List of PCB & PCBA Manufacturers in China

Overview:  With the rapid development of new industries such as mmWave, unmanned driving, and the Internet of Things, as an indispensable substrate for the electronic information industry, the printed circuit board market is rapidly expanding in China. According to statistics from professional institutions, China’s PCBA exports will account for more than 50% of the global market in 2021.

However, due to poor information, it is difficult for other countries to fully understand which excellent manufacturers are in China. To this end, FS Technology has collected information on the most famous PCB companies in China in this article. If you are looking for a turnkey PCB assembly company in China, it may be a good reference for your PCBA processing.

List of China Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturers

  • FS Technology

Best Turnkey PCBA Assembly Company – FS Technology

In the turnkey PCB assembly list, FS Technology has the strongest assembly capability. We were established in 2004, and in the past 20 years of service, we have received a lot of good reviews from customers.

FS Technology is memorable because we can quickly respond to customers and complete the assembly work without deviation according to the needs of customers. In terms of assembly, we can provide PCBA SMT assembly, PCB DIP assembly, and hybrid assembly. We are equally good at manufacturing. We can meet customers’ manufacturing needs of different types of PCBs, including single-layer boards, double-layer boards, and multi-layer PCB manufacturing up to 56 layers. Furthermore, we are sought after all over the world with the best price, the most perfect service and the most comprehensive production capacity.

List of PCB Board Manufacturers in China

  • Huaqiang PCB
  • DSBJ
  • Wus printed circuit
  • Jingwang Electronics

Shenzhen pcb prototype manufacturer - Huaqiang PCB

Shenzhen Huaqiang Jufeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Huaqiang PCB) was established in Shenzhen in 2011. The company specializes in the manufacture of 2-16 layers of printed circuit boards, and it is China’s leading prototype pcb assembly manufacturer and small batch circuit board supplier. The company has always been the service concept of producing the best quality products at the fastest speed. In 2020, Huaqiang PCB invested tens of millions to introduce advanced equipment and strictly control production standards to ensure that the products shipped are of Seiko quality. After two years of development, Huaqiang PCB company has grown rapidly in scale, and its prototype and small batch shipment capacity has reached 1,000 models/day. The company’s products are applicable to a wide range of fields, including communications, medical equipment, industrial control products, aviation, military products, test instruments, automobiles, computer peripheral products, consumer electronics, and colleges and universities and other technological fields. FS Technology believes that it can be used as the face of Shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry, so it is placed first in the list of printed circuit board manufacturers. The following are its project capabilities:

ProjectProcess CapabilityRemark
Layers1-20 layers 
HDI StructureLevel 1-3Mechanical blind burial or laser blind burial (can be electroplated and filled)
Surface TreatmentWith/Without lead spray tin, immersion gold, OSP 
Plate Thickness Range0.6-2.5mm Conventional Thickness: 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0 /2.5mm
The thickest plate thickness in large batches can be processed to 3.0mm
Plate Thickness ToleranceT≥1.0mm ±10% 
T<1.0mm ±0.1mm
Laser Hole Range Used for blind hole plate, the tolerance of laser hole is ±0.01mm
Mechanical Drilling Range0.15-6.35mmThe minimum drill hole is 0.15mm, and the maximum drill bit is 6.35mm; holes larger than 6.35mm need to be processed separately
Minimum Metal Slot0.45mmSlot Hole Diameter Tolerance is ±0.1mm
Minimum Non-Metallic Slot0.8mmThe minimum gong knife is 0.8mm
Drilling Aspect Ratio10:01The thickest hole of 0.2mm can drill the thickness of 2.0mm
Hole tolerance≤0.075mm 
Bore TolerancePTH±0.075mmAperture tolerance of metal holes
NPTH±0.05mmDiameter Tolerance for Non-Metallic Holes
Inner Layer Minimum Line Width/Line Spacing0.5oz3/3mil 
1oz3.5/3.5milLocal minimum 3/3mil can be produced
2oz6/6milLocal minimum 5/5mil can be produced
Minimum Line Width/Line Spacing of Outer Layer1oz3.5/3.5milLocal minimum 3/3mil can be produced
2oz6/6milLocal minimum 5/5mil can be produced
Minimum Via (Via) Ring3.5mil (Single Side)Increase the protection area of the via solder ring to the hole
With the larger, the product is more reliable for long-term use
Line Tolerance±15% 
BGA Pad Diameter≥0.2mmBGA does not affect fees
Minimum BGA Pad Center Distance0.45mm 
Plating Thickness (Micro Inches)Chemical Nickel GoldNickel Thickness: 100-200 
Gold Thick: 1-3 
Gold PlatingNickel Thickness: 100-200 
Gold Thickness: 1-10 
Hole Copper ThicknessMechanical ViaMinimum ≥20um 
Blind Holedimple≤15um 
Buried ViaMinimum ≥20um 
Copper Foil ThicknessInner Layer0.5-2oz 
Outer Layer1-2oz 
Solder MaskOuter Layer≥1.5mil 
Solder Mask BridgeGreen oil: 3.5mil 
Black oil, white oil: 5mil
Other inks: 4mil
Plug HolePlug Aperture0.2mm<Aperture≤0.45mm 
Line etching wordLine Width/Word Height≥4mil/25mil 
Silkscreen Characters
Solder Mask ColorWhite, Black (Glossy, Matte), Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, etc.  
Character ColorBlack White 
Biggest SizeSingle and Double Panels500*600mm 
Multilayer Board400*500mm 
Smallest SizeLength and Width≥10mm 
Gold Finger BevelAngle20°、30°、45° 
Angle Tolerance±5° 
Depth Tolerance±0.15mm 
Outline ToleranceRegular Shape±0.15mm 
Maximum number of knives≤30 knives 
Outline Width55mm≤length≤480mm 
ImpedanceImpedance tolerance±10% 
TestFlying Probe TestNot Limited 
Test stand Test14000 Points 
Imposition, ConcatenationZero Gap ImpositionImposition is shipped, and the gap between the intermediate board and the board is zero 
Imposition with GapsThe gap of the imposition with gap should be greater than 1.6mm, otherwise it will be difficult to edge the gong, which will affect the efficiency. 
Stamp Hole ImpositionStamp hole 0.5mm diameter, 0.3mm edge spacing 
Conventional 5-7 holes in a group
                                                                                                                                   PCB Design Tools
PADSCopper ProblemThe factory defaults copper in Hatch mode. It is recommended to note the copper plating method before placing an order. 
2D LineEffective lines cannot be placed in the corresponding layer as 2D lines, and Huaqiu Circuit does not process 2D lines. 
Altium Designer    ProtelVersionThere is a missing element problem in the output gerber of different versions of Altium Designer. Please note the version number when placing an order. 
Board Foreign ObjectIf components are placed far away from the PCB board, the conversion process cannot be output due to too large size boundaries. 
Window ProblemPlease do not mistakenly place the windows of the Solder layer on the paste layer. Huaqiu Circuit does not deal with the paste layer. 
Copper ProblemFill copper, if there are too many Fill blocks, the output file block will be lost. Suggestion: Use Polygon Pour for copper. 

The Best Chinese Flexible PCB Manufacturing Company—DSBJ

China's top flexible PCB manufacturer

Located in Shandong, China, DSBJ was established in 1998 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in April 2010. Because of its strong flexible circuit board manufacturing capabilities, FS Technology ranks it first in China’s circuit board manufacturing list. DSBJ is currently the world’s second flexible PCB company, the world’s third printed circuit board company, and the world’s first LED PCB manufacturer. In flexible PCB manufacturing, we demonstrate the following capabilities.

Apple Computer, Inc’s FPC supplier:

With the trend of miniaturization of terminal electronic products, flexible PCBA is obviously more in line with the development trend of the times. In addition to the characteristics of miniaturization, FPCs created with flexible copper clad laminates as substrate materials also include high density, thin thickness, and light weight. As a leading company in smartphones, iPhone has always kept up with the trend of the times and chose the top manufacturer of flexible circuit boards – DSBJ to serve them. The FPC produced by DSBJ is applied to various parts of iPhone, including: camera, vibrator, screen touchpad, 5G PCB antenna, etc. As everyone knows Apple has it in its list of suppliers, why should we not select it?

DSBJ flexible PCB technical characteristics:

As the No. 1 FPC manufacturing list in China, its success depends on the following technical features:

  • Adhesives and Adhesive-Free Materials
  • Ultrathin Dielectric Materials
  • Thin copper (5μm, 9μm, 12μm and above)
  • static and dynamic bending
  • Signal Integrity and High Frequency
  • Via interconnects (Micro via/Blind via/Buried via)
  • High Density Interconnect Features
  • Monolayer to Multilayer Structure

Top high-end electronic equipment PCB manufacturer - Wus printed circuit

High-end PCB Manufacturer - Wus Printed Circuits

Founded in 1992, Wus Printed Circuits is one of the most important circuit board brands in China, undertaking the R&D and manufacturing of PCBs for high-end electronic equipment in China. Although the Chinese manufacturer list is favored by electronics sellers in Europe and the United States, the PCBs made by most manufacturers are low-end products. The main products of Wus printed circuit are widely used in cutting-edge equipment, including communication equipment, automobile, industrial equipment, data center, netcom, microwave radio frequency, semiconductor chip testing and other fields.

Main Capabilities of Wus Printed Circuits:

Wus Printed Circuits is one of the best 5G PCB, high-end HDI board manufacturers on this list. Since the development of 5G technology, the construction of 5G base stations has become the focus of various countries. Wus printed circuit is well aware of this, and through continuous research and development and technological innovation, it has taken the lead in the field of 5G PCBA. WUS PCB manufacturing technology can meet the construction of almost all telecom infrastructure, including: 4G and 5G base stations, signal antennas, filters, etc. The technology they master can realize the construction of multilayer boards with 2 to 64 layers. These PCBs are created using various substrate materials such as Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene), ceramic filled materials.

Advantages of Wus Printed Circuits:

  • It has been recognized by many leading communication companies and has become a supplier of the world’s top 500 companies, including: Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, Ericsson, Microsoft and Meta.
  • Wus Printed Circuits is a major PCB supplier for new energy vehicles in China, and the rigid-flexible multilayer boards they manufacture are widely used in BYD and Tesla and other car brands.
  • With the largest PCB manufacturing workshop in China, it can quickly realize ultra-large-scale PCB bare-board manufacturing. In 2021, their annual output value will reach 7 billion yuan, occupying most of the market share of China’s PCB wholesale market.

China's top 100 PCB ranked third-Jingwang Electronics

Jingwang Electronics was established in Jiangxi, China in 1993, and has set up 11 offices around the world with an annual output value of 9.5 billion. It is a circuit board manufacturing company ranked 16th in the world and 3rd in China. They are committed to building an intelligent factory, and advocate a fast-turnaround, high-efficiency, low-loss production model.

Jingwang Electronics’ PCB Manufacturing Capabilities:

Jingwang Electronics has the ability from research and development to production, and its business capabilities are very extensive. They can quickly realize the manufacturing of high-end circuit boards, including double-sided multilayer copper-clad laminates, HDI flexible multilayer circuit boards and metal-based circuit boards. Their products can be applied to different industries including 5G communications, new energy vehicles, industrial control medical, consumer electronics and other fields.

Reasons for choosing Jingwang Electronics:

  • Provide comprehensive PCBA component procurement services, and create a fair and just cooperation model by means of open and transparent material procurement.
  • The business scope covers the whole world. They have their own production plants in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Japan, and South Korea, and can provide next-day delivery services for the above countries.
  • Provide engineering and design services. Jingwang Electronics has 15,000 employees, including design department, R&D department, marketing department, etc., and can provide the most professional design services for your electronic projects.

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