PCBA・PCB見本市 2022

Overview: Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have served as a crucial bridge for interconnecting electronic components since their inception, making them a fundamental force in the electronic industry chain. In order to showcase the technical capabilities of both the PCB industry and the mechanical assembly industry, and to promote collaboration between the two, countries around the world have organized PCB assembly exhibitions. The 2022 China (Shanghai) International Circuit Board and Assembly Exhibition is one such event.


During the “14th Five-Year Conference” period, the PCB industry has become the backbone of China’s electronics manufacturing industry. It is urgent to establish a double-cycle mutual promotion situation with the international electronics industry. In response to this, China established the Asia Circuit Board Exhibition in 2014, which has been recognized as the vanguard exhibition of the PCB industry by the International PCB Industry Association for many years. With the upcoming “5G Era Smart Future” themed PCB Assembly Exhibition, from November 14th to 16th, 2022, in Shanghai, the Asia Circuit Board Exhibition has become a comprehensive platform for promoting China’s プリント基板部品調達, PCB assembly and production technology, and plays a critical role in the technological development of China’s PCB industry.

Exhibition Details:

  • Exhibition Name: China (Shanghai) Circuit Board & メカニカルアッセンブリー 2022年の展示会
  • Exhibition Dates: November 14-16, 2022
  • Forum Dates: November 14-15, 2022
  • 会場上海新国際博覧センター
  • Exhibition Scale: 30,000 square meters, 800 exhibitors, 400 well-known electronics companies, 20,000 professional PCB engineers (30% from corporate executives).
  • Exhibition Sections: PCBA prototype exhibition, summit forum, academic conference
  • Participating Countries: The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Luxembourg, China (organizer), among others.
  • Significance of the Exhibition: Annual event of China’s circuit board and mechanical assembly industry, a comprehensive exchange platform for the circuit board industry and the mechanical assembly industry.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Shenzhen, China, this PCBA trade show may be canceled or postponed. Please take necessary precautions if you plan to attend this exhibition to find high-quality suppliers.


2018年 "Intelligent Innovation, Shared Future" (インテリジェント・イノベーション、シェアード・フューチャー)。

The China International PCB and Assembly Show 2018 is one of the most significant events in the PCB and mechanical assembly industry worldwide. It provides an ideal platform for tens of thousands of professional buyers to meet global PCBAサプライヤー, purchase high-quality PCB components, and exchange industry information. The exhibition features themed exhibition areas such as printed circuit board procurement, printed circuit board assembly technology exchange, mechanical assembly, and water treatment technology. With the theme of “Intelligent Innovation, Shared Future”, the exhibition has more than 70 PCBA academic reports. The objective of this exhibition is to share the development trend of the PCB industry and technological advancements, and it includes a “smart PCB manufacturing special session” and an advanced PCBアセンブリ 技術「リリース会議」。

2019年 "インテリジェントマニュファクチャリング新時代をリードする"

The China International PCB and Assembly Show 2019 was jointly organized by the China Electronic Circuit Industry Association and the Hong Kong Circuit Board Association for the first time. Since 2018, the world economy has been facing a major crisis due to the impact of the Sino-US trade war. However, with the development of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), unmanned driving, and smart cities, new opportunities are expected to have a positive impact on the entire PCB market. Through this cooperation, the China International PCB and Assembly Show 2019 aimed to make full use of their respective advantages, enhance the cooperation effect, and share high-quality resources and channels.

2020年 "5G時代-スマートフューチャー"

Industry leaders and technical elites from various countries gathered together to discuss the future development prospects of the PCBA industry and share advanced PCB assembly technology in this exhibition. The exhibition started with the “Shanghai International Water Treatment and Clean Technology and Equipment Exhibition” to provide printed circuit board manufacturers with more comprehensive environmental protection water treatment solutions. It is believed that the PCB assembly industry will experience a qualitative leap through this PCB assembly trade show.

2021年 "5Gインターネット・オブ・エブリシング"

5G製品の開発に伴い プリント基板製造 industry is experiencing a new round of upgrades and iterations. The 2021 printed circuit board exhibition aims to capitalize on this 5G trend and provide a platform for industry elites from all over the world to learn about solutions to the upcoming challenges in PCB manufacturing industry, in order to promote sustainable business development.

2022年 "5G時代のスマートな未来"

プリント基板・機械組立業界のさらなる発展を目指し、「5G Era Smart Future」をテーマとした展示会が始まりますので、期待して待ちましょう。

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