Nowadays you could easily find countless PCB assembly factory on the internet after google and there will be thousands of websites about Turnkey PCB Assembly factory occupying your screen, all of the manufacturers are good at showing their production capabilities and decent production lines, but it is still not very easy for us to choose a reliable PCBA 海外メーカーが実際に訪問せず、定期的な生産管理もできない。

Before entering the production stage, it is important to make sure that PCB production is in the safe hands of reliable PCBA suppliers. In addition, it is necessary to have clear goals. Such as do we need to do a quick prototyping? Or we need to proceed the regular mass production? Do we’re perusing shorter delivery time or better quality? Do we more care about the cost or the services? It is not an easy task to choose the right manufacturer for a PCBA. For this purpose, there is a need of doing in-depth research regarding PCBA manufacturers which will help get the best PCBA and eventually will get a better result. 

To make this research process easier, FS Tech PCBAブログ comes up with certain effective points which will help in choosing the best PCBA supplier to hire for PCBA. 



To achieve the high level quality PCBA manufacturing, advance equipment and the big enough factory scale are necessary. A professional turnkey PCB company must have a complete production line. In terms of assembly capabilities, they need to have assembly equipment such as solder paste printing machines, high-speed Pick & Place machines, reflow soldering, and wave soldering. In terms of quality control, they need to provide completed PCB testing services and have AOI testing equipment, ICT online testing equipment, X-RAY testing equipment, etc. プロフェッショナルな制作実績を持つ会社を選ぶことで、プロジェクトはより良い方向へと向かうことでしょう。 大規模なPCBA工場は、多くの関連する生産記録文書を持って、これはPCBの品質管理方法の様々なことを意味し、あなたはこれらの生産記録に応じて彼らのプロ意識を調べることができました。 


の資格を審査する。 PCBアセンブリ は不可欠なステップです。工場がISO9001の認証を取得しているか、また、その受け入れ基準がIPC-A-610Fに従っているかを確認する必要があります。従業員の生産作業を指導するための完全な品質マニュアルとSOPがあるか。 FSテクノロジー は ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO13485、IATF 16949 の品質規格によって確認されました、私達は私達の終了する PCBA のための IPC-A-610F の受諾に厳しく続き、SOP の生産指数を確立し、厳しく実行します。 PCB品質管理 業界標準より高い管理水準にある。 Below is our certificate presentation:


High-quality PCBA boards require good quality PCBs and PCB assemblies. Even if it requires a little higher amount to pay, do it, but never conciliate on the quality of PCB. 価格はあくまで選択肢の一つであり、決定要因ではないはずです。 A little expensive PCB can be beneficial in the long run. So the first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the product provided by the PCB manufacturer. Quality assurance helps to track down whether PCBA is still on track or not. You need to consider the following questions:

  • 使用可能なPCBタイプ
  • プリント基板の正しい寸法 
  • すべてのビアとホールは、適切な位置でドリルされています。
  • 最小限のPCBの基板包装
  • PCBアレイの最大寸法
So, it is important to make sure that manufacturers use the best available raw material and processes to make a grade-A quality PCBA board. While every service provider claims to provide a high quality product, there is need to identify the truth behind that statement. It can be done by carefully examining the various characteristics of the PCB, such as hole position, hole size, trace width, components spacing, vias, and copper thickness. 


FSテクノロジーでは、お客様に、組立サービス業者を探し始める前に、プロジェクトのニーズを明確にするよう常にアドバイスしています。需要によって対応するサービス・プロバイダーをマッチングさせることで、プロジェクトのコストを削減できるだけでなく、お互いの協力関係をよりスムーズにすることができるのです。そこでトhe first question in selecting the best match for a PCBA service provider is, whether this specific manufacturer is capable of doing what is required for PCBA or if the manufacturer shows some  incapabilities. For this you need to consider the following questions:

  • 提供するサービスに含まれるもの
  • プリント基板の導電層に使用される最適な導体です。 
  • 多層基板に求められる条件を満たしているかどうか
  • 最小限の組み立てパッケージ
  • Circuit Board Sourcing Capability
  • Whether it has the capability of SMTアセンブリ from prototype to mass production
  • Can it satisfy manual and automatic ディップアッセンブリー at the same time?

It is worth spending time checking the checklist to make sure that the selected manufacturer meets all of them.


Sometimes little extra customization is required in manufacturing PCBA because all available options are not enough to satisfy the needs of the customer. That little customization may include the number of layers, the colour of the solder mask, design type, and material. So, it is important to choose such a PCBA manufacturer that allows some extent of customization rather than pre-defined design.  



企業のコラボレーション力と build relationships is another deciding factor in selecting the best PCBA manufacturer. Although technical experience matters but no one wants to work with such PCB assemblies manufacturers that don’t have or prioritize customer cooperation. A cooperative relationship with the manufacturer helps in finding solutions to problems more quickly and easily. This can help both parties to interact with each other, which in this way becomes beneficial to improve productivity and also in processes. 


よくわからない場合 how to choose a PCB アセンブリ manufacturer, you can try FS Technology. Only with advance and decent production equipment can not be the only standard for a reliable PCBAメーカー 私たちは、お客様のパートナーであると同時に、お客様の注文をフォローアップするプロフェッショナルなプロジェクトマネージャーを必要としています。私たちは、お客様のご要望に耳を傾け、完全に理解し、さまざまな緊急事態に迅速に対応するソリューションを提供できる必要があります。企業文化や協力的な姿勢を知ることで、そのサービス意識を知ることができるかもしれません。 


Time is precious and can’t be brought back. Sometimes, wasting time is also considered wasting money. So, it is important to look for such PCBA manufacturers whose track records are good in terms of in-time deliveries or even on-time deliveries. It is not good practice to not meet project timelines and delay all pre-planned processes. Under the pressure of meeting timelines doesn’t mean compromising on quality. So, it is very important to select such a PCBA manufacturer who has a good track record of meeting timelines by abiding by time constraints also delivers the best in quality. 


プリント基板メーカーにお困りでしたら、FSテクノロジー社のサービスをお試しください.FS Technologyはお客様に質の高いサービスを提供し、即座に返信し、プロジェクトの状況を毎日更新し、アフターサービスを迅速に解決することにこだわってきました。その上、私達は私達の顧客のためのよりよいコストを達成し、絶えず私達の生産の技術および応答速度を改善するために私達の部品資源パートナーの多くを開発することを決して止めません。FS Technologyのコミュニケーションは、まるであなたのすぐそばにある工場のようだと、お客様からコメントをいただいています。 FS Technologyのターンキーアセンブリサービスにご興味をお持ちの方は、ご一読のうえ PCBアセンブリの注文方法見積もりはこちらで承ります。


Best PCB and PCBA manufacturer also offers testing after fabricating PCBs to ensure that the final product is as per design requirements. In selecting PCBA manufacture, keeping this as a priority may help to design PCBA error-free and perfect.


FSテクノロジー アフターサービス

After-sale service is very important because only buying PCBA is not enough. As no one wants to hire another expert to make some amendments in designs, repair, or replace PCB. So, it is good practice to hire such a manufacturer who has a good track record of providing after-sale services to clients and has extensive customer support also. Choosing FS Technology will be the most correct choice for you. We provide a full range of services from procurement to delivery. Even if there is a problem with the quality of the product, we will never shirk our responsibility.


As it is understood that different PCBA manufacturer companies have different levels of expertise and it is common that everyone always opts for an experienced PCBA manufacturer in contrary to a fresher especially when there are complex PCBs and PCBA.


There are fierce competition in the PCBA industry, it will be difficult to survive if a factory without strength and their core competitiveness. For example, some PCBA manufacturers are better at fabricating double-layer PCBs or mounting SMD components but at the same time don’t fit well for multilayer and if PCBA requires multi-layer PCB then it is good practice to opt for that manufacturer who already has experience in 多層PCB even if that manufacturer may cost you little more than fresher. 

So, it is important to ensure initially that manufacturer expertise may match final PCBA requirements. You could judge if the factory could meet your demands by checking their establish year and the coverage of product industries, also the complexity of their assembly products. Choosing the one with more experiences and ever produced similar products in your filed would be more reliable to cooperate with. 

Judging the company's experience with an intelligent management system

FS Technologyはスマート製造技術を採用し、お客様はいつでも最新の生産状況を把握し、品質問題を追跡することができます。生産室では、生産ラインの各工程にカメラを設置し、お客様は端末機器を通して生産現場の各工程を見ることができます。また、電子部品を保管するためのスマートシェルフを設置し、すべてのリール部品に独自のQRコードを付けて、作業者がより簡単に、より早く認識できるようにしています。これは、私たちのスマート・マニュファクチャリングのほんの一部に過ぎません。  


FSの技術は2004年、シンセンの基盤に確立する。私達は PCBA で約 18 年の EMS の製造業のサービスの経験持っています。私達は主に産業コントローラー PCBA、新エネルギー技術プロダクト、医療機器、自動車部品、通信機器、スマートな家、AI および理性的な都市設備を等作り出します。私達は完全に PCB の製作を提供しました。 プリント基板部品調達 およびPCBアセンブリ、機能テスト、および メカニカルアセンブリ のサービスを海外のお客様に提供しています。



No matter what the size of your company is, when you find PCBA supplier, price and quality will definitely be considered. Cost becomes a deciding factor in selecting a particular PCBA manufacturer because whether PCBA is small or large it is important to obtain economies of scale, to remain profitable and efficient. Low costs in manufacturing cause more profit, however, reducing costs does not mean reducing the quality of PCBA. PCB組立コスト is relatively transparent, different factory has different price, you should be alert if a manufacturer quoted you a very low price. Contrary to the old days when customers wait for weeks to get quotations for PCBA from manufacturers but nowadays, getting quotations is a matter of some minutes, and this is only possible because of modern cloud computing and online pricing technique. It is very important to maintain a balance between cost and the quality of PCBA, to remain profitable.  Even though everyone knows this, there are still many customers who regard price as the first reference factor when choosing a manufacturer. This leads to some low-level errors on their boards, which will help improve your PCBAの故障解析 能力、ハハハ、これは冗談です。いずれにしても、有名なターンキーPCBアセンブリ会社を選ぶのが正しい選択です。彼らは厳しい品質管理を行い、もちろんコストは高くなります。


Complex PCBA manufacturing is no piece of cake for all companies available in the market. It is important to find the best PCB assembly manufacturer in order to design a perfect, efficient, and profitable PCBA. As different PCBA manufacturers offer different levels of capabilities, different levels of services, and different levels of expertise. When choosing a PCBA manufacturer, keeping all the above-mentioned points helps in finding the best match for PCBA manufacturing. That’s all for “how to pick a PCBA manufacturer”, if you think our プリント基板発注支援ブログ は、もっと見ることができます。



医療用PCB組立・製造 PCBAは、機械の進歩を可能にし、現在の私たちの世界になくてはならない存在となっています。でも

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SMD部品とは プリント基板(PCB)の表面に直接部品を貼り付けたり、取り付けたりした電子機器を「SMD」といいます。

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リジッドフレックスPCBAとは リジッドフレックス基板は、半剛体で半屈曲の回路構造なので、プロジェクトのコンポーネントを両部品で接続することができます。リジッドフレックス

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