PCBA Quality Assurance

FS Technology is a manufacturer with quality as the first principle, we provide customers with high quality and low price PCBA services.

Directory of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance for PCB Assembly

The goal of FS TECH quality assurance is to quickly deliver zero-defect products to customers, and we make unremitting efforts and efforts for this, which is reflected in a series of work carried out by the company such as planning, organization, command, coordination, control and supervision.

PCB supplier qualification

In order to effectively solve the key problem of quality assurance – providing trust, the internationally accepted method is to follow and adopt authoritative standards and provide quality certification by a third party. FS TECH has passed ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO/TS16949 automotive quality management system certification, and ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification.

Internal high-quality pcba control standards and review system

FS TECH has its own turnkey pcb assembly quality standards, which are based on the certification we have obtained or even higher than the certification standards, and have run through the company’s development and growth process for more than 10 years. We put these quality control standards into different data files and implement them to each person and each work station.

  • Program files
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Static control process
  • Quality Management Manual
  • PCB Manufacturing planning schedule
  • PCBA Production record standard file
  • Material inspection specification
  • Work Instructions

These procedures ensure that our products meet customer requirements at every stage and aspect of manufacturing; from supplier selection to production inspection, to out-of-factory inspection and customer service.

In order to produce high-quality pcb boards, FS TECH has a dedicated customer service team, which actively communicates with customers about the manufacturing progress of customers’ products and various problems and situations encountered in production, and organizes technical and engineering personnel from both parties to conduct technical and design discussions. In fact, we This part of the work has helped many customers to correct or optimize the design problems in the early stage, and objectively improved the speed of product development and listing for customers and reduced the cost of product development and design and the cost of the product itself.

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