  • Aging Test: In this testing phase PCBA is kept continuously in operational mode to observe any failure. Basically in this test PCBA is meant to be energized for a longer time to fulfill mentioned purpose.
  • Fatigue Test: Is mainly purposed for measuring the probability of PCBA failure, for this purpose PCBA is kept under high frequency for a longer time in operational mode.
  • Environmental Tests: This phase is meant to estimate the reliability and robust nature of PCBA. In this test, PCBA exposes to very harsh environmental conditions like high temperature, low temperature, high operational and low operational tests, rain test, dust test, and shock and vibrational tests.

How to conduct mobile phone PCBA testing

FS Technology provides a variety of testing services and conducts testing according to customer needs during the course of the project. In order to ensure the quality of mobile phone PCBA assembly and mobile phone finished assembly, we will conduct more rigorous testing on these orders. Following are checking points in PCBA testing of mobile phones:

  • Functionality of PCBA: It determines how well mobile PCBA performs to check proper functionality of the circuit.
  • Component Limitations and Procurement: PCBA testing in mobile is also important because it also ensures its component’s availability before the time of need. If this point is left unchecked then it may cause a delay in the final mobile PCBA delivery time.
  • Conductivity: At this point, copper plating and PCB lamination is being tested to ensure better conductivity and to test its tensile strength.
  • Electric Current: This point check and measure if there is minimum leakage current in mobile PCBA, for better current conductivity and to make it power more efficient device.
  • Power Section Test: It is important to test voltage vs current at different points within PCBA, and if there is more than nominal power or not enough minimal power, then this problem is addressed properly by following some defined set of rules by professionals.
  • Ports Test: Normally ports are used by the mobile to interact with its surroundings. In this test point, there is proper checking of the port interface if they are short or open, and ensure each port is in its perfect state.

It’s very crucial to check all the above-mentioned testing points in order to ensure Mobile PCBA is a top-notch product with no single quality-related problems.

Basic Tools to Perform PCBA tests on Mobile

After knowing what is PCBA testing on mobiles, it’s important to know which tools are required to perform this operation on PCBA.

  • Oscilloscope or Signal Analyzer: This is a helpful tool to visualize the voltage change behavior at different points in PCBA.
  • Signal Generator: It is also called Function Generator, it generates desired AC signal and is mostly used to energize PCBA or part of PCBA to test a certain portion of PCBA.
  • Multimeter: common electric device to check different electrical parameters of PCBA like voltages, current, connectivity, frequency, resistance, etc.
  • LCR Meter: It measures those electrical parameters that normal multimeter can’t measure like inductance and capacitance.


The Crux of all the above discussion is that PCBA testing in mobile is very crucial to check whether PCBA and components on them are working properly or not. PCBA testing is done by both mobile manufacturers and mobile repairers in order to make the device lifespan longer. PCBA test in mobile tests device from different aspects and ensure more reliability and durability.

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