Многослойная печатная плата Китайский производитель

Многослойная печатная плата

Многослойные схемы - первый выбор для новейшей электроники

The development of microelectronics is like an unstoppable torrent, and complex multilayer printed circuit boards have also become a hot component. Differentiating from the standard two-layer PCB, a multilayer PCB is made up of more layers that are laminated together and insulated by a greater series of prepreg and copper that are stacked on top of each other. Generally, we call a circuit board with more than 4 circuit layers a multilayer PCB (MLB PCB), which means that designers can design more circuits inside the PCB. With a multi-layer PCB, there is a repeated pattern of prepreg and core (substrate) material in between the outermost top & bottom layers, offering several advantages to both through-hole and surface mount designs. Usually, a 4-layer circuit structure can give the PCB good electrical performance and is suitable for most electronic products, but we are still happy to increase its number of layers to obtain higher pressure-bearing capacity.

Get a Multilayer PCB Quote from FS Technology

FS Technology is a one-stop PCBA manufacturer, providing Производство печатных плат и Услуги по сборке печатных плат that meet the needs of a large number of engineers. Partnering with FS Technology will get you great value and a fun trip. We produce multi-layer circuit boards from 1-58L for our customers in a simpler step: structuring, lamination, and through-hole plating. Most of the time, various unexpected things will happen with the increase in the number of board layers, but we can avoid the risks that customers need to face through strict quality control and commitment. The following is the multi-layer PCB sample produced by FS Technology:

High-quality Multilayer PCB Supplier

Quality is the foundation of FS Technology, and it is also the hard cornerstone of development. As a Компания по производству PCBA "под ключ that prioritizes quality, we control the quality of PCB from the source. If the quality of the raw material used in the project cannot be guaranteed, the produced circuit board may have various issues, such as blistering, delamination, cracking, board warpage, and uneven thickness. So, the quality of raw material is the premise to ensure the production of high-quality multilayer PCB, and strict входной контроль is the first step of service. We maintain a zero-tolerance attitude towards product defect issues. Once a problem is found, it will immediately register a report and develop a solution.

В прошлом производственном опыте было обнаружено, что качество различных типов многослойных плат сильно различается. Например, керамическая многослойная печатная плата, metal core multilayer PCB, HDI multilayer PCB are much more difficult and risky to manufacture than ordinary multilayer boards. In order to ensure the quality of production and avoid errors in the subsequent assembly process, we need to ensure the quality of the product produced. Professionals can easily judge the quality of the printed circuit board after receiving the product, but this will undoubtedly slow down the progress of the entire project. FS Technology is here to show you our quality control standards through advanced manufacturing methods and strict testing.

Совершенный производственный процесс

Процесс изготовления многослойной печатной платы примерно следующий:

  • Создайте внутренний образ
  • Травление внутреннего слоя
  • Укладка многослойной печатной платы
  • Сквозные и монтажные отверстия
  • Травление наружного слоя
  • Плакированное сквозное отверстие
  • Добавить паяльную маску
  • Draw the Silkscreen Layer

To start with, the base of a standard two-layer PCB is the substrate material (core), which is oftentimes fiberglass epoxy resin. The next layer is the copper which is laminated onto both sides of the substrate to establish electrical conductivity and finally, the паяльная маска is laminated onto both sides of the copper to protect the copper layer against oxidation and to help make soldering easier. If we take a 4-слойная многослойная плата например, изготавливается путем соединения двух стандартных двухслойных печатных плат вместе, часто с ламинированием при высокой температуре и давлении (сжатии) с помощью гидравлического пресса. Разумеется, между двумя крайними слоями (составляющими несколько слоев) будут находиться несколько слоев препрега, меди и материала сердечника, которые будут уложены друг на друга, после чего все они будут спрессованы вместе, чтобы получилась многослойная печатная плата. 

FS Technology’s Процесс производства печатных плат сегодня все это делается высокотехнологичным оборудованием, которое, благодаря использованию программного обеспечения, может быть выполнено без усилий и с практически нулевой погрешностью, что делает его пригодным для массового производства.

Тестирование многослойных печатных плат

Мы предоставляем разнообразные Услуги по тестированию печатных плат, включая, но не ограничиваясь следующим:


Тестирование печатных плат является важной частью производственного процесса, будь то печатная плата или PCBA, особенно для многослойных печатных плат с более сложной структурой схемы. Количество слоев печатной платы реализуется с помощью технологии стекирования. Когда количество этих слоев увеличивается, производитель сталкивается с большими производственными рисками. По этой причине процесс тестирования многослойной печатной платы PCB следует обратить внимание.

В производственном цехе FS Technology каждый производственный процесс оснащен специальным постом проверки качества, чтобы обеспечить выполнение операционных процедур для каждого процесса, что облегчает общий контроль качества печатных плат. FS Technology обещает, что независимо от того, насколько строгий процесс тестирования прошли эти платы во время производства, мы будем строго выполнять стандарты отбора образцов, предоставленные клиентами, после завершения производства. Если квалифицированный показатель проверки образцов продукции соответствует стандарту, она будет допущена к выпуску с завода, в противном случае будет проведена комплексная проверка и техническое обслуживание.

Service Area

Printed circuit board are an essential hardware component of almost all electronic & electrical devices, as it allows for a complete (closed) circuit to be made between electronic components. Predominantly with the use of conductive copper tracks & traces on a PCB, an electrical connection can then be made from one point to another. Typically, you will find that many PCB are two-layer boards, meaning that there is an inner core layer (substrate) in the center of the board that is sandwiched between first a solder mask on the outermost layer (giving it its color) and a copper coating on the subsequent bottom layer, giving the traces its conductive properties. However, you have to use high-precision multilayer PCBs for complex applications.

In the past operations, FS Technology’s customers are located in more than 70 countries around the world, and their fields are also different. The same thing is that they rely on our strong manufacturing capabilities to gain advantages in their respective fields. Here are some of the industries we have served:

Компьютерная гибкая многослойная печатная плата
Устройство компьютера
Производство многослойных печатных плат для электронных разъемов
Электронный разъем
Производство многослойных печатных плат для детских смарт-часов
Детские умные часы
Smart TV многослойная гибкая печатная плата
Smart TV
Военная электроника многослойная гибкая печатная плата
Военная электроника
керамическая многослойная печатная плата для аэрокосмической электроники
Аэрокосмическая электроника
Коммуникационная электроника жесткая многослойная печатная плата
Коммуникационная электроника
изготовление многослойных печатных плат для спутниковых систем
спутниковая система

Top-notch Manufacturing Capabilities


Manufacturable Layers

  • Multilayer Rigid PCB: Для жесткая печатная плата we can build 1–58 layers of circuits, and provide a variety of additional value-added services.
  • Multilayer flexible PCB: It is generally considered that its manufacturing difficulty is higher, most manufacturers can achieve within 6 слоёв, and in FS Technology you can get amazing 10 layers of гибкая печатная плата!
  • Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB: It is necessary to combine the rigid board and the flexible board, and the number of layers of the rigid-flexible PCB depends on the flexible circuit.

Substrate Type

Отделка поверхности

Rich Тестирование печатных плат

  • Испытание летающего зонда
  • Функциональный тест
  • Тест на импеданс
  • Испытание на паяемость
  • Электрический тест
  • Испытание на термический шок
  • Испытание на стойкость отверстий
  • Автоматическая оптическая инспекция
  • Прокладка Отсутствующий чек

Necessity of Multilayer PCB

The number of layers of the circuit board is an important factor that leads to rising costs. For this reason, the necessity of considering multi-layer PCB needs to be considered before the project begins!

Electronic Development Status

The core of Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors that can be accommodated on an интегральная схема doubles every 18 months. As the packaging density of integrated circuits increases year by year, the demand for electronic products develops in the direction of multi-functionality and miniaturization, necessitating the use of multi-layer boards. In the layout of printed circuit boards, unforeseen design problems such as noise, stray capacitance, and crosstalk may arise. As a result, minimizing the length of signal lines and avoiding parallel routes has become a challenging task in circuit board design.

Unfortunately, whether it is a single or double-layer board, designers face limitations in achieving a satisfactory solution due to the restriction on the number of crossovers that can be achieved. The manufacturing of multilayer circuit boards has become imperative in an environment of extensive interconnection and crossover requirements. The original intention of multilayer PCB fabrication is to provide more freedom for the circuit layout of complex electronic products. Therefore, it is essential to consider whether your electronic project truly requires more Слои печатной платы, and this can be determined by examining its advantages and disadvantages.

Преимущества многослойной печатной платы

Малый размер

The smaller size of MLB is attributed to two factors: reduced surface area and assembly techniques.

Increasing board surface area by adding layers: It is evident that large-sized PCBA boards cannot fit into electronic equipment easily. Just like an unfolded quilt being difficult to place inside a box, large boards are impractical. The principle of multilayer PCB board is to obtain more wiring within the same size by increasing the number of layers, akin to folding the quilt to fit it into the box.

Assembling ML-PCBA using SMT technology: High precision multilayer PCB is extensively used in cutting-edge applications, often in conjunction with Монтаж SMT. Traditional plug-in components struggle to meet the demands of micro/nano consumer devices and are replaced by SMD-компоненты. Consequently, assembly can be completed on smaller-sized PCB.

Высокая плотность

The most common application demonstrating the high-density benefits of multilayer circuit board is mobile phones. With the iterative update of the production process, the size of the mobile phone is getting smaller and smaller, but the function has not been affected but improved, thanks to the high-density interconnected (HID PCB) MLB used in its design. When we increase the number of layers of the PCB, although its size remains the same at this time, the multilayer HDI PCB increases the wiring density through layering, enabling it to accommodate more functions, speed, and capacity.

Больше легкого веса

A multilayer board can replace the need for multiple PCB, providing greater durability as it eliminates the requirement for external hardware and connectors. The removal of connectors also reduces the weight of electronics, making them suitable for small appliances. Additionally, this reduction in hardware and connectors may lead to lower maintenance and replacement needs in the long run.

In general, the most significant advantage of multilayer circuit boards is their small form factor, lightweight design, and increased capabilities for handling more complex electrical routing. In this era of electronics, simplicity is crucial, and eliminating unnecessary parts in a project can be favorable in terms of cost and troubleshooting. Large-scale industrial production faces challenges in producing and manufacturing numerous designs and enhancing production efficiency. Multilayer PCB can fill this gap and provide a compact yet reliable solution for improving aspects of PCBA construction and production.

Недостатки многослойной печатной платы

Сложность проектирования

Несмотря на то, что многослойные печатные платы имеют множество привлекательных преимуществ для любителей электроники или даже заядлых дизайнеров, есть несколько сложностей в конструкции, о которых следует помнить при рассмотрении многослойных печатных плат.

С самого начала процесса проектирования при разработке многослойной печатной платы, по сравнению с обычной печатной платой, которую Вы, возможно, делали в прошлом, определенно придется учиться, поскольку она включает в себя более сложные особенности маршрутизации и проектирования, о которых необходимо помнить. Слои, из которых состоит многослойная печатная плата, перечислены ниже:

  • Сигнальный слой: в основном используется для размещения компонентов PCBA или для прокладки проводов и пайки. Он делится на верхний слой, средний слой и нижний слой.
  • Внутреннее электроснабжение: Обычно мы также называем это внутренним электрическим слоем, который специально используется для расположения силовых линий и линий заземления.
  • Механический слой: Размещает линии физических размеров, данные, информацию о проходах и другую ориентировочную информацию для изготовления плат PCBA.
  • Паяльная маска: Область без меди, используемая для размещения подкладок или других объектов, включая верхний и нижний слои.
  • Слой шелкографии: используется для нанесения контура, номера и другой текстовой информации компонентов.
  • System Work Layer: Used to display information that violates the multi-layer Проектирование печатных плат rule check.

Сложность производства

  • Alignment between layers: With more layers, the difficulty of achieving precise alignment between them increases, and the alignment tolerance between layers is typically controlled at ±75μm. This challenge arises due to various factors, including size variations, Материал подложки properties, ambient temperature differences, and positioning methods.
  • Inner layer manufacturing: When customers seek a multilayer PCB manufacturer, they often assess the materials the manufacturer can provide. These materials are usually required to have high thermal resistance (TG), high-speed characteristics, high-frequency capabilities, thick copper, and thin dielectric layers. Working with higher-end materials can pose challenges for manufacturers during inner layer circuit production and graphic size control, leading to issues such as low pass rates, open circuits or short circuits, missing tests in inner layer AOI (automated optical inspection), and poor exposure.
  • Ламинирование: During lamination, when multiple inner core boards and semi-cured sheets are stacked, manufacturing defects like slippage, delamination, resin voids, and air bubble residue may occur. To prevent such problems, it is crucial to consider the heat resistance and voltage resistance of the materials and establish a reasonable multi-layer PCB lamination program.

Доставка и стоимость

Ошибки, скорее всего, появятся, если Ваши платы не будут проверены должным образом, и многие дизайнеры обычно работают в команде для перекрестной проверки своих проектов перед отправкой их в производство, поскольку устранение неисправностей может занять много времени и стоить дорого. Кроме того, многослойная печатная плата обычно дороже, когда речь идет о профессиональном производстве и заказе плат, и на ее изготовление потребуется больше времени, чем на изготовление обычной двухслойной печатной платы. 

Это может быть связано с обширной функциональной проверкой и испытаниями, которые необходимо провести на платах до того, как они будут готовы к производству, поскольку исправление ошибок после производства просто невозможно. Поэтому, прежде чем заказать многослойную печатную плату, рекомендуется провести тщательную проверку производителя, чтобы убедиться, что требования, установленные компанией, соответствуют требованиям Вашего заказа.

Multilayer Circuit FAQ

Of course, FS Technology is a Chinese multi-layer PCB supplier facing the world, no matter where you are, we will provide you with the best quality service.

We are not a company that attracts clients on price, but on quality of service. If you want to get our service, please contact us by email, we will provide you with multilayer PCB pricelist immediately.

As the number of layers increases, the failure rate also rises. To prevent such issues, in addition to routine inspections, we employ various internal control measures to enhance production quality. These include Проверка первой статьи, manufacturing process control, and continuous monitoring and improvement.

For most circuit types, FS technology can realize the construction of multi-layer structure, but it may be difficult for керамическая печатная плата. If your project requires the use of ceramic slabs and requires multiple layers then we will build it for you using Rogers Corporation laminates.

First, engineers stack each single-layer or double-layer PCB according to the design requirements. Then, the stacked PCB is placed in a hot press for compression. Under high temperature and pressure, the pre-impregnated resin in the laminated material melts and bonds with the copper foils and hole walls of each layer, creating a strong connection.

When faced with complex designs or high-density layouts, FS Technology recommends using a multi-layer circuit structure, which can help avoid electromagnetic interference and implement effective thermal management.


As mentioned briefly above, multilayer board is widely used in many печатная плата для бытовой электроники, ranging from mobile phones to graphic cards, and even state-of-the-art medical equipment. The compactness, reliability, and durability of multilayer PCBs make them highly suitable for these applications, particularly in industrial settings where versatility, consistency, and high performance are crucial. Additionally, multilayer PCB find applications in aerospace technology, navigation equipment (GPS), communications (radios), automotive machinery, and military-grade equipment. However, the use of multilayer PCB in industrial applications does not imply that they should not be considered for other electronic projects. Before choosing the route of multilayer PCBA, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons and be well-informed about both your design and the manufacturer of your PCBA. Nevertheless, single or double-layer PCB still have their place in the electronics industry and may be ideal for various applications that do not require the complexity of multilayer PCB.