Pacote plano quádruplo de plástico - PQFP

PQFP, or Plastic Quad Flat Package, is a cost-effective form of IC packaging with leads starting from the four corners of the package body and extending outward to form a gull-wing shape. It is available in both square and rectangular shapes and is a popular replacement for CQFP due to its plastic material.

PQFPs are typically available in body sizes between 10 mm and 50 mm, with pin counts ranging from 32 to 304 and pin pitch values between 0.5 mm and 1.27 mm. Lead coplanarity is critical for PQFP and should be within ±4 mils for this package.

Plastic Quad Flat Package

Relação custo-eficácia: The use of plastic materials provides a price advantage, making it a popular choice for price-sensitive products, such as consumer electronics.

Extended lifespan: The special pin design used in PQFPs allows for a secure attachment to the surface of the PCB, which improves thermal conductivity and prevents chip damage due to overheating.

Improved performance: The tightly arranged pins enhance the stability of the IC during signal transmission, which reduces the chances of electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.

Efficient PCBA: Automated Montagem SMT is used in PQFPs, which allows for faster and more efficient assembly in volume projects compared to manual through-hole assembly.

Limitations: PQFP Pacote are not suitable for high-temperature applications, so Empresas de PCBA should consider the operating temperature of their electronic applications when selecting this package.


Part #No. of PinsBody SizeBody ThicknessLead PitchPegadaQty Per TrayTape WidthTape PitchQty 13″ Reel
QFP444410mm sq2.0mm0.80mm3.2mm962424500
QFP525210mm sq2.0mm0.65mm3.2mm962424500
QFP525214mm sq2.67mm1.00mm3.9mm843224350
QFP646410mm sq2.0mm0.50mm3.2mm962424500
QFP646414mm sq2.67mm0.80mm3.9mm843224350
QFP646414mm x 20mm2.71mm1.00mm3.2mm664432200
QFP808014mm sq2.67mm0.65mm3.9mm843224350

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