Four non-profit PCBA org sites

With the development of the PCBA industry, more and more companies have entered it. A lot of PCBA knowledge has appeared on the Internet, which is beneficial to the development of this industry, but it is a disaster for those who have just entered the industry, and they cannot distinguish the authenticity of network information. To this end, FS Technology has compiled four of the most authoritative non-profit organizations in the PBC industry. The information they publish is generally professional and authoritative for beginners to refer to.

Authoritative PCB government in PCBA industry

American Printed Circuit Board Association – IPC

IPC is the printed circuit board association of the American, a private academic group established in 1957, its earliest name is the “Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers Association”. In December 1977, it was renamed as “Institute of Electronic Circuit Interconnection and Packaging”. With the expansion of the team, the scope involved has also expanded from pure “PCB manufacturing” to the current research on engineering technologies and specifications such as plates, parts, and assembly. IPC is the most accomplished and authoritative PCBA organization in the field of printed circuits in the world. It has led a number of PCB assembly professional studies and formulated a number of important specifications, which are the documents that the upstream and downstream industries rely on. IPC’s philosophy is to help OEMs, EMS, PCB manufacturers, wire harness manufacturers, and electronics industry suppliers better build a global electronics association. 

IPC Logo

Electronic Components Industry Association -ECIA

ECIA – Electronic Components Industry Association, is a private assembly composed of a group of the world’s top electronic component manufacturers. Among the electronic components, PCB assembly and manufacturing associations, ECIA is arguably one of the most authoritative bodies, bringing together the experience and experience of many industry leaders and professionals representing all aspects of the electronic components supply chain.

In this fast-moving market, where electronics manufacturing is becoming increasingly challenging, expansion and uncertainty seem to be the only truly constant factors in the electronics industry today. Reliable intelligence is very essential for practitioners in the electronic manufacturing industry, especially for PCBA manufacturers who have a large demand for electronic components. Thankfully, the PCB org ECIA has given us some insight into the PCB Components Procurement. If you want to know more about the components market report, you can go to ECIA exclusive market report.

As the world’s leading electronic component manufacturer organization, ECIA has been adhering to the promotion and improvement of the business environment for authorizing the sale of electronic components to end customers. For this reason, ECIA members have developed electronic manufacturing industry guidelines and technical standards. It is worth mentioning that in order to improve the quality of PCB assembly services, FS Tech has always used the technical standards provided by ECIA, an authoritative PCB assembly and manufacturing association, as a reference.

ECIA, one of the governmental organizations of PCBA

International Electronics Manufacturing Program R&D Alliance-iNEMI

International Electronics Manufacturing Program – iNEMI, the PCB government research and development alliance, the main researchers are composed of leading electronics manufacturers, suppliers, government agencies and universities in the PCBA industry, with high authority and professionalism. iNEMI has many professional materials, by learning the content of these professional websites, you can clearly distinguish PCB vs PCBA. Compared to other personal websites, they use more specialized vocabulary.

The main purpose of the iNEMI project is to solve the knowledge gap in the electronics manufacturing industry, that is, to eliminate the gap between productivity and production technology, and to solve the industry pain points with the fastest speed. PCB org NEMI develops a roadmap for the future technology needs of the global electronics manufacturing industry, and its expertise comes from the support of top OEM, ODM, and electronic manufacturing services suppliers in the electronics manufacturing industry. Because it is a non-profit civil organization, NEMI has gained government laboratories. Funding and technical support from university research institutions and industry associations.

The growth of FS Technologies today is aided by iNEMI’s ambitious plans to accelerate the deployment of new technologies, develop industry infrastructure, stimulate standards development and disseminate effective business practices.


Oregon Electronics Manufacturers Association-EMA

The Northwest Printed Circuit Association was established in Oregon in 1974. Originally known as the Pacific Northwest Printed Circuit Association, now renamed the Oregon Electronics Manufacturers Association (EMA), the Northwest Printed Circuit Association focuses on serving the electronics industry in Oregon. Helped countless electronics manufacturing companies. FS Technology’s achievements in circuit design benefit from EMA’s mentor Ruth Connor. She has the most advanced circuit design theory and can explain in detail how is a PCB made step by step. In addition, our internal PCBA assembly requirements are formulated according to Brian Trumbull’s “What Is Needed for Successful PCBA Assembly”.

EMA logo

Obtain relevant knowledge through government PCB websites

The learning of PCBA is a long process. Obtaining knowledge from professional websites is the most correct choice. The PCB government website, PCB org website, and FS Tech’s PCBA Blog are all good choices. If none of the above four PCBA org websites can satisfy your thirst for knowledge, FS Tech will continue to work hard to find more valuable PCB org websites. We sincerely hope that you can swim and grow in the sea of PCB knowledge.

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