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Lead Free PCB Assembly

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are essential factors for organizations of all sizes in the modern world. By selecting lead-free PCB assembly services for their electronic products, businesses can showcase their dedication to sustainability.

What is lead-free assembly?

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be manufactured using leaded or lead-free technology according to user’s needs. Given their advantages for the environment and compliance with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive, which compels businesses to decrease the use of hazardous materials in the production of electronic devices, lead free PCBs are growing in popularity. It is considered necessary for electronics manufacturers to implement lead-free assembly during PCB assembly in addition to adopting lead-free manufacturing technology, which refers to the not use of lead in the soldering process.

Surface mount technology (SMT), which allows components to be placed directly onto the surface of the PCB rather than being inserted through holes, is often used to create lead free PCBA boards. These PCBAs have the potential to outperform conventional PCBAs in terms of reliability, durability, and performance characteristics including electrical conductivity and thermal stability.

Lead-free PCBA services can be tailored to fit the particular requirements of your company and may involve custom PCB design and production, component selection, and the application of advanced manufacturing methods. Your company can showcase dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility by choosing China lead-free PCB assembly, and it can also produce high-quality, dependable products that adhere to the latest regulatory standards.

The following are the latest RoHS standards implemented by FS Technology in 2022:

2022 RoHS Latest Standards
Harmful ElementsChemical SymbolContent Standard
CadmiumCd< 100 ppm
LeadPb< 1000 ppm
MercuryHg< 1000 ppm
Hexavalent ChromiumCr VI< 1000 ppm
Polybrominated BiphenylsPBB< 1000 ppm
Polybrominated Diphenyl EthersPBDE< 1000 ppm
Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalateDEHP< 1000 ppm
Benzyl butyl phthalateBBP< 1000 ppm
Dibutyl phthalateDBP< 1000 ppm
Diisobutyl phthalateDIBP< 1000 ppm


This article will discuss the benefits and process of lead-free PCB assembly, including its environmental responsibility, enhanced performance, and higher marketability. We will also look at the cutting-edge technology and customization possibilities available, as well as how lead-free PCB assembly services can improve product reliability and quality.  Finally, we’ll talk about the significance of timely shipping and top-notch customer support during the lead-free PCB assembly process.

Why FS Technology Lead Free PCB Assembly Services?

RoHS-compliant lead-free PCB assembly process


Customized lead-free PCB assembly services can include the design of custom PCBs to meet the specific needs of your business. For electronics companies that do not have design capabilities, the first step in lead-free turnkey assembly is PCB design. This involves creating a detailed schematic and layout that outlines the components, connections, and signals on the PCB. The design process may also involve material (FR4, Rogers, HF) and process (HASL lead-free PCB, gold plated PCB, ENIG), custom shape, size and layout to optimize performance and meet your specific requirements.

Component selection

Customized lead-free PCB assembly services can include the selection of specific components to meet the needs of your business. This can include selecting components with specific performance characteristics, such as high reliability or low power consumption.

Lead-free circuit board manufacturing

Once the circuit design is complete, the next step is to manufacture lead free PCB. This involves creating the physical PCB using a variety of techniques, such as etching, drilling, and plating. The PCB is typically made from a layer of copper-clad laminate, which is a composite material made up of a layer of copper foil on a substrate of glass-reinforced epoxy.

SMT placement assembly

After the circuit board is fabricated, the next step is to assemble the SMD components. Before entering the SMT high-speed placement machine, FS Technology uses the best lead-free solder paste to ensure the reliability of placement. Then, these components are tiny components that are mounted directly onto the surface of the PCB board using a soldering process. The components are placed onto the PCB using a pick-and-place machine, which positions them accurately on the PCB using a set of robotic arms.

Lead-free reflow soldering

Once the SMT assembly is complete and the SPI inspection equipment confirms that the SMD components are positioned correctly, the PCB will go into a ten-zone reflow oven to be heated to melt the solder paste and bond the components to the PCB. The reflow process is carefully controlled to ensure that the components are properly soldered to the PCB without damaging them.

Testing the quality of turnkey lead free PCBA

According to the needs of customers, various PCB inspections will be run through the entire service process to ensure that they meet the required specifications and standards. This may involve visual detection, functional testing, AOI inspection, and other types of testing to ensure that the PCBA is of high quality and meets the required performance criteria.

Overall, the process of FS Technology’s lead-free PCBA involves designing and PCB fabrication, assembly of SMD and DIP components, reflow/wave soldering, and inspecting and testing the finished PCBA. By working with a manufacturer that offers customized lead-free PCB assembly services, you can ensure that your business gets the specific products and services it needs to meet its unique requirements.

Professionalism in Lead-free PCBA services

Leading lead free technology​

Rich knowledge reserve is the main reason why we can continue to provide reliable and high-quality PCBA. We have a highly skilled team, experienced in design, circuit board components procurement, lead-free PCB assembly, and production processes. The operator has perfect control over the lead-free solder paste, and clearly knows the composition, melting point, reflow curve and other characteristics of the solder paste. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our lead-free PCB assembly processes and are committed to staying up to date with the latest technologies and industry developments. To increase production efficiency and precision, and also guarantee high levels of quality and reliability, we use advanced modern technologies that include surface mount technology and automated optical inspection.

Room for customization

To suit the unique and specific needs of our customers, we provide a variety of customization services, providing a wide range of customization options for their printed circuit boards. These include: leaded/lead-free, 1-58L, turnkey/semi-turnkey/box build/mechanical assembly, rigid/flex/rigid-flex, FR4/ceramic/aluminum, Rogers and many other services.

Fast turnaround lead free assembly

We understand the importance of lead time and our client’s desire for fast turnaround, therefore, work efficiently to make timely delivery whilst maintaining high quality and standards. There are 7 fully automatic SMT/DIP assembly lines in the lead free assembly factory of FS Technology, these advanced equipments allow us to complete large quantities of fast turnaround PCB assembly orders in the shortest time. In order to balance speed with quality, we have rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure that all of our products meet the highest standards for quality and reliability.

Exceptional customer service

We prioritize our customer satisfaction by offering quality customer service, which includes providing technical support and answering questions. When you choose to order FS Technology’s lead-free service, we will send you an assembly quotation as quickly as possible. When confirming the details, the sales and technical team will provide 24-hour service to ensure the details are handled. We offer cost-effective solutions to help our customers meet their budget constraints, including the use of cost-effective materials and design optimization. 

Regulatory compliance

We are committed to compliance with the latest regulatory standards, including the RoHS Directive, which requires companies to reduce the use of hazardous substances in the manufacturing of electronic products. We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and choosing lead-free PCBs is an important part of this commitment.

China's lead-free assembly assists PCBA projects

FS Technology is one of the premium Chinese lead-free assembly companies, improving the quality and reliability of your products with RoHS compliant assembly services.

  • Improve the reliability of electronic products

In contrast, lead-free assembly is more reliable than traditional assembly. FS Technology’s lead-free circuit board assembly service can reduce the risk of defects in the PCBA manufacturing process, reduce the number of repairs and component desoldering, thereby improving the quality of PCBA boards, and making electronic products last longer.

  • Enhanced PCB compatibility

Lead-free printed circuit board (PCB) makes circuit design more flexible and has more possibilities. Since lead-free circuit boards can be more compatible with certain types of components (such as surface mount devices), the overall performance of the assembled PCBA board is improved.

  • Increased PCBA capability

Lead-free technology has greatly improved the performance characteristics of PCBA in some aspects, such as thermal stability and electrical conductivity, which enables PCBA boards used in electronic products to cope with more extreme environments.

  • Gain user trust

Through the use of lead-free PCBAs, the electronics assembly process is more environmentally friendly and complies with the latest regulatory standards, which can enhance your reputation and increase customer confidence in your products.

Significance of choosing lead-free assembly

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, lead-free PCB assembly is also compliant with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive. By choosing lead-free PCBs, your company can demonstrate compliance with the RoHS Directive and show a commitment to reducing the use of hazardous substances.

Lead-free PCBAs are also more durable and reliable than traditional PCBAs, which can reduce the need for repairs and replacements and lead to a lower overall environmental impact. Additionally, lead-free PCBAs have improved performance characteristics, which can lead to increased energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

Overall, choosing lead-free PCB assembly is a responsible and sustainable choice that can benefit both your company and the environment.

Benefits of Choosing Lead-Free PCB Assembly Services for Your Business​

For electronics manufacturers, lead-free assembly is an important strategic deployment and initiative, which will promote and affect the development of enterprises from multiple aspects. The following are the reasons why FS Technology believes that electronics manufacturers have to choose lead-free PCBA:

  • Environmental responsibility

Lead-free assembly is a performance that an enterprise is responsible for employees, customers, and partners. The toxic substance “lead” is not used in the lead-free PCB assembly process, so PCBA boards produced by this process are more environmentally friendly than standard circuit boards. Lead-free PCBA is an important initiative to enhance the health and safety of customers and employees.

  • RoHS compliance

Businesses are required by the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive to limit the use of hazardous materials in the production of electronic devices. Your company can demonstrate compliance with the RoHS Directive by employing lead-free PCB assembly.

  • Increased durability

Lead-free PCBs are more reliable and durable than conventional PCBs, which can lower the cost of maintenance and replacement.

  • Improved Performance

Lead-free PCBA board can perform better than conventional PCBA board in terms of electrical conductivity and thermal stability.

  • Enhanced reputation

By adopting lead-free circuit board assembly, your company may display a dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which can improve your reputation with customers and regulators.

  • Cost savings

Using lead-free PCBs can save the price of disposing of hazardous waste and compliance with regulations.

  • Increased marketability

As consumers and businesses look for environmentally friendly products more, adopting lead-free PCBs can increase the appeal of your products to these customers.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Lead-Free PCB Assembly Services

There are several ways to make lead-free PCB assembly services more cost-effective:

  • Use cost-effective materials

One way to reduce costs is to use cost-effective materials, such as laminate materials and copper thicknesses, which can lower the overall cost of the PCBs.

  • Optimize the PCB design

Careful design optimization can help reduce the number of PCB layers and overall size of the PCB, which can lower production costs.

Choose a reputable and experienced manufacturer: Working with a reputable and experienced manufacturer can help ensure that the PCBs are produced efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Consider volume discounts

Many PCB manufacturers offer volume discounts for larger orders, which can help reduce costs.

  • Negotiate prices

It is always a good idea to negotiate prices with PCB manufacturers to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

By implementing these strategies, you can help ensure that your lead-free PCB assembly services are cost-effective and meet your budget constraints.


In summary, lead-free PCB assembly is a process in which printed circuit boards are manufactured without the use of lead in the soldering process. This method has numerous benefits, including being more environmentally friendly and compliant with the RoHS Directive and having improved performance characteristics and increased marketability. Lead-free PCBA services can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business and can include advanced technologies such as surface mount technology and automated optical inspection. These services can also improve the quality and reliability of products, while timely delivery and exceptional customer service are crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful manufacturing process. Choosing lead-free PCB assembly can help a business demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, as well as produce high-quality products that meet the latest regulatory standards.

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