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Welcome To FS TECH​

Welcome To FS TECH​

Cost-effective PCBA solution​

FS PCBA was founded in China in 2004 and has been leading the PCBA service industry ever since. We continuously study new technologies and upgrade equipment according to market changes and customer needs. As a result, we have experienced rapid growth and become the leader in PCBA processing factories in Shenzhen, providing cost-effective and fast-turnaround assembly services to create a premium customer experience.




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Le nostre convinzioni

  • Visione aziendale
  • Missione aziendale 
  • Valori aziendali
Visione dell'azienda FS PCBA

Visione aziendale

Impegnata a diventare un produttore e un fornitore di servizi di prima classe nel settore dei PCB&PCBA.

Missione aziendale

I servizi professionali aiutano i clienti a realizzare il valore del prodotto

Standard e requisiti più elevati ispirano i dipendenti a realizzare il proprio valore personale.

Valori aziendali


Dedizione professionale/ continuare a migliorare/ lavorare sodo/ vivere felicemente

Why Choose FS Technology


FS Technology places equal importance on product quality and customer satisfaction. Every detail is carefully considered and controllo qualità is implemented throughout every stage of production to earn the trust of our customers.

With 18 years of project management experience, our quality control standards and attentive project management services are highly recommended by customers. Whether it is bare board manufacturing or Assemblaggio di PCB, whether it is a start-up or a large-scale enterprise, and whether it is a small or large batch production, we treat every project with equal importance.

We utilize advanced production and testing equipment, develop new technologies, and implement total quality management and environmental management. Our company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, UL certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO/TS16949 automobile quality management system certification, and ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification.

Garanzia di qualità FS Technology's
Team di vendita di PCBA in piccoli lotti


After years of experience, FS Technology has observed that many manufacturers or processing plants are known for offering low prices, but they often fall short in providing better and more complete services. In contrast, FS Technology is your reliable and cost-effective partner, delivering high-quality services.

We excel at problem-solving and continuously improving our work from a customer-centric perspective. Our service standards include being “worry-free,” “timely,” and “exceeding expectations.” We pay attention to every detail of the project process and provide personalized one-to-one service, which includes project service support, component procurement, PCB engineering, hardware technical engineering, BOM engineering, PMC, IQC, production supervisor, production personnel, process control engineers, OQC, and other professionals.

Come un EMS manufacturer, we are proficient in providing all the services required by customers, including Fabbricazione di PCB, assembly, procurement, testing, quality control, and finished product assembly services. With FS Technology’s meticulous turnkey service, our customers have emerged as industry leaders and benchmarks of quality in their respective fields.

Economicamente vantaggioso

FS Technology understands that our customers may face various potential supply chain opportunities and temptations and may seek service providers with lower prices. However, in the past, price has been our weakness and we have not had a price advantage compared to some manufacturers that offer online quotations. Fortunately, we have overcome the most difficult period, and everything is moving in a favorable direction.

As we expand our team, we have opened our own production workshops in both Shenzhen and Huizhou, allowing us to accept more orders. Additionally, the training and expansion of our procurement team has strengthened our supply chain, enabling us to offer a higher price-performance ratio than our peers.

In the increasingly competitive PCBA market, FS Technology survives by following our key concept: the transaction is just the beginning, and the service is endless.

Cost-effective PCBA company
RoHS certification

Sustainable Development

At FS Technology, sustainable development has two meanings: environmental protection and mutual growth.

We recognize that PCBA projects require a long-term commitment, and we invest in establishing and developing lasting partnerships with our clients. Our philosophy is to “grow together with customers.”

To give back to society and reduce the environmental impact of our production processes, we prioritize environmental awareness. Our production processes comply with RoHS, ISO 14001, UL, and IPC certification standards. We also offer assemblaggio di PCB senza piombo, lead-free solder paste, and other eco-friendly options.

Garanzia di collaborazione con FS TECH

FS Tech

Garanzia di qualità

Il nostro team segue rigorosamente gli standard di certificazione della qualità e gli standard di controllo interno di FS TECH per promuovere il lavoro del progetto, che è la garanzia più potente per noi di raggiungere la consegna del prodotto a zero difetti. Allo stesso tempo, la nostra capacità di risposta rapida può anche rispondere rapidamente alle vostre mutevoli esigenze. C'è una grande differenza tra la rigorosa garanzia di qualità da un lato e la flessibilità della risposta rapida dall'altro. Ma risulta che FS TECH ha raggiunto un buon equilibrio in questi due aspetti.


Garanzia del servizio

Whether your project is a Prototipazione , small batch or large production stage, we have a complete service plan for you, so that you don't need to worry about the cumbersome things of electronic product manufacturing.
In base ai risultati del nostro lavoro passato, siamo in grado di offrire ai nostri clienti vantaggi inaspettati in termini di assistenza tecnica, che possono portare ai nostri clienti cicli di sviluppo del prodotto più brevi e costi di approvvigionamento inferiori.
Allo stesso tempo, le nostre capacità professionali consentono di ottenere una consegna più rapida dei prodotti per i nostri clienti, con ulteriori vantaggi in termini di costi per i clienti.

FS Tech

Garanzia di prezzo

Siamo in grado di individuare rapidamente la soluzione ottimale in base alle vostre esigenze specifiche, per garantirvi il piano di approvvigionamento più conveniente, che probabilmente sarà inferiore al vostro prezzo di riferimento. Questa soluzione di acquisto è spesso ottenuta grazie alle nostre forti capacità di approvvigionamento globale, alla sostituzione collaborativa del design e al rigoroso controllo dei processi produttivi a basso costo.

Garanzia di collaborazione

Come professionista Azienda PCBA, FS TECH always ensures good cooperation with our global full-link suppliers. At the same time, relying on the company's perfect management system, every employee and each work station of the company is also in good operation. Benefit from these, we have provided good service to our customers around the world and established a good collaborative relationship between us and our customers.
Il più grande vantaggio per voi di questa buona relazione di cooperazione è che la produzione professionale di PCB e l'assemblaggio di PCB sono affidati a FS TECH, e voi potete concentrarvi maggiormente sul raggiungimento di maggiori progressi e vantaggi nelle vostre aree competitive principali.

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