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If you have ordered a PCB for assembly before, you may have past experiences submitting a parts list (bill of materials/BOM) with all the needed components to be soldered or assembled onto your board. This exact process of selecting, procuring and purchasing electronic components for PCBA is known as component sourcing servicesIf there is a demand for this service, FS Technology will supply it for you!

Best Electronic Component Supplier-FS Tech

Strong Supply Chain Management

Component Supply Chain Management

FS Tech has a comprehensive and efficient ERP-based component procurement system, equipped with dynamic and effective market information and data collection capabilities. We utilize the latest PCB component manufacturer and material management technologies to optimize our supply chain and products. Our experienced procurement team members have over ten years of experience and work based on the ERP system, ensuring that the components needed for your projects are sourced from all over the country, always striking the best balance between product performance, price, and delivery time.

Reliable Supplier Partner

With over 20 years of operating experience, we have forged robust partnerships with numerous parts manufacturers and distributors worldwide, including renowned names such as DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, Future Electronics, and Farnell. This advantage enables us to efficiently search for and source rare, obsolete, and short lead time components in the electronics market to meet our customers’ needs. Moreover, well-known component manufacturers ensure the utmost quality of our products. You can rest assured that when you choose us, you are selecting a trusted supplier committed to delivering top-notch components for your projects.

Cost Effective Price

By utilizing FS Tech’s electronic component sourcing services, your project can become significantly more cost-effective compared to sourcing from manufacturers independently. First of all, We are highly skilled and experienced in this field, and our well-established strategic supply capability allows us to offer reliable supply chain solutions to our customers. Secondly, As we handle high volume PCB assembly orders, we can leverage economies of scale through an integrated procurement strategy for multiple orders. This effectively reduces costs and leads to cost savings for our customers.

One-Stop PCBA Service

FS Technology has gained recognition for its turnkey PCB assembly services, offering a complete range of EMS solutions spanning from conceptual design and component procurement to prototype production and mass assembly. By availing our services, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with various tedious and time-consuming processes in the midst of your project. This, in turn, allows you to accelerate the project’s progress and allocate more focus to your core business activities.

Value-added services for component supply

More Value-Added Services

At the onset of your project, our team of skilled engineers thoroughly examines your project documentation and formulates a robust procurement strategy, offering viable component alternatives where necessary. Once the components are procured, our trained IQC personnel diligently inspect all purchased PCB components to ensure stringent quality control, adhering to the MIL-STD-105E AQL0.010-0.10 standard. Our commitment lies in using only 100% original and brand new components, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability in the final product.

Sourcing Electronic Parts Process from FS Technology​

FS Technology is committed to providing an efficient and clear parts procurement process to serve customers, which saves you from having to choose one by one in the online mall and only needs to send the purchase list.

Step one Organize procurement documents

Organize Procurement Documents

A BOM list follows a very specific BOM template that specifically lists each item required for assembly, including the component package, part number, size, volume, manufacturer name, etc.

Send Documents

Although this process may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, the overall outline of it remains the same. When a customer requests a quote for PCBA, a BOM list is usually sent to the manufacturer along with the PCB files (e.g. Gerber files). After the receives this list, the real process of component sourcing begins for the TS Tech. 

Start Purchasing

Sourcing out each component from a number of partner electronic component manufacturers (also known as original equipment manufacturers/OEMs), checking for availability and purchasing those parts for your product based on your preferences.

Step 4 can choose the brand owner

Select Brand

With FS Tech’s PCBA service, all customers can be assured that electronic components will be sourced from your designated suppliers or any of their partner supplies, which includes DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, Future Electronics, Farnell, etc.). 

Assembling Purchased Components

After the needed components are sourced from OEMs, FS Tech will then handle the procurement and collection process of your components before the PCB assembly service starts. Throughout this entire process of component sourcing, FS Tech’s highly-trained and professional procurement team will ensure that your components are sourced to the highest supply management and safety standards.

Step 6 Customer Service Tracking

Customer Service Tracking

As a customer, FS Tech’s support team will always be available should you have any questions regarding the status of your order or any changes you would like to make. 

Necessity of Electronic PCB Component Purchasing Services

The basis of component sourcing will be discussed, including what factors contribute to the cost of component sourcing/assembly and some useful tips to apply as a consumer.

The cost involved with component sourcing is undoubtedly an aspect that needs to be mutually agreed on by both the customer and the manufacturer. Nevertheless, FS Tech is highly involved in this process by providing a low-cost component procurement service with prices based on ERPs and real-time market information. In addition, FS Tech’s various partnerships mean that affordable and cost-effective prices can be quoted to customers directly. Furthermore, it must be said that the price quoted includes the high standard of service provided by FS Tech, from the cost-effective sourcing of components to a timely delivery/collection. However, there are several factors that must be considered when assessing the cost of component sourcing, such as component availability, procurement lead time and the current supply chain status.

To start with, the availability of components may depend on how rare or obsolete that part is. Of course, components that are more obsolete, rare or at their end of life are much more difficult to procure compared to more common components. In cases where this is true, not only may the price involved with component sourcing increase, but the delivery time as well. Do keep in mind that component shortages can occur from time to time and may greatly affect the procurement process, as seen with the effects of the recent pandemic. Next, the procurement lead time describes how long it takes for the PCB manufacturer to purchase the necessary components from suppliers. Of course, this factor is very variable and constantly changing depending on other sub-factors like availability, supply chain status, delivery delays, communication etc. A shorter procurement lead time usually correlates with a decreased cost. The third factor contributing to the cost is the real-time supply chain and market status. Logistical costs, prices of raw materials and supply/demand truly exhibit a mass effect on procurement costs and although it is near impossible to always purchase at the lowest possible cost, the FS Tech procurement team will always ensure that you are not paying excessively high costs. 

Considering the various factors that are involved in the component sourcing process, many of them are not under your control and there is not much that you could change as a customer. This is where FS Tech’s purchasing staff comes in to assist you to the maximum by finding the correct balance between component performance/quality, price and procurement lead time. In addition, the team will try their best to assist you in finding any obsolete or rare components based on their experience. Nonetheless, there are definitely a number of key tips that should be kept in mind during this process. Firstly, it is recommended that you choose components for your project that are not obsolete or at their end of life, as that will make component sourcing much easier. Checking suppliers’ websites online is additionally good practice to check for component availability, procurement lead time and delivery information. Performing this brief pre-check may reassure you that your component can be procured and reduce any possible stresses along the way. Secondly, ensure that you have alternative components planned out in case there is a lack of availability or difficulties in procurement for your desired component(s). Simply having a backup plan for your project is always a wise idea during PCBA as you may need to swap out component models or perform a re-design at any stage. Thirdly, make sure that your BOM list is thoroughly checked before submission and that each component matches up to your PCB fabrication design. Although it is possible to contact support staff along the way for minor changes, it is optimal if everything is submitted correctly the first time.

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