Ordering printed circuit board assembly services is serious business, unlike other electronics, choosing a different supplier to serve you is like choosing a mate, and it could very well be for life. Although you can order PCBA assembly services from different countries on Google, such as the USA, Germany, etc., but none of them are the right choice. Although these countries have strong PCBA manufacturing capabilities, we still recommend you to order PCBA services in China.

As the second-largest economy in the world, China not only has advanced manufacturing technology, but also can provide cheaper labor while ensuring quality, and FS Technology is a representative of such Chinese PCBA service providers. If you are an engineer entering FS-PCBA.com for the first time and expect to order turnkey assembly services from us, please read the following in detail to understand FS Technology’s services and ordering process.

Why FS Technology is the best place to order PCB and PCBA

FS Technology is currently one of the best PCBA service providers in Shenzhen, China. As a one-stop service provider, we provide a variety of options to meet the diverse needs of customers. At FS Technology, you can easily order full turnkey PCB assembly services, semi-turnkey services, box packaging services, etc. Below we have listed several types of PCB items you can order:
All in all, we are a relatively comprehensive assembly company with PCB production and assembly workshops, which can easily satisfy you from project ideas to sales. Ordering PCBA service from FS Technology will solve all your troubles before selling finished electronic products.

FS Technology's turnkey PCBA service ordering process

The things to check before ordering PCBA service are not only to determine whether the needs of both parties match, but also to simplify the ordering process and to understand how to order PCBAs online on their website. FS Technology has never been a company that takes price as its core, but service and high-end. The following is our light order process, which will help you learn more about our services.

FS Technology's PCBA ordering process


At present, FS Technology does not provide online quotation service, but requires customers to order PCBA boards through the contact email in the website. You can get in touch with us via these buttons: the Quote button in the top right corner, the Contact Site Support button in the bottom right corner, or the contact box at the bottom of each page.

FS Technologyの連絡先

“Why set up so many contact methods instead of simplifying the ordering process and setting up the online PCB quotation function?” This is the question raised by our customers on the official website of FS Technology. We answer our clients like this:

  • Most of FS Technology’s customers are engineers and purchasers. In order to ensure that these customers can quickly contact us, we set these order buttons in every corner of the website to save search time.
  • Different contact methods achieve different functions. FS Technology believes that the people who enter our website can be divided into the following categories: electronics enthusiasts, companies looking for finished product assembly, engineers who urgently order Chinese PCBA services, and potential customers who only have concepts but have not yet acted. These different contact buttons can meet the needs of all these groups of people, for example: if you want to know PCB knowledge, you can get a timely reply through online chat. Quick quotes can be reached via the email on the contact page, info@fs-pcba.com. Unlike leaking information, the ability to obtain FS technology can be accessed through any contact box.
  • It is believed that online quotation is not in line with the philosophy of FS Technology. As a practitioner in the industry, I believe that you must have known JLCPCB, PCBway and other Chinese companies that order PCBA online, but you did not choose them but entered the website of FS Technology. Although it is convenient to order PCBA services from these websites, it lacks interaction and does not have the service attitude that the “service” industry should have. The reason FS Technology can survive in the PCBA industry for more than 10 years is because of our perfect service attitude and convenient service process. We have always advocated a win-win situation, which means that we can make money and help customers save a project cost. After customers provide purchasing documents, our purchasing team will review them. They specialize in high-priced electronic components and offer customers alternatives once discovered, which will reduce the customer’s project overhead.


When you recognize the PCBA capability of FS Technology and confirm to order custom circuit boards at FS Technology, you can directly send us the BOM and Gerber files through the contact email and ask us to provide you with an affordable quotation immediately.

A BOM file is a list of material purchases. FS Technology mentioned above that we can provide customers with PCB component procurement services. After receiving the PCBA BOM file, our procurement team will review the materials, and the procurement manager will calculate the procurement cost and assembly cost based on the final list, and finally purchase components for you in strict accordance with your document requirements. In addition, when ordering turnkey PCB assembly service from FS Technology, you will not only get the basic procurement service, but also get additional component replacement service, that is, to propose a cheaper component replacement solution for you to save costs for your project.


In addition, if your project has プリント基板実装検査 and programming requirements, please provide testing guides, test fixtures, programming files and programming tools. 

Step 3: Check PCBA Order Quotation

We need about 2〜3日 to calculate the price after receiving your PCB/PCBA order. If your project is urgent, please send inquiry as early as possible and order 小ロットPCBアセンブリ services. The ordering process of FS Technology is relatively simple, which is also to be able to complete customer orders quickly and efficiently. As the market changes, the price of components also fluctuates, so our quotation is valid for 7日.価格表を受け取ったら、7日以内に当社と協力関係を築き、他のプロセスを経る必要があります。

It’s worth mentioning that when our sales send an offer that may not be the final version, that’s doable if you think you’d like to get it at a lower price. For PCB prototyping, we are not for profit, but for partnership. For old customers and ハイボリュームプリント基板アセンブリ orders, we will give discounts according to the situation.

Step 4: Discuss Project Details

After you decide to get turnkey PCBA service from FS Technology, we will further discuss with you all the details from PCB manufacturing to assembly.  In terms of プリント基板製造, these require us to negotiate: board thickness, copper thickness, surface finish, solder mask color, silk screen color. In fact, these are similar to the previous ones, the only difference is that this is the process after you submit Gerber and confirm the cooperation. We will provide BOM notifications for some special components so that you can check the availability of components.

Step 5: Confirm Production Documents


Step 6: PCBA Order Payment Link


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Step 7: Order Testing and Packaging

初めて協力されるお客様には、FSテクノロジーでは、以下のような選択をお勧めします。 PCBA試作 manufacturing service, which can test our capabilities and the fit between the two parties. It will take us about 2–3 days to complete this service. It will be shipped to your home from manufacturing to assembly to testing to packaging.

We have great flexibility in testing and packaging. To ensure that customers receive high-quality products, we offer several testing sessions. For visual inspection, electrical inspection and other tests used in production and assembly are free. If your project requires additional testing services, we can also provide you with functional testing and programming testing. 


How FS Technology ensures the smoothness of PCB assembly ordering


  • Cheap PCBA Order:

FS Technology knows that PCBA service is a long-term cooperation project. Most of the time, in order to resonate with customers and increase user stickiness, FS Technology will often give up profits during the initial cooperation, and obtain PCB prototype assembly projects at almost the lowest price in the market, and use this project to impress customers to obtain long-term cooperation opportunities.

  • Complete PCB Manufacturing Services

FS Technology is a company that advocates a one-stop shop, and for this reason we are constantly upgrading our manufacturing capabilities, which means that you can order flexible PCB, multi-layer rigid-flex circuits, high frequency PCBs and a range of other difficult PCB types online at FS Technology.

  • Clear PCBA Ordering Process

As shown above, FS Technology presents the complete ordering and service process to the public on the website, you don’t need to ask customer service “How to order printed circuit board (PCB)?”, “What is the process of ordering PCB assembly service?”. Organize your needs and pack the files, our professionals will serve you immediately.

  • Easily order assembled PCBs

7 fully automatic SMT and DIP assembly lines can quickly serve your projects. If you have doubts about our ability, we will accept the verification and allow you to come to Shenzhen to inspect our assembly workshop and make offline orders and face-to-face transactions.

  • Reduce time spent on screening

When you enter FS Technology, you will not need to find PCBA suppliers online, and FS Technology can provide you with all the certificates that the PCBA industry needs to use: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO13485:2016, IATF16949:2016. In addition, if you have needs, we can also help you apply for any electronic product certification you need.

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