How to Order PCB Assembly Services

Engineers buying turnkey PCBA assembly services in China for the first time may not be very clear about the process of this service. To this end, FS Technology will introduce our service process and ordering process in detail for these customers.

FS Technology PCBA Service Introduction

FS Technology is a one-stop PCBA assembly service company from Shenzhen, China, our service range is very wide, including partial turn-key and full turnkey PCB Assembly services, the following are the service items we can provide you:
In other words, our range of services is from your project idea to the sales link.

FS Technology’s turnkey PCBA service ordering process

Before choosing to order a company as your service provider, you need to know how to choose a pcb manufacturer to serve you, and then consider ordering the PCB assembly process. The following is FS Technology service process, I hope it can help you.

FS Technology's ordering process

Step 1: Contact Sales

FS Technology currently does not provide online sales services. Our website offers a variety of contact methods, including: the quote button in the upper right corner, the contact website customer service in the lower right corner, or the contact box at the bottom of each page.

Contact information of FS Technology

Why set up so many contact details? FS Technology responds here:

  • Most of FS Technology’s customers are engineers, and we hope that contact pages will appear in every corner of the website to save time for searching.
  • Different contact pages work the same way. Live chat is for customers to have a better browsing experience. The contact email is to allow the salesperson to get in touch with the customer at the first time and provide high-quality service.

Why not provide the function of buying PCB online?

This is related to the service concept of FS Technology. The reason FS Technology can survive in the PCBA industry for more than 10 years is because of our perfect service attitude and convenient service process. We have always advocated a win-win situation, which means that we can make money and help customers save a project cost. After customers provide purchasing documents, our purchasing team will review them. They specialize in high-priced electronic components and offer customers alternatives once discovered, which will reduce the customer’s project overhead.

Step 2: Send BOM and Gerber files

When you get in touch with our salesperson and determine that FS Technology is capable of contributing to your project, you will need to provide us with BOM and Gerber documents.

The BOM file is a material purchase list, as mentioned above, our purchasers will review it, and finally the purchase manager will calculate the purchase cost and assembly cost according to the final list.

The Gerber file is a design drawing of a printed circuit board, on which you need to mark the layers, desired thickness, color of the solder mask and other circuit board designs. Our engineers will review this document for you and calculate the price of circuit board fabrication.

In addition, if your project has testing and programming requirements, please provide testing guides, test fixtures, programming files and programming tools. 

Step 3: Check the quotation

Usually we need 2-3 days to calculate the price. If your project is urgent, please send your inquiry as early as possible. The ordering process of FS Technology is relatively simple, which is also to be able to complete customer orders quickly and efficiently. As the market changes, the price of components also fluctuates, so our quotation is valid for 7 days. When you receive the price list, you need to establish a cooperative relationship with us within 7 days and go through other processes.

It’s worth mentioning that when our sales send an offer that may not be the final version, that’s doable if you think you’d like to get it at a lower price. For PCB prototyping, we are not for profit, but for partnership. For old customers and bulk orders, we will give discounts according to the situation.

Step 4: Discuss project details

After you decide to get PCBA service from FS Technology, we will further discuss with you the details of PCB, such as board thickness, copper thickness, surface finish, solder mask color, silk screen color, etc. In fact, these are similar to the previous ones, the only difference is that this is the process after you submit Gerber and confirm the cooperation. We will provide BOM notifications for some special components so that you can check the availability of components.

Step 5: Confirm production documents

Before your order officially enters the production line, our engineers will sort out the PCB production documents and submit them to you for approval. After you confirm that it is correct, the production line starts to work. This is the biggest difference between us and PCB online trading company. If you are greedy for convenience, then you will miss our meticulous service process.

Step 6: Order payment link

Once you agree to our quotation we will send you an invoice by mail. For prototyping, we suggest you to use the following remittance methods:

  • Alibaba Insurance Order
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Western Union

If you are satisfied with our service and have a long-term relationship with us, we will simplify our ordering process. For large-scale production orders in the follow-up cooperation, we recommend Alibaba Insurance and T/T. 

Step 7: Testing and Packaging

For customers who are cooperating for the first time, FS Technology recommends that you choose the PCBA prototype manufacturing service, which can test our capabilities and the fit between the two parties. It will take us about 2-3 weeks to complete this service. It will be shipped to your home from manufacturing to assembly to testing to packaging.

We have great flexibility in testing and packaging. 

Cargo ship used for transporting PCBA

To ensure that customers receive high-quality products, we offer several testing sessions. For visual inspection, electrical inspection and other tests used in production and assembly are free. If your project requires additional testing services, we can also provide you with functional testing and programming testing. 

In terms of packaging you can get customized packaging. We also equip each carton with ESD bags. You can even choose different shipping methods to ship your boards depending on your needs, here we list a few options: DHL, UPS, Fedex.

The above is the whole content of “How to order Сборка печатной платы service at FS Technology”, if you want to get a quotation of yours, you can contact us at any time. It is worth mentioning that Our VIP partner is Greece bus station control system, Russia Hearing aid system for disabled persons, Wal-mart lighting system and USA Electrolux air purifier machine etc. You can completely trust FS Technology, we will be your most loyal partner.

If you want to learn more about PCB ordering, the Блог о помощи при заказе печатных плат is a good choice.

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