Rigid Printed Circuit Board

There are different types of PCB board used rigid PCB is very commonly used in different projects based on PCB. It is a very commonly employed board and is part of different industrial tools and devices.

Catalog of Rigid PCBs

Precautions for Using Rigid PCBs

Rigid PCB is a category of boards that comes with a nonflexible structure and cannot be modified to another shape easily and maybe can break if high pressure is applied.  Its design and structure are a combination of different types of layers such as at the bottom substrate, then copper layers solder mask, and at top silkscreen layer that is used to make connections of different projects assembled on the board. These boards contrary to other types of boards can be created in single double and multiple layers for project requirements. Their feature is that when they are created there is no chance to modify them and converted them into another form.

Advantages of FS Technology in Manufacturing Rigid PCBs

There are different PCB manufacturer are working in the world and offer different services for PCB boards and projects. FS technology is one of the finest and most experienced PCB suppliers that offer PCB-based projects and services at good rates and quality. If you are searching for rigid boards for your projects must consult us. You can get a rigid printed circuit board up to 1-20L with a maximum size of the board of 1100×650mm. We use different materials for boards that are CME1、CME3、FR-4, High TG FR4, Halogen-free FR4, Polyimide, aluminum.

In addition to producing high-quality rigid PCB boards, FS Technology can also provide you with more services:

The composition of rigid PCB

The construction of rigid boards is done through the use of different types of layers combination that offer heat resistance to the board. There are many layers are involved in the final composition of the board. All these are layers are described below section.

  • Substrate
  • Solder Mask
  • Copper Layer
  • Silkscreen
The composition of rigid PCB


At the start bottom layer or base, the layer is a substrate that is the initial step for rigid baord construction. FR4 material is used for the creation of substrate material. The nature of FR4 is rigid that increases the rigidity of the board. With that, for the creation of substrate, there is also used different materials such as phenolics and epoxies. But these substrate is mostly not used since not offer the strength like the FR4. But used in some projects where fewer prices are required.

Solder Mask

For protecting the layer and paths created through the use of copper is solder mask is used. It works as an insulator and protects the copper layers from oxidation in other conditions. Solder mask comes in different colors like green, black, blue, pink, etc but most green color is used.

Copper Layer

When substrate layers are finished copper layer is placed on the substrate. These copper layers work as the lamentation for the substrate and protect the substrate from heat and other environmental conditions. The best feature of copper layers is that it used help for the transmission of data among the different components and layers of the board. In some projects double-layer, rigid board is sued that has copper layers on both sides. In some fewer prices, projects single layer is used but it affects the overall operation of that project.


At last and top of the board, there is silkscreen layer is applied.  At these layers, there are different numbers and symbolic representation is mentioned to connect the different components for the creation of projects.

Features and advantages of Rigid PCB


  • The rigid PCB comes with features that enhance its use in future industry is that it can not be modified and changed to another shape when construction is completed
  • The substrate used in the construction of PCB is such quality and good that enhances its features that not can be found in other boards substrate
  • It is a combination of different layers that are well stopper to heat so can be transformed into single and multilayers boards
  • Rigid double sided pcb boards have a bright future since is the main part of the computer industry and are used in motherboards of computers and laptops to construct the circuit of the computer
  • This board is also used in the communication industry to transmission circuits. It is considered the main part of RAM, CPU, and GPU
  • It is preferred in the computer industry due to its non-flexible nature and circuits that make it effective over flexible boards. Its nay category either single or multiple layers can be employed in different circuits


Rigid PCB manufactured in China has the following advantages:

  • Rigid board with reliable function
  • Much cheaper than rigid-flex PCBs
  • Smaller board size
  • It produces less electronic noise

Rigid PCB Applications

Because of the difference in materials and layers, FS Technology wholesale rigid pcb can be applied to different fields, here are some examples:

  • It used in global position systems and satellite components due to its rigid nature
  • It is used as part of a repeater that helps to boost the signal transmission for longer distances
  • It is also part of circuits used in vehicles
  • The circuits used in different medical instruments are created on this board such as the X-RAY machine,. CT scan etc
  • Different types of storage devices like ROM SUB etc are created on this board
  • It is the main part of the computer motherboard
  • It uses temperature sensors and  Control tower instrumentation
  • It used in different tools and toys of children

Comparison of other boards with Rigid PCB

Rigid vs Flex PCB

  • Flex vs Rigid PCB Costs: The main factors that affect the price of circuit boards are the number of layers, size and materials of the printed circuit board. Although rigid and flexible are manufactured in the same way, flexible PCBs are more expensive than rigid PCBs under the same circumstances. FS Technology recommends that you can reduce the use of flexible board in order to increase the profit of your project
  • During the construction of flex PCBs, there is a need for certain precautions to avoid any damage to the boards these precautions are not needed for rigid PCB
  • For some electric projects rigid PCB board is used but for such flexible designs flex boards are preferred over rigid due to their rigid nature
  • Flexible boards are mostly used in single layers PCBs due to their flexible nature. Rigid boards are more suitable for multi-layer boards. Commonly there are Rigid double-sided PCB and four-layer Rigid PCB.
  • Some small size devices and electronic modules like computer keyboards and toys use rigid board. While for high operation projects flexible PCB is used since it offered the connectors less solution.

That is all about the Rigid PCB. Details explanation has been done of rigid boards that will help you to get the different overview and features of this board. Rigid board have become a very common part of the electronics industry and engineering projects. Its giving nature enhances its uses in the computer industry. It prefers for different projects, especially for computer boards that it comes with a rigid and solid structure. Since when large number of components are configured on the make it easy for the board to handle all components accurately and provides the strength to the boards and all components configured on the board.

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