Reasons to Choose China PCBA Small Batch Assembly Company

Every type of electronic device has PCBA boards, and new electronic devices coming into the industry will also have circuits on PCBA boards. With the development of China’s PCBA industry and the increasing demand for electronic components, some electronics manufacturing companies are looking for Chinese prototypes and small batch, while some require large batch.

To grow in the electronic industry there is a need to adopt new changes and innovations in products. Chinese low-volume PCBA assembly companies are thinking to make improvements in products according to customer demands and businesses are growing very quickly so need certain improvements. This factor urges the creators to make small batch runs. The other factor for small-level production is relevant since many companies are creating bespoke electronic solutions to handle different problems so just less volume of units can be created.

This article will discuss the advantages of choosing a Chinese low-volume turnkey PCBA company:

Fast Turnaround

Introducing your product to your customers before your competitors is the main priority, and low-volume manufacturing services help you make that happen. When your competitor is still working overtime for the production of 10,000 products, your small volume order has already been completed, and the finished product has been put into the market and received a good response or customer feedback. So this turnaround time is the main factor for customers to choose service providers.

Many customers always choose the wrong supplier due to price factors when choosing a turnkey PCBA company. FS Technology believes that if your product needs to be put into the market quickly or needs better service, Made in China is the best choice. Ordering low-volume PCB production services from Chinese manufacturers requires less manufacturing time. Low-volume creation can provide a compulsory boost when we are working for mass production. It also helps to have high numbers of prototype boards to use for evaluation.

More Affordable

There are differences in the production process between small volume orders and large batch orders. Most industries that are providing mass production do not go for low volume production if they go for will have to consider cost measures about it. Volume construction will be based on MOQ that is higher than the number of boards that we need. The cost per board decreases as the quantity ordered increases, but I believe you won’t order more boards than you need for a lower unit price. As a Chinese company that can meet both small batch needs and wholesale needs, FS Technology has obvious advantages in this regard.

  • MOQ is 0
  • Provide prototype PCBA manufacturing services
  • Inexpensive low-volume assembly services
  • High quality production guarantee
  • Old customer rebate activities
  • Referral order cash back

Flexible Design Services

Through the analysis of past orders, FS Technology found that the main reasons for customers to choose low volume manufacturing services are as follows:

  • Insufficient demand
  • Determine the supplier’s ability
  • Small volume production is more flexible

Chinese companies can provide more adaptable low-volume assembly and manufacturing services, which is why Chinese manufacturing is becoming more and more popular.

In order to reduce your concerns about Chinese manufacturing, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China cannot release the development of China’s manufacturing industry: since 2012, China has maintained its status as the world’s largest manufacturing country, and by 2021, China’s manufacturing industry will account for 30% of the world’s total. 

With the long-term development and technological advancement, China’s PCB small volume manufacturing companies have become more and more powerful. Compared with turnkey manufacturers in any other country, the advantages of Chinese low-volume PCBA production companies in terms of agility and flexibility are particularly prominent. FS Technology promises that whether your project is in the design stage or is already in the production stage, as long as you submit the requirements reasonably, we can respond quickly and make it possible to change the design.

Also, any special conditions will frequently be eased by a china small-volume manufacturer. Keeping the batch size low is particularly applicable if the design is still a work in progress and more changes or advancements may well be on the horizon. With the invention of new techniques, it is not good to use older design configurations for mass production, unless you’re sure you’ll sell everything you make.

More Reliable

If you are facing a problem that a certain design configuration is not operating according to requirements and there are some changes needed in the prototype, so choosing a Chinese company with low volume production capacity can help you mass production accurately. It is a good option to find certain issues during the manufacturing of small batch that has less expense for problem-solving and has less effect on volume production. Chinese companies are more responsible for solving all problems encountered in small volume production, I believe you are more willing to solve all problems in small batch production, rather than in wholesale orders.

Through the use of small batch production results engineers can make modifications to new products according to requirements. PCBA can be modified through variations that also enhance the user’s experience, decreases expenses, and make improvements in the required products. Through the use of the small volume technique of manufacturing and production helps to make quality products according to market need and resultant products have chances to make further improvements according to new demands.

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