5 Alternatives to JLCPCB Manufacturing Company

You are reading this content, which shows how crucial PCBs are for bringing your electronic ideas to life. You know the importance of having the right PCB for your projects and the role of each PCB and PCB manufacturer. It could be overwhelming to find and select the right manufacturers for your PCB project with so many options on the market today. 

You have probably heard of JLCPCB. They are great for quick prototypes and small batches. But what if your project needs more than that? 

To solve this issue, we will explore some of the alternative PCB manufacturers to JLCPCB. Including the affordable price and quality requirements, we will see a whole new possibility for your electronics.

Factors to Consider While Selecting PCB Manufacturers

JLCPCB Alternative

In today’s digital landscape, selecting the right PCB manufacturer is like picking the perfect partner for a dance. Imagine you are creating a new electronic device, and you don’t want to ruin or break it down because of bad circuitry. That’s where the PCB manufacturers come in. 

You need someone who knows everything about the PCB domain and can also provide all the solutions to your problem in the same place. Thus, it’s not just about picking the old manufacturers- but it’s about finding the one perfect place for your project. 

So, let’s see what you need to check before selecting the right PCB manufacturers for your PCB project:

  • Experience and Expertise

While selecting the right manufacturers, try to check their solid track record and experience in PCB manufacturing similar to your requirements. 

  • Quality Standards and Certificates

Ensure that the manufacturers follow quality standards like ISO, UL, and IPC certifications. It ensures the PCB meets the required quality benchmarks. 

  • Production Capacity and Scalability

Check the production capacity of your manufacturers and ensure they meet your current and future demands. 

  • Cost Structure

Try to compare quotes from multiple manufacturers and ensure the best price based on your project.

  • Lead Time

Ensure the manufacturer’s lead time meets your project timelines. Production delays can have significant implications for your project. 

  • Communication and Support

Ensure the manufacturer communicates properly, and also check the level of support provided by your manufacturer. Clear and open communication is important for addressing any issues that may arise during the production process.

  • Review

Check the reviews from their previous clients. This ensures the reliability, customer satisfaction, and quality of services.

5 Alternatives to JLCPCB Manufacturing Company


fs pcba pcb manufacturer

If you are customizing your circuit board assembly or PCB services and have no directions to find the right quality manufacturers, then FS PCBA is the best option for you. 


FS Tech, a PCB manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, China, is a leading turnkey PCBA manufacturer that has been providing PCB services for about 18 years. FS Tech handles everything from PCB fabrication to assembly and testing

It offers a one-stop shop for your PCBA needs. They provide services beyond domestic and international. They can handle additional requests like modifications, redesigns, and more. It provides the best pricing for larger orders. 

Services Offered by FS Tech

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey is the core service of the FS PCBA. They handle everything from PCB fabrication to assembly and testing. It provides a one-stop shop for PCBA needs.


PCB Fabrication

FS Tech offers PCB fabrication by creating the bare PCB to your design specifications. They hold certifications from ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, UL, and ISO 13486. 


PCB Assembly

Their major specialization is Printed Circuit Board Assembly. It involves mounting electronic components onto fabricated PCBs. PCB assembly services by FS Tech include the following:

  • Surface Mount Technology  (SMT) for smaller components
  • Through-hole assembly for the larger component types

The manufacturing products of FS PCBA have been deployed in the fields of computers, telecommunications, aerospace engineering, automotive industry control systems, medicine, consumer electronics, and more. 


Component Sourcing

You don’t have the components for your project ? No worries, FS Tech can help you get them by outsourcing the components from many qualified vendors around the world. 


Testing and Quality Control

They are committed to providing quality services with quality testing procedures that ensure PCBAs work properly. 


Besides, the redesign or upgrade is the major factor for this PCB manufacturer. Additionally, it focuses on faster turnaround times, which is crucial for projects that require quick production. 

They are dedicated to customer satisfaction, for which they highlight professional work ethics.


elepcb pcb manufacturer

ELEPCB was founded in 2013. It’s the next alternative to JLCPCB, which provides PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services. With about 10 years of experience, ElePCB is famous for delivering outstanding products and services. They focused on the client’s requirements for PCB. Besides, it focuses on faster turnaround times. 

Services offered by ElePCB

  • PCB Manufacturing

ElePCB provides PCB manufacturing services with 1-36 layers of rigid PCB, 1-4 layers of flexible PCB, and 1-24 layers of rigid-flex PCB. 

It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has a capacity of 52 million placements per month. 

  • Components Sourcing

ElePCB outsources the components from quality authorized distributions. 

Besides, some of its additional services of ELEPCB include:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Flexible Payment methods
  • IC programming, Global Sourcing Services
  • Supply Chain management 

FC Electronics

fc electronics

It has been providing PCB and PCBA services for about 16 years. It is committed to providing a one-stop solution for PCB and PCB manufacturing services. It provides PCB services for a wide range of applications, including automotive, consumer electronics, and telecommunications. 

Services it provides:

  • PCB Design
  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • PCB Testing

It is also popular for its advanced manufacturing capabilities, like high-frequency PCB, HDI, and rigid-flex PCB. It provides a fast turnaround time at a competitive cost.

It has about 300 vendors and manufacturers for sourcing the components for PCBA. 

Meline Group

meline group

It is the next PCB manufacturing company, which is the alternative to JLCPCB. They position themselves as a turnkey PCB and PCBA manufacturer. It offers comprehensive and streamlined services to streamline the workflow of your project. 

Services offered by Meline Group

Meline Group is dedicated to creating designs that provide high performance in real-world applications. 

Meline Group offers custom PCB solutions for projects of any size, whether it’s a mass-production product or a few prototypes. 

    • They have advanced skills in SMT ( Surface Mount Technology) and THT (Through Hole Technology). Thus, they can help put together the most complex and tiny parts of the circuit board.
  • PCB Quality Testing

Quality is important in the Meline group. They used various quality testing methods, including flying probes, x-ray checks, functional testing, and more. 


Advance Circuits

Advance circuits

Advance Circuits is the next PCB manufacturing company, which has been providing services for about 25 years. It has been providing innovative PCB technologies with the highest quality standards in the PCB industry

Services offered by Advance Circuit

  • High-Quality PCB Manufacturing

They specialize in creating top-notch PCBs and providing high-quality PCB manufacturing services. 

  • Advance Capabilities

They have the capabilities to handle complex PCBs with features like blind/buried vias and impedance control.

Advance circuits provide an impressive turnaround time without compromising the quality of the board. It ensures you receive a quality PCB on time. 

  • Prototyping Powerhouse

They excel at creating high-quality prototype PCBs for design testing and refinement before mass production. It then seamlessly transitions your project from prototype to full-scale manufacturing by properly handling the orders efficiently.


Selecting the right PCB manufacturer is important, as it directly impacts the success of your projects. Thus, try to consider factors like the manufacturer’s capacity for PCB assembly, quality control measures, versatility, and customization choices.

FS PCBA is notable among the alternatives discussed because of its turnkey solutions, vast experience, and premium PCB with cutting-edge technologies; ElePCB is notable for its emphasis on client requirements and speedy turnaround times; FC Electronics is notable for its advanced manufacturing capabilities and speedy turnaround times; Meline Group is notable for its comprehensive services and sophisticated assembly techniques; and Advance Circuits is notable for its cutting-edge technologies and premium PCBs.


Through careful evaluation of these variables and investigation of substitute producers, you may identify the ideal partner to fulfill your PCB fabrication requirements and bring your electronic concepts to life.

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