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When Customers entering FS Technology, they’re eagerly looking for quality electronic manufacturing service providers and expect them to consistently produce their PCBs to strict manufacturing standards. Our customers simply put everything they have into selling the products they know, and we in turn use our advanced skills to precisely manufacture the PCBs for those products.

Directory of PCB Manufacturing

Advantages of FS Technology's PCB Manufacturing Services

FS Tech provides excellent electronics PCB manufacturing services with a focus on quality compliance and cost-effectiveness. From Prototype PCB to large-volume manufacturing, FS Tech aims to meet every client technology needs and comply with quality requirements and related standards’ certification.

As a Chinese manufacturer, we have the following advantages:

  • Meticulous service attitude: From design to delivery, there is a person in charge to manage your project.
  • Strict Процесс производства печатных плат: The manufacturing process includes multiple testing links, and operators strictly abide by the quality management specifications formulated by FS Technology.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Equipment: Deburring machine, double-sided alkaline etching machine, metal chemical cleaning machine, etching production line…
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology: NPTH and Double Side PTH
  • Large capacity: The line accommodates orders from 5,000 to 500,000+
  • No MOQ requirement: We not only accept PCB prototype manufacturing, even MOQ is 1 we will provide you with excellent service.
  • Competitive pricing: We hardly aim for profit when it comes to prototypes.

FS Tech will penalize different shape PCB designs in standard size ratio to minimize PCB manufacturing costs. FS Tech helped numerous clients in the past, based on extensive design and manufacturing experience, in debugging common issues of their design and enabling them for mass production.   

Being a top PCB manufacturer in China, FS tech aims to meet customers’ needs in PCB manufacturing using various materials and technologies, and unswervingly complying with customer quality and certification standards.FS Tech targets customers’ aim of quality and delivery of efficient PCBs, as well as ensuring fast delivery at a competitive cost.

We won a lot of PCB projects from Aerospace, Marine, military, industry, Automotive, and security due to our technologies and services. 

PCB Manufacturing Capability

Capability      PCB Manufacturing Capability
Layer Counts1-58L (Different types of boards have different manufacturing layers, you need to check the details page or contact us)
MaterialFR-4, Polyimide, Aluminium, Ceramic, Teflon, PTFE, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon etc.
Material Mixed Laminate4 layers — 10 layers  ( FR4+Ro4350 , FR4+Aluminium , FR4+ FPC)
1-2L Lead-timeSample Expedited 24 hours and 48 hours, Normal2-5 days,  Mass production 5-7days
4- 8L Lead-timeSample Expedited 48 hours 72 hours, Normal 5-7days,Mass production 7-10 days
10-18L Lead-time10-15 days,Special circumstances based on the actual PCB design
More than 20L  Lead-time15-20 days ,Special circumstances based on the actual PCB design
Acceptable File FormatALL Gerber Files、POWERPCB、PROTEL、PADS2000、CAD、AUTOCAD、ORCAD、P-CAD、CAM-350、CAM2000 etc.


Internal layer(mil)

1/3OZ base copper: 2.7/2.7
0.5OZ base copper: 3/3  
1.0OZ base copper: 3.5/3.5
2.0OZ base copper: 5/5.5
3.0OZ base copper: 6/7.5
4.0OZ base copper: 7/11.5
 5.0OZ base copper: 10/16
 6.0OZ base copper: 10/10.5
10 OZ base copper: 18/20
12 OZ base copper: 22/24

External layer(mil)

1/3OZ base copper: 3/3
0.5OZ base copper: 3.5/3.6  
1.0OZ base copper: 4/4.4
2.0OZ base copper: 5/5.5
3.0OZ base copper: 6/7.5
4.0OZ base copper: 14/12
 5.0OZ base copper: 18/17
 6.0OZ base copper: 13/11
10 OZ base copper: 12/21
12 OZ base copper: 16/26
15 OZ base copper: 24/32
Etching tolerance>5.0 mil±20%±20%±1.0mil
≤5.0 mil±1.0mil±1.0mil±1.0mil
Min BGA Package Size0.3mm0.25mm0.203mm
Copper thicknessInternal layer(OZ)4612
External layer(OZ)4615


HDI Micro Vias(mil)643
Min Mechanical Holes(mm)
Max Mechanical Holes(mm)6.26.5>6.5(Reaming)
Min Half Plated Holes(mm)
Hole Diameter ToleranceNormal±0.10±0.075±0.075
Press Fit Holes±0.05±0.05±0.05
Control Depth Drilling Tolerance(mm)±0.10±0.05±0.05
Min Space Between Via(Different Net,mm)0.450.350.3
Min Space Between Via(The Same Net,mm)
Min Space Between Dip Holes(mm)
Min Space Between Via to Inner Layer Copper Or Line(mil)86.86
Min Space Between Dip Hole to Inner Layer Copper Or Line(mil)12108
Min Annular RingVia(mil)4.542.5
Dip Hole(mil)865
Solder Mask DamIC Space(Green Color)876.6
IC Space(Other Color)988
Liquid Photoimageable (LPI) Solder Mask Registration3mil2mil1.5mil
T>1.0 mm±10%±10%±8%
T≤1.0 mm±0.1±0.1±0.1
Total Thickness(mm)0.5-5.00.4-6.50.25-10
Hole Aspect Ratio10:0112:0120:01
Via Size For Plug Solder Mask0.25-0.50.20-0.50.15-0.6
Via Size For Plug Resin And Capped Copper0.25-0.50.20-0.50.075-0.6
Panel Size (mm)457×609457×609600×1000
Bow And Twist≤0.75%≤0.75%≤0.5%
Impedance Control≥5.0mil±10%±10%±8%


Outline Tolerance(mm)±0.15±0.13±0.10
V-CUT Tolerance(mm)±0.15±0.10±0.10
Milling Slot Tolerance(mm)±0.15±0.13±0.10
Control Depth Milling Tolerance(mm)±0.15±0.13±0.10
Bevel Angle20°、30°、45°、60°
Min Space Between Copper Pattern to Outline10mil10mil8mil

Обработка поверхности

ENIGNickel Thickness(um)2.0-5.03.0-5.03.8-7.62
Gold Thickness(uinch)1-22-33-5
Hard Gold(Au Thickness)Normal Golden Finger(um)0.150.83
Selective Hard Gold (um)0.150.82
ENEPIGNickel Thickness(um)2.0-5.0
Palladium Thickness(uinch)4-20
Gold Thickness(uinch)1-5
Plating GoldNickel Thickness(um)2-7.62
Gold Thickness(uinch)1-5
Immersion TinTin Thickness(um)0.8-1.2
Immersion AgSliver Thickness(um)0.15-0.4
Tin Lead HASL(um)2.0-40
Lead Free HASL(um)2.0-40
Note:Tin Lead /LF HASL panel size should less than ≤500×600 mm,thickness≥0.6 mm;Hard Gold panel size≤400×500 mm,the other surface treatment panel size less than 500×900 mm

Special Process

Back DrillingYESYESYES
Heavy Copper PCB with Blind/Burried ViaYESYESYES
Plated Half Holes/Edge PlatingYESYESYES
Hybrid Material LaminationYESYESYES

PCB Board Production Capacity

  • Layers:1-58L;
  • Material:CME1、CME3、FR-4, High TG FR4 , Halogen-free FR4 , Polyimide ,aluminium 、Ceramic(96% Alumina) Teflon、PTFE(F4B,F4BK), Rogers(4003,4350,5880) Taconic(TLX-8,TLX-9), Arlon(35N,85N) etc.
  • Материал Смешанный ламинат:4 слоя -10 слоев (FR4+Ro4350, FR4+Алюминий, FR4+ FPC)

Materials used in PCB manufacturing

  • High speed material: Rogers PCB,Nelco,Teflon,Arlon,Taconic,
  • Dupont,Isola
  • Normal pcb materials: Fr4, Fr2, cem-1,cem-3
  • Metal core PCB: Aluminum core, Copper base PCB

The PCB process that can be realized:

The PCB Manufacturing Services You Will Get

Design work prior to PCB fabrication

Design Services

FS Technology has an in-house designer team that can provide one-stop design services for your PCBA manufacturing projects. In our values, quality and efficiency are the first principles, so FS Technology advocates providing fast turnaround services for time-sensitive projects without sacrificing PCBA quality. In terms of professionalism, the designers of FS Technology have extensive experience in large-scale projects such as defense, aerospace, and government. In terms of communication, FS Technology provides dedicated services, and the salesmen and designers cooperate with the designers in your company to complete the entire design service or design support. Our designers understand how to apply DFM to your PCB designs for the highest level of quality.
Fabrication of Prototype PCBA

Prototype PCBA Manufacturing

FS Technologies’ 3D printing capabilities accelerate prototyping before full-scale production. In terms of prototype PCB manufacturing, we provide free PCB testing and conformal coating services, which make the produced products refined and practical. Through state-of-the-art 3D printing capabilities, not only can rapid prototyping saves time for projects, but also project design flaws can be analyzed to identify areas that need to be adjusted for mass production. FS Tech has no limit or requirement of MoQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and thus clients can order for manufacturing even one piece of PCB. We provide support for prototype PCB production, small-scale PCB production, large-scale PCB production, and custom PCBs. FS tech aims to meet customer needs at the best price and high quality. Please feel free to contact me by email for further details and quotations.
PCB testing link to ensure manufacturing quality

PCBA Testing Services

FS Technology has comprehensive Тестирование печатных плат capabilities to escort your project. In terms of equipment, the production workshop of FS Technology uses the most advanced testing equipment, including: solder paste thickness gauge, AOI optical detector, X-ray detector, ICT, FCT, burn-in test frame, etc. In the PCB production process, FS Technology sets up multiple test gates to implement the strategy of multiple test points for one production line.

Manufactured PCB Sample

FS Tech can achieve 1-58L multi-layer circuit board manufacturing, and provide a variety of types of boards, including Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, Aluminum PCB, High-Frequency PCB, HDI PCB, etc. The picture below is a sample of the PCB we have made:

This page provided details of PCB manufacturing and FS Tech capabilities of PCB manufacturing. FS Tech can provide PCB manufacturing and assembly for rigid, flex and multi-layered PCBs. Please contact for getting quote through given email address.

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