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Rigid-Flex PCB

Flexible Rigid PCB - combining rigidity and flexibility features, breaking the boundaries of traditional PCBs.

Based on consumer needs and expectations in the electronics industry have driven the demand for more complex circuit structures, leading to the development of rigid-flex PCB boards. This board is a combination of flexible circuits and rigid circuits, offering the advantages of both.

Rigid-flex PCB straddle the boundaries of traditional rigid PCB and the unique properties of flex PCB. It is created using highly ductile electrodeposited or rolled-annealed copper conductors photolithographically on a flexible insulating film. If you’re struggling with getting your project off the ground, consider ordering a Rigid-Flex PCB from FS Technology for service!

Best Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturer - FS Technology

While there are numerous manufacturers offering rigid-flex PCB manufacturing services, we highly recommend choosing FS Technology for several compelling reasons. With extensive experience, superior service, and comprehensive offerings, FS Technology has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully assisted thousands of domestic and international electronics manufacturers in gaining a competitive edge.

As a comprehensive PCB and PCBA service provider, we strive to bring convenience and efficiency to your electronic projects. With FS Technology, you no longer need to worry about reserving equipment or hiring engineering personnel. Our dedicated team will handle all the necessary operations, allowing you to focus on your core business and product development.

  • MOQ=1: If your business is in the development stage or the project is in the initial stage, this is very beneficial for you. With a minimum order quantity of just 1, you can avoid the capital turnover problem associated with mass production and obtain rigid flex PCB prototypes at a more favorable price.
  • Automated Factory: FS Technology uses a variety of advanced equipment to efficiently fulfill orders with fast turnaround times, including high-volume orders of 10,000+ units.
  • Infinite Possibilities: Our commitment to using high-end materials allows our rigid flex PCB board to adapt to extreme environments, such as high humidity, elevated temperatures, and corrosion. The robustness and folding space of PCB increase the degree of freedom in project design, while withstanding 200,000+ bending wear without compromising the product experience.
  • Customized Service: FS Technology takes pride in offering comprehensive EMS services. Our turnkey solutions cover a wide array of services, including programming, design, manufacturing, assembly, and procurement. We are fully equipped to cater to your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions for your project.

Sample Display

Manufacturing Capacity







Manufacturing Capabilities

Flex layer number2-44-66-8
Copper thickness on flex layer(OZ)0.512
PI thickness(um)25,5025,50,7575100
PTH Via on Flex LayerYESYESYES
Min Width of Flex Area(mm)≥10≥5≥2
Panel Size (mm)254×400254×500457 ×609
Min space between via to R-F combined area≥3.0mm≥2.0mm≥1.0mm
Min space between DIP to R-F combined area≥3.0mm≥2.5mm≥2.0mm
Normal Structure  Rigid-Flex PCBYESYESYES

Available Materials

We offer a variety of advanced rigid flex PCB material options that allow us to have greater compatibility.

  • Conventional FR4 material
  • Halogen Free Fr4
  • Lead Free Compatible FR-4
  • Ceramic Filling High Frequency Material
  • PTFE High Frequency Material
  • Special PP
  • High-speed digital materials
  • Rigid PI Material
  • Metal Base Board
  • RF and mmWave-compatible material
  • DuPont, Panasonic, Shengyi, ThinFlex, and others

Surface Finishes

In order to protect the exposed copper surface of the rigid-flex board, it needs to be surface finishes to avoid adverse effects such as low-quality metal-to-metal joints, additional manufacturing costs, failures during application, etc.

  • Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)
  • Immersion Tin (Immersion Tin) (ImSn)
  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
  • Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP)
  • Immersion Silver (ImAg)
  • Electroless Nickel / Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG)
  • Hard Gold (Electrolytic Hard Gold)

Rigid Flex PCB Application Scenarios

Once the comprehensive production process is completed, the high-quality rigid-flex PCB board manufactured by FS Technology is ready to be seamlessly integrated into various applications. Leveraging our current production capacity, we proudly extend our services to the following industries:

Rigid-flex PCB for home appliances

Household Appliances

Rigid-flex board for 5G industry

5G Communications

Promoting Rigid-Flex PCBA for Unmanned Technology

Autonomous Car

FS Technology can produce rigid-flex PCBA for industrial use

Industrial Manufacturing

The military industry cannot do without rigid-flex PCBA

Military Industry

The function of aerospace parts provides the main body - rigid-flex PCBA

Aerospace Business

Rigid-flex PCBA promotes the electronic medical industry

Electronic Medical

Inexpensive Rigid-Flex PCBA for Renewable Energy

New Energy

Medical 6-layer flexible and rigid PCBA

Medical Wearable Electronics

The quality of the interface of the wearable electronic device may be seriously affected due to multiple folding during use. Even if this phenomenon occurs in smart electronic products such as mobile phones and watches, it is difficult for us to accept it, let alone electronic medical supplies that require high reliability.

All of these medical devices are inseparable from the use of multilayer rigid-flex PCB. Through unique advantages, this medical PCB improves the reliability and operability of devices, while miniaturization enables implantable devices. The wearable medical devices inform the medical staff to get the details of their patients. Through this process, doctors can monitor the patient’s heartbeat in real-time.

3pcs Rigid-Flex PCB for Industry

Industrial Applications

In the industrial manufacturing sector, there are some challenging issues. The circuits and devices used for power transmissions are created through the use of heavy equipment, so their movement from one place is another is not easy and increases damage changes of them since it is heavyweight. To address this, industrial PCB with both rigid and flexible characteristics are the ideal solution.

The combination of rigidity and flexibility can ultimately solve the overall weight problem of equipment. The rigid part is easier to manufacture in multilayer structures, achieving high-density component layouts to meet the high-performance requirements of the equipment. The flexible part can serve as a buffer and shock absorber to reduce vibrations during the operation of heavy machinery.

Use in Online Business

Online business is a branch of 5G communications. With the rapid development of 5G technology and the repeated outbreaks of the new crown epidemic, the demand for online business has grown exponentially. Online businesses in this environment need to incorporate a variety of technologies, such as tracking reporting and scanning for shipping. To perform these functions, there is a small size device called PDA is used to complete the process. It also helps to use in difficult conditions where others are not easy to use, all these happen due to rigid flexible PCB use.

So far, FS Technology’s ability in the manufacture of rigid-flexible circuits has been fully demonstrated. Although we focus on PCB assembly services, we are also confident enough to complete your electronic projects for rigid flex electronic PCB boards. By understanding our capabilities, if you think we are a rigid-flex PCB supplier in China that meets your expectations, please email us, and our sales will contact you immediately with a cheap quotation.

Rigid Flex PCB Buying Guide​

Existence is reasonable. Based on different considerations, all manufacturers have a chance to be selected, even if their prices are higher. For you, with a clear goal, choosing a rigid flex circuit board manufacturer that better suits your needs will play a decisive role in the progress of your electronic project. Most of the time, we will consider the manufacturer’s PCB manufacturing capabilities, turnaround time, service fees, etc. Here, FS Technology provides an idea for PCB selection, that is, whether it is really necessary to use a more expensive rigid-flex PCB.

Whether rigid flex PCB design service is required

There are two categories of customers for electronic assembly projects. One category is customers who have clear requirements and have drawn PCB circuit diagrams, they usually send documents directly and inform the required quantity to get a quick rigid-flex PCB quotation. Another type of customer just has a concept or idea and seeks the help of a turnkey PCB assembly company.

Design is the first step in the entire rigid-flex PCB turnkey assembly service, and customers need to judge whether they need to design or modify the service. For electronics companies with design engineers, it is obviously not a wise choice to choose a turnkey assembly company for design services. In past cases, FS Technology is more of a helper to help customers complete rigid-flexible projects. Of course, our designer team can also help customers complete design projects independently. 

Discuss rigid-flex PCBA design

Here we provide simple rigid flex PCB design guidelines for your reference.

  • Looping

An additional quantity of material is added called a loop. That increases the operating life and the assembly of circuitry makes it easy. Use thinner copper materials to get a flexible nature.

  • Etching

There is etching done on the board to avoid isotropic losses after the routing of conductors is done to enhance stackup and beddings capabilities of the rigid flex PCB board.

  • Base Of Board

The base areas of the board are selected then size and weight is decreased. For that purpose reduce the small size holes to about twenty-five mu.

  • Filleting

There is the filtering of pads done to make the circuit flexible it can be done by increasing the areas of pads. Button plating is used for making effective solder joints.

  • Adhesive coated

The adhesive baked coat is used to overcoat the board used to make the board dynamic natures.

Is it necessary to purchase a rigid-flex PCB?​

The rigid-flex PCB board is a hybrid board created through a combination of flexible and rigid PCB materials. It involves using one or more rigid boards combined with flexible boards to form a single unit. Rigid-flex PCB are considered a viable alternative to traditional rigid PCB, as they offer the benefits of both flexible and rigid boards in one package. The flexible portions of the boards are designed to accommodate project-specific curvatures. Despite the numerous advantages of rigid-flexible circuit boards, the cost of manufacturing has discouraged some electronic manufacturers from choosing this type of PCB. However, the decision to opt for a rigid-flexible PCB should be carefully considered based on the specific requirements of the project and the benefits it can bring.

Reasons for Buying Chinese Rigid and Rigid PCBs

Reasons to Get a Rigid Flex PCB Quote

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Although the initial cost of rigid-flex PCB may be higher, they eliminate the need for additional cables and connectors, simplifying the assembly process and reducing material costs.
  • Wider Application AreasBy avoiding the use of connectors, the overall weight and dimensions of the equipment are significantly reduced, resulting in greater versatility. This meets the requirements for internal space in small devices and provides benefits for wearable electronics.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The combination of rigidity and flexibility provides a more versatile design platform. It allows bending to adapt to specific areas while offering sufficient strength, reducing limitations for designers.
  • Convenient Operation: Rigid-flex boards are designed by incorporating flexible substrates within rigid boards, creating strong electrical connections. This configuration enables better electrical performance and enhanced mechanical reliability. The inner placement of electrical connectors enhances user convenience, ensuring the creation of reliable and efficient boards.

Flexible PCB VS Rigid Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB has vibration bearing capacity this feature helps to use for vehicles where high vibration is involved. Employed for hard disks. These boards are considered as the solution for wirings used in boards and enhance the repetition in the boards.

You can get the features of rigid PCB and flexible PCB in flex-rigid board. These boards combine the advantages of two different types of PCBs. Their structure helps designers to make three-dimensional design configurations easily. The construction time for these board applications in any project is reduced and makes required products in good design. These boards help to make three dimension designs in fewer prices and solid repetition.

In the following applications, rigid-flex PCBs are superior to flex boards.

  • High Reliable Devices: Since rigid flex PCB can bear the high value of shocks existing on the device were used so it preferred for high reliable applications;
  • High-Density components: It is used for high-density applications since has features to get fold into small sizes and offers the fewer space applications;
  • Replacement of Rigid Boards: For applications where you need more than five rigid boards can use a rigid-flex board that will be a good and cost-effective solution.

Rigid-flex PCB FAQ

Although the main business of FS Technology is manufacturing, assembly and procurement, when your project has design problems, our engineering department will provide you with help to complete the design!

Indeed, FS Technology takes a personalized approach when it comes to providing quotations for our services. We understand the importance of catering to the unique needs of each customer, and that’s why we do not offer online quotations. Instead, we encourage interested parties to reach out to us by clicking the “Quotation” button on our website.

Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries and provide you with all the necessary details about our services. By contacting us through email, you can expect prompt and reliable assistance from our knowledgeable professionals.

Firstly, the manufacturer separately produces the rigid circuit and the flexible circuit through the design file, and then chooses different ways to connect the two parts according to the needs of the customer, such as using a flexible circuit connector or a spring connector; or directly weld the two parts; or design a socket on the rigid part during design.

Rigid-flex PCB refers to a type of circuit that uses a flexible circuit to connect multiple rigid PCBs. The semi-flexible PCB uses the traditional manufacturing process to produce FR-4 PCB, and then uses deep milling technology to thin the area that needs to be bent, so that it has a certain degree of flexibility, and is essentially a rigid PCB.

In addition to FS Technology, you have other choices: If your project does not have a profit advantage, the rigid-flex PCB supplier quoted online is the best choice; if you pay attention to quality, you can choose a supplier specializing in the production of flexible circuits; if you want to gain an advantage between the two, FS Technology will help you!


That is all about the Rigid-Flex PCB all details have been covered about the rigid-flex PCB.  It is better than other boards and comes with features of rigid board and flex board in one place. It is mostly used in industries machines and mobile phones and used in three-dimensional structures and designs. In computers and mobile phones mothers’ boards are created through the use of this board all components of circuits are assembled on the board in an accurate and simple way to make fine circuits. Due to the advantage of one structure having two materials make it effective and less expensive than other broad that is technically expensive. From FS technology you can get the Rigid Flex printed circuit boards with numbers of layer 2-10L and dimensions of (36/10) 610 mm×1650 mm at reasonable prices. The value of board thickness can be 0.1 mm–10.00 mm. FS Technologies is the right choice to create higher quality and functional boards for you, they will be better than others. In addition to the basic advantages, the flexible materials used in FS Technology Rigid-Flex PCBA are highly resistant to harmful chemicals as well as UV rays and oils.

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