PCBA & PCB Quality Control

The reason why FS Technology is favored by customers is that it has strict quality control links. In order to allow you to place an order with confidence, we will introduce you to the key aspects of quality control involved in FS Technology's pcb assembly and pcb manufacturing.

Quality control key process

FS TECH believes that quality control more reflected in the details of lean management and strict control. FS TECH provides quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Unlike most Electronic Manufacturing Service providers, we pay special attention to a several core process that are easily overlook by them, and use a “key process quality control mechanism” to do this.These process in the whole manufacturing process, in fact, very subtle, but if not well controlled, will often make the efforts of other links fall short.


Mainly check if all the PCB,components, stencils,fixture meet the required specifications to avoid the quality issues from the begining.
PCB: Thickness,vias,pads,silkscreen,wraping degree,circuits and soldermask,ect;
Components: Part-number,quantity,value,RoHS,apperances,solder pins,temperature resistance,ect


Sensitive components:We have relative humidity 5% cabinet to store your sensitive chips
RoHS components: After IQC process, the outside package will be labeled with RoHS or Non RoHS remarks.
Solderpaste: we seal and store our solderpaste in 2-10refrigerator and label them with expiration date.
Material identification card


1.We choose famous solderpaste brand like ECO,Alpha,Vital.
2.We apply automatic solder paste mixing machine to stir clockwise for 2-5 minutes until the solder paste reaches a filamentous state and immediately use for production.
3.We only use famous brand laser stencil and pay highly attention to the high precision solderpads like QFN,BGA ect.
4.Our 3D SPI controlling the solderpaste thickness,area, volume distribution with the non-contact laser 3D scanning intensive sampling technology.Workers can easily find out the solderpaste issue in this step to avoid soldering issues before the PCBA go into oven.








PCB SMT soldering

1. We have 8 automatic Pick&Place production lines,equiped with Samsung SM471/482/481, Fujifilm CP8/6 series, electric feeders, perfectly achieve 01005 SMT precision, support common IC, BGA, QFN, PLCC and other components of precision package components assembly.

2. Our reflow oven has 12 tempreture zones, which will leave more time for solderpaste mealting and solidification, make sure the tempreture rising and dropping more steadilythis will help to prevent a lot of soldering quality problem cuases by the thermal shock.

3. AOI equipment is used in the end of our every production lines. AOI machine automatically scans PCB through the camera and collects images to compare the actual solder joints with the qualified images in the database.This will easily find out the soldering issues and improve a lot our QC’s efficiency.

4.We have X-ray equipment to check the soldering quality for BGA chips.

5.The first article inspection is required before we can run the rest production.For example, the design information and designators and components value will be imported as a database to verify if the first article fully match the specifications of client’s design files.




PCB Assembly Inspection

How do we make sure the testing instructions can be 100% follow?
1. Project manager will  maintain real-time communication with client and translate all instruction requirements for engineer.
2. The engineer will train and guide the testers until they can understand all steps and operate independently.
3. The test operation steps and test results will share with the customer with a video record for confirmation and archiving.
4. After the test result is confirmed by the client, the tester will proceed 100% products.
5. Failure test results will also be recorded and informed of how to resolve them and as a basis for future design improvements.


PCBA board is a fragile and easily damaged product. We always carefully packed with bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bags and vacuum bags before transportation to prevent the damage causes by static and crushing.

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