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Prototype de PCB is a preliminary version of a printed circuit board (PCB) used for testing and evaluating designs before going into production. PCB prototypes can be created in small batches or as single boards to ensure that the design meets the required specifications and operates correctly before starting a mass electronics project.

PCBA (PCB assembly) prototypes assist designers in testing and validating their designs, identifying and addressing any issues, and optimizing designs for manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. This ultimately leads to a more efficient and successful product development process.

FS Technology PCBA Prototyping Services

FS Technology began the PCBA business in 2004 and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support to high-end electronics manufacturers worldwide. Whether you are an individual designer or a large corporation, we have the expertise and resources to deliver high-quality PCBA boards that exceed your expectations.

In our prototyping services, we understand the importance of quality, speed, and reliability to electronics manufacturers. That’s why we use only the latest assembly techniques and manufacturing equipment to produce prototypes quickly and accurately. In addition to hardware advantages, we can also provide more comprehensive and complete services than other manufacturers. These services include design review, Fabrication de PCB, component procurement, assembly, and testing.

Our goal is to assist you in developing successful and efficient products by providing reliable prototypes that meet your needs. We take pride in understanding every need of our customers, and we are committed to delivering high-quality PCBA prototypes that meet your requirements.

If you are seeking a Chinese PCBA prototype, FS Technology is the ideal choice. You can quickly contact us through the provided decentralized link to receive a better quotation. Alternatively, if you prefer to maintain an official website attitude towards us, please continue to learn more about our capabilities.

Cutting Edge Prototype Manufacturer

Low Cost

Whether it is batch orders or prototype manufacturing, service providers need to invest in fixed transportation, manpower, material resources, and time costs, which can lead to higher manufacturing costs for PCB prototypes. Additionally, PCB prototype assembly services require component procurement, which is also a major factor in increasing costs. However, the purpose of the prototype is to test the design’s performance, function, and feasibility, which is the responsibility of the customer.

Although FS Technology does not provide free PCB prototypes, we offer more competitive prices. We strive to provide affordable PCB prototyping and assembly services without compromising on quality or reliability. Here is our guarantee to provide you with the lowest price in the industry:

  • Design optimization: Our team of professional design consultants provides constructive advice to optimize your electronic project design.
  • Automation equipment: We use advanced automation equipment in the manufacturing, assembly, and Test des PCB process to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Partially free processing: Customers can enjoy partially free services during the prototyping process, such as conformal coating, AOI, and X-Ray.
  • Material selection: We offer a variety of materials for PCB prototype fabrication to choose from.
  • Component procurement: We cooperate with world-renowned PCB component suppliers to purchase the components needed for assembly at a lower price, helping to reduce overall costs.

Rapid Production

Fast turnaround service is particularly crucial for consumer electronics products as it can significantly impact the time to market the final product. Rapid PCB prototyping enables designers to quickly identify and rectify design errors, thereby reducing the risk of material waste and errors during mass production. By choosing FS Technology, we can complete the circuit board assembly and fabrication within 24 hours.

  • Precision: We conduct DFM analysis before providing a quotation to ensure that your requirements are fully implemented during the prototyping process.
  • Efficiency and simplicity: Our assemblage de circuits imprimés à rotation rapide only requires Gerber files and a BOM list from you.
  • Scalability: With 7 SMT and THT production lines, we can efficiently handle bulk orders from existing customers, allowing us to reduce the turnaround time for new customers’ prototypes.
  • Experience: With 20 years of experience in PCBA service, we have a complete management system in place to ensure the rapid progress of your project.

Perfect Service

Yield: At FS Technology, we have no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement, which means we can handle small batch and mass production, even as low as 1PCS. We adhere to the principle of putting customers first, and the quality of our work in the entire PCB prototype assembly process remains the same, no matter the quantity.

FS Technology's attention to detail in prototype PCB assembly

Every new PCB assembly prototype project should have an NPI meeting before production to ensure that the team understands all the project details sufficiently. During the project’s progression, we pay attention to the following details to ensure that the final product meets the required specifications and standards:

Component selection: The selection of components used in PCBA prototyping can affect the functionality and reliability of the final product. Therefore, we ensure that the components we use comply with the required specifications and standards. Additionally, we offer cost-effective alternatives for our customers.

Soldering: Soldering quality is critical to ensure that components are securely attached to the board and that electrical connections are reliable. Thus, we use high-quality soldering techniques and equipment to minimize the risk of defects like cold joints and bridging.

Testing and Validation: We perform thorough testing and validation of PCB prototype boards to ensure they can function correctly. This includes functional testing to ensure the circuit operates as intended and quality control checks to identify any defects or problems.

Documentation: FS Technologies maintains detailed documentation during the prototyping process to ensure that designs can be replicated and scaled up for mass production. This includes component selection, PCB layout, and documentation of any changes or modifications made during prototyping.

Achievements of PCB Prototype Assembly Service

With technology advancements, personnel training, and business expansion, FS Technology’s service area is gradually expanding. Currently, the prototype PCB board provided by FS Technology covers industries such as communication, computer, network, new energy, consumer electronics, industrial control, automobile, home appliances, and more. Our projects strictly adhere to ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO 13485, and UL standards, and all of our products meet IPC and ROHS standards.

FS Technology has received excellent feedback from customers for its prototype PCB assembly services. Due to our unique design and assembly process, flexible services, and competitive prices, many of these prototype orders have been converted into bulk orders, and we have established long-term business partnerships with our customers.

Medical PCB Prototype Project

Medical electronics is a serious subject, as these products are used to save lives or improve patient outcomes. Therefore, electronic manufacturers must ensure that the medical PCB manufacturer they choose strictly adheres to regulations and quality standards. However, in reality, it is difficult to guarantee the professionalism of some manufacturers. Here is a case study from the medical industry.

Before the customer approached FS Technology, they had difficulty finding a reliable supplier to assist them in prototype production. They had previously worked with other manufacturers who carried out the prototype proofing project but made mistakes in loading bulk materials during the assembly process, resulting in slow progress. They needed a more reliable supplier to assist them with prototype production, which is why they reached out to FS Technology.

At FS Technology, we start the project management process with a DFM analysis to identify any potential issues in the design. This helps ensure that the PCB design is optimized for manufacturing and meets all regulatory requirements. Prototypes are quickly assembled by our experienced operators using state-of-the-art automated equipment in our assembly plant. After assembly, the prototype PCBA board is rigorously tested by FS Technology to ensure it meets all quality standards and is reliable enough for use in a medical environment. Manufacturers are satisfied with the final product and are able to quickly bring their medical devices to market.

Verifiable Prototype PCBA Factory

The typical process for a PCBA project involves prototype manufacturing, small batch orders, and large batch orders. Many large electronics manufacturers have strict requirements for their PCBA factories, and may require factory inspections before assemblage de circuits imprimés en grande quantité. In this case, a factory inspection was conducted to ensure that the factory project met required quality standards, complied with regulations, and did not pose any risk of delay.

A past experience with a consumer electronics client serves as a cautionary tale. The client was attracted to a lower PCB prototype assembly quote found on another website, and despite warnings, opted to work with the company. While the initial PCB assembly prototype went smoothly, numerous quality issues arose during high-volume production, resulting in significant financial losses. This prompted the client to seek out FS Technology.

During the initial cooperation with FS Technology, the client strongly requested a factory inspection to verify their strength. An intermediary service provider in Hong Kong was found, and the client visited the FS Technology factory to review the quality control process.

During the inspection, the electronics manufacturer’s team was impressed by the cleanliness of the FS Technology factory, the advanced equipment used, and the high level of organization and efficiency in the assembly process. They were particularly impressed by the stringent quality control measures, including automated optical inspection (AOI), in-circuit testing (ICT), and functional testing, which ensure that each product meets the required specifications and standards.

After the inspection, the electronics manufacturer was satisfied with the results and decided to continue working with FS Technology as their PCB assembly partner. They trusted FS Technology to provide them with a high-quality product and were confident that the company’s attention to detail and commitment to quality would help prevent any future delays or financial loss.

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