High volume PCB assembly


Different customers exhibit notable disparities in their volume production requirements for projects, influenced by numerous factors such as company scale and project phases. However, not all PCBA companies can facilitate mass production; this hinges on factory size and the degree of equipment automation. Opting for manufacturers capable of realizing production objectives across all stages and avoiding the hazards and risks associated with mid-process switches is a prudent strategy. Let’s now delve into FS Technology’s production capabilities to assess if it holds the potential to become your ハイボリュームプリント基板アセンブリ collaborator!

First-Class High-Volume PCBA Manufacturer

Service Experience in Bulk PCBA Projects

FS Technology has accumulated over a decade of experience in high-volume PCB manufacturing and assembly services, consistently leading the PCBA market in Shenzhen, China during this time. Projects involving ten thousand or more PCBA boards are categorized as bulk production, a service well-received by large enterprises, long-standing loyal clients, and PCB wholesale malls.


Based on the exceptional quality of our electronic assembly services, we have garnered significant recognition from our clients. Whether it’s our sales and service attitude, fast turnaround delivery time, or flawless product quality, these accolades come from users across diverse industries and countries worldwide. What sets FS Technology apart from other Chinese factories is our ability to swiftly adapt and optimize our service chain. This capability serves as a cornerstone for fostering long-term collaborations and is the reason why partners from companies with over 1000 employees are willing to place annual orders worth 5 million USD.

In pursuit of enhanced batch PCB production, we invest nearly a million dollars annually in training, research and development, and equipment upgrades. Presently, we have successfully obtained multiple international certification standards, including ISO. Adept personnel executing a triple-process inspection, overseeing every step from PCBプロトタイピング to mass production. High-speed SMT placement machines and AI-driven automated plug-in equipment work tirelessly to realize efficient mass production. Streamlined quoting and production processes enable the realization of rapid-turnaround PCB assembly.

Ensuring Quality for Every Single Circuit Board

Ensuring production quality and high-level consistency across tens of thousands of manufacturing projects presents a challenging dilemma. However, upon engaging with FS Technology, these challenges cease to exist. With over a decade of experience and a digitized factory, we assure the creation of durable, high-quality, and well-assembled circuit boards for you. If you’re seeking a bulk production service provider capable of delivering top-notch PCB, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


A necessary precondition to ensure project accuracy is the creation of detailed and precise circuit designs. Even the slightest errors can disrupt production, prompting the concerted efforts of top-notch engineers and designers. To avert design-related issues that could lead to production hiccups and customer losses during the PCB fabrication process, FS Technology’s engineering department meticulously examines design files. Moreover, we offer optimization recommendations to mitigate costs for bulk PCB assembly.


This involves the use of advanced materials and comprehensive testing. When it comes to electronic components, we source components from certified and authorized suppliers. In terms of materials, various advanced options are permissible, whether it’s Rogers, high TG FR4, or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). As for the accuracy of manufacturing and assembly, various PCBテスト are integrated to prevent rework issues.


Our employed staff is highly professional, comprising experts from various industries. Whether your project pertains to healthcare, automotive, industrial, or any other field, these specialists take meticulous care of procurement, supply chain management, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and inspection processes. Additionally, they are adept at operating a range of advanced equipment, including 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and laser cutting.

Quality & Speed

With win-win as its core objective, FS Technology strives for growth. Our aim is to assist clients in swiftly completing projects to secure subsequent orders. Objectively, the time required for mass production can sometimes conflict with client timelines. Nevertheless, we prioritize unparalleled collaboration to meet all client requirements while maintaining a foundation of high-quality production. This relies on our process control throughout production, rather than solely on final inspections.

High Volume PCB Assembly Service Process​


Carefully Review Documents

For precise alignment of board layers, all parameters of your project are managed by our expert engineers, who make the final decisions regarding the manufacturing process. This typically occurs once we receive requests for high volume PCB production quotations. Our team of experts scrutinizes Gerber files and layout drawings to construct the PCB structure and select equipment based on design specifications. If necessary, they will modify your design according to your requirements.


Bulk Component Purchase

Amidst the intense competition in the electronic components market, finding success hinges on aligning with turnkey PCB assembly companies like FS Technology. Our established, enduring relationships with authorized component suppliers uniquely position us to offer economical bulk procurement services tailored to your project’s needs. Leveraging our expertise, we secure top-tier products and components of unparalleled quality. Embracing this approach of integrating high-quality yet cost-effective components paves the way for your electronics to tap into a broader market within the 3C industry.


High Volume PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

FS Technology utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing and assembly equipment to provide top-notch PCBアセンブリサービス, enabling our clients to swiftly capture the electronic market through high-quality solutions. Furthermore, once a long-term partnership and strong camaraderie are established, if you have new projects that require our assistance, we offer complimentary prototyping services. Additionally, upon project progression into mass production, we extend discounts and preferential pricing as a gesture of our continued support.


Plastic Injection​

To achieve favorable outcomes in terms of pricing, quality, and capacity, we employ plastic injection molding. To ensure superior results, we employ state-of-the-art machinery. Our expertise lies in producing plastic injection molded components of various sizes, catering to industries of all scales. For components demanding elevated aesthetics, our proficiency extends to polymer processing technologies.


Metal Stamping​

FS Technology offers an extensive metal stamping service encompassing three technology types: progressive, four-way sliding, and deep drawing. With well-established metal forming and stamping expertise backed by practical experience, we meet exacting component expectations for series projects. Custom tooling bolsters our durable solutions. Leveraging the stamping process, FS Technology is poised to substantially curtail costs for high volume PCB projects while preempting expensive design errors.


Turnkey Value-Added Services

Within FS Technology’s turnkey service, your PCB mass production gains access to enhanced value-added offerings. These include ICプログラミングプリント基板の表面仕上げそして box build assembly services. We assure you that regardless of the production volume, we will meet the stipulated timelines and subject the products to sampling tests aligned with your standards. Only when the test results align with your expectations will we proceed with notifying the factory for shipment.



Assembly Type
SMT, THT, ミックスドテクノロジーPCBアセンブリ;
Single and double-sided SMT/PTH;
Complex circuit on one side, BGA on both sides;

Flex, Rigid, Rigid-flex;
HDI, Through Hole, High Frequency, RF;
FR4, Rogers, Ceramic, Metal;
プリント基板厚み0.5 mm~4.5 mm
Board Size50mm×50mm ~450mm×406mm
PCB StencilsLaser Cutting, Mechanical Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Stamping

Passive components smallest size 0201;
Fine pitch components smallest size 8 Mils pitch;
Leadless chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA, FPGA & DFN;
Connectors and terminals;
Inspection MethodX-ray, AOI, 20X Microscope
基板形状Rectangular, Circular, Slots and cut-outs;
Any Odd Shapes as per requirements;
Min.BGAの直径/スペース0.2 mm / 0.35 mm
部品サイズSmallest Components, BGA, Micro BGA;
Fine Pitch Parts Assembly

Finishing Treatment
Carbon, Selective Gold Plating, SMBOC(HASL);
OSP, Hard and Soft Gold Immersion Gold;
Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin;

BOM: .xls, .csv, .xlsx;
Gerber (RS-274X);
Centroid (XY, Pick-n-Place);

Confidence in FS Technology's Mass Production

The skilled engineers at FS Technology bring diverse industry experience and are renowned for their technological prowess in China. No matter your PCBA project requirements, they can transform your unique ideas into reality. As a prominent PCBA会社 in China, we are committed to crafting boards of the highest quality, tailored precisely to your specifications. For either high or 小ロットPCBアセンブリ, our meticulous testing ensures top-tier products, minimizing errors through advanced techniques. Our boards maintain consistent structural integrity across the entire volume, with a strict zero-error policy before delivery.

Our customer trust is backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification and sourcing components from authorized suppliers. Beyond these visible credentials, we invest in professional training, standardized workflows, rigorous quality control, and comprehensive PCBA testing services. In the following section, FS Technology will introduce the comprehensive testing services offered as part of your PCBA mass production orders.

  • A design for manufacturability (へんけいしゅうはすうへんちょうき) – To make sure your design is suitable for high volume PCB manufacturing
  • DFAチェック - PCB製造工程に悪影響を及ぼす問題の検出用
  • AOIとAXIテスト - パッケージングと出荷の前に
  • カスタムファンクションテスト - 必要に応じて
  • 電気的テスト - PCBが設計通りに機能するか確認するため
  • フライングプローブテスト - 電気的性能のテスト用
  • 機能テスト - すべてが特定の要件に従って動作していることを確認する。
  • インサーキットテスト
  • X線検査
  • ソルダーペーストの検査

High Volume PCBA Manufacturing Technology

In pursuit of achieving mass production orders, FS Technology employs cutting-edge equipment and advanced technologies for manufacturing and assembly. Here, we elucidate the technological means at our disposal:

  • Automated Testing Technology: Our factory assembly line integrates testing devices, ensuring that every product undergoes automated monitoring by testing equipment upon completing specific processes.
  • Rapid Prototyping Technology: Tailoring production plans to project requirements facilitates rapid PCB prototyping, expediting design validation and propelling large-scale PCB assembly. This encompasses manual soldering, 3D printing, flying probe testing, and more.
  • SMT: Operating round-the-clock, our 7 fully automated SMT production lines respond to customer demands for high volume PCBA and rapid turnaround. Through SMT assembly services, we provide mechanically robust circuit boards and are equipped to handle orders of up to $7 million.
  • THT: Diverging from small-scale manufacturers, we mechanize automation スルーホールPCBアセンブリ alongside wave soldering. Employing RoHS soldering, component placement manuals, and precise machine-handling of double wave soldering processes mitigates limitations posed by manual labor in large-scale projects.
  • Hybrid Technology: Addressing variances in component sensitivity to soldering temperatures, we adeptly manage this scenario, enabling you to access hybrid SMT and through-hole services on a single platform.

Industry Focus


  • 医療機器
  • コンシューマーエレクトロニクス製品
  • 半導体
  • 4G・5G通信産業
  • 航空宇宙事業
  • 自律走行技術
  • 軍用機器



  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IPC-CC-830B準拠
  • IPC-WHMA-A-610に準拠。
  • IPC-A-610-D
  • IPC 610とIPC 600
  • ANSI/J-STD-00
  • RoHS対応
  • ITAR準拠
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