Comment commander des services d'assemblage de circuits imprimés

Ordering printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services is serious business, and unlike other electronic services, choosing your first or another supplier to serve you is like choosing an industrial business partner, as it could very well be for life. Although you can order PCBA services from different countries by simply performing a Google search for different companies located in the USA, Germany, etc, you still need to consider which one of them is the right choice for you. Although most of these countries have strong PCBA manufacturing capabilities, we still recommend you order PCB with components from a China-based company.

Having the second-largest economy in the world, China not only possesses advanced manufacturing technology but also can provide cheaper labour while ensuring quality. FS Technology is a representative of such Chinese PCBA service providers. If you are an engineer entering for the first time and expect to order turnkey assembly services from us, please read the following in detail to understand FS Technology’s services and ordering process.

Pourquoi FS Technology est le meilleur endroit pour commander des PCB et PCBA ?

FS Technology is currently one of the best PCBA service providers in Shenzhen, China. As a one-stop service provider, we provide a variety of options to meet the diverse needs of customers. At FS Technology, you can order turnkey PCB assembly services, semi-turnkey services, box packaging services, etc. at a lower cost. Below, we have listed several types of PCBA items you can order:


All in all, we are a relatively comprehensive assembly company with PCB production and assembly workshops, which can easily satisfy you from project ideas to sales. Ordering PCB assembly from FS Technology will solve all your troubles to hopefully be selling finished electronic products.

How to Order Turnkey PCB at FS Technology

The factors to check before ordering PCBA service are not only to determine whether the needs of both parties match but also to simplify the ordering process and to understand how to order PCB assembly online on your supplier’s website. FS Technology has never been a company that takes product price as its core, but customer service and high-end quality products instead. The following is our light order process, which will help you learn more about the procedures used for many of our other services.

Étape 1 : Contactez le service des ventes

À l'heure actuelle, FS Technology ne propose pas de service de devis en ligne, mais demande aux clients de commander les cartes PCBA par le biais de l'adresse électronique de contact du site Web. Vous pouvez nous contacter via les boutons suivants : le bouton "Devis" dans le coin supérieur droit, le bouton "Contact Site Support" dans le coin inférieur droit, ou la boîte de contact en bas de chaque page.

Informations de contact de FS Technology

“Why set up so many contact methods instead of simplifying the ordering process and setting up an online PCB quotation function?” This is a common question raised by our customers on the official website of FS Technology. Here are the answers that we provide our clients:

  • Most of FS Technology’s customers are engineers and purchasers and in order to ensure that these customers can quickly contact us, we set up these order buttons in every corner of the website to save search time.
  • Different contact methods achieve different functions. FS Technology believes that the people who enter our website can be divided into the following categories: electronics enthusiasts, companies looking for finished product assembly, engineers who urgently order Chinese PCB services and potential customers who only have mere concepts but have not yet fully acted on their ideas. These different contact buttons can meet the needs of all these groups of people, for example: if you want to expand your PCB knowledge, you can get a timely reply through our online chat. Quick quotes can be reached via the email listed on the contact page via Plus, without leaking any of our customer’s personal information, the ability to contact FS technology can be accessed through any contact box.
  • It is believed that online quotation is not in line with the philosophy of FS Technology. As a practitioner in the industry, I believe that you may have already known of JLCPCB, PCBway and other Chinese companies that use online PCBA ordering services, but you did not choose them and instead entered the website of FS Technology. Although it is convenient to order PCBA services from these websites, it lacks interaction and does not have the attitude that the “service” industry should have. The reason FS Technology has survived in the PCBA industry for more than 10 years is because of our perfect service attitude and convenient service process. We have always advocated for a win-win situation, which means that we can make money while helping customers save project costs. After customers provide purchasing documents, our purchasing team will review them and this team specializes in high-priced electronic components and can offer customers alternatives once discovered, which will reduce the customer’s project overhead.

Step 2: Send BOM and Gerber Files

Lorsque vous reconnaissez les capacités de FS Technology en matière de PCBA et que vous confirmez votre intention de commander des circuits imprimés personnalisés, vous pouvez nous envoyer directement les fichiers BOM et Gerber par le biais de l'e-mail de contact et nous demander de vous fournir immédiatement un devis abordable.

Un fichier de nomenclature est une liste des achats de matériaux. FS Technology a mentionné ci-dessus que nous pouvons fournir aux clients approvisionnement en composants. After receiving the PCBA BOM file, our procurement team will review the materials, and the procurement manager will calculate the procurement cost and assembly cost based on the final list, and finally purchase components for you in strict accordance with your document requirements. In addition, when order assembled PCB from FS Technology, you will not only get the basic procurement service, but also get additional component replacement service, that is, to propose a cheaper component replacement solution for you to save costs for your project.

Le fichier Gerber est un dessin de conception d'un circuit imprimé, sur lequel vous devez marquer les couches, l'épaisseur souhaitée, la couleur du masque de soudure et d'autres conceptions du circuit imprimé. Nos ingénieurs examineront ce document pour vous et calculeront le prix de la fabrication du circuit imprimé.

En outre, si votre projet a Test PCB et les exigences de programmation, veuillez fournir des guides de test, des montages de test, des fichiers de programmation et des outils de programmation. 

Step 3: Check Order Quotation

Nous avons besoin d'environ 2–3 days to calculate the price after receiving your order. If your project is urgent, please send an inquiry as early as possible for rapid PCBA prototyping. The ordering process of FS Technology is relatively simple for both customers and FS Technology, as we strive to complete customer orders quickly and efficiently. As the market changes, the price of components also fluctuates, so our quotation is valid for 7 jours. Lorsque vous recevez la liste de prix, vous devez établir une relation de coopération avec nous dans les 7 jours et passer par d'autres processus.

It’s worth mentioning that when our sales team sends an offer that may not be the final version, it is doable to start a discussion if you think you’d like to get it at a lower price.  For the prototype manufacturing of new customers, we will show our sincerity with the lowest quotation not for profit, but for better partnership. For old customers and assemblage de circuits imprimés en grande quantité orders, we will give discounts on a case-by-case basis.

Étape 4 : Discuter des détails du projet

After you decide to purchase turnkey PCBA service from FS Technology, we will further discuss with you all the details from PCB manufacturing to assembly. In terms of Fabrication de PCB, these require us to negotiate: board thickness, copper thickness, surface finish, solder mask color and silk screen color. In fact, these are similar to the previous parameters that you may have already submitted but the only difference is that this is the process after you submit your Gerber file(s) and confirm the cooperation. We may provide BOM notifications for special components so that you can check the availability of components.

Étape 5 : Confirmer les documents de production

Before your order officially enters the production line, our engineers will sort out the PCB production documents and submit them to you for approval first. After you confirm that everything is correct, the production line for your product will start. This is the largest difference between us and other PCB board order online trading companies. If you are greedy for convenience, then you will miss our meticulous service process.

Étape 6 : Lien de paiement pour la commande de PCBA

Once you agree to our quotation, we will send you an invoice by mail. For prototyping, we suggest you use the following remittance methods:

  • Commande d'assurance Alibaba
  • Virement bancaire
  • PayPal
  • Western Union

If you are satisfied with our service and have already established a long-term relationship with us, we will simplify our ordering process. For large-scale production orders in any follow-up cooperations, we recommend Alibaba Insurance and T/T. 

Étape 7 : Test et conditionnement

Pour les clients qui coopèrent pour la première fois, FS Technology recommande de choisir l'option Service de prototypage de circuits imprimés, which can test our capabilities and the fit between the two parties. It will take us about 2–3 days to complete this service and your products will be shipped to your home from manufacturing to assembly to testing and to packaging.

We have great flexibility in testing and packaging. To ensure that customers receive high-quality products, we offer several testing sessions and in addition, visual inspection, electrical inspection and other tests used in production and assembly are free. If your project requires additional testing services, we can also provide you with functional testing and programming testing. 

In terms of packaging, you can opt for customized packaging. We also equip each carton with ESD bags and you can even choose various shipping methods to ship your boards depending on your needs. A few of our most common courier options include DHL, UPS and FedEx.

How FS Technology ensures the smoothness of PCB assembly order

  • Cheap PCB Order: FS Technology knows that PCBA service is a long-term cooperation project. Most of the time, in order to resonate with customers and increase user stickiness, FS Technology will often give up profits during the initial cooperation and obtain prototype projects at almost the lowest price in the market. This helps us in using this initial project to impress customers to then obtain long-term cooperation opportunities.
  • Complete PCBA Manufacturing Services: FS Technology is a company that advocates for a one-stop shop, and for this reason, we are constantly upgrading our manufacturing and assembly capabilities, which means that you can order PCB flexible, PCB rigide-flexible, PCB haute fréquence and a range of other difficult PCB types online with FS Technology.
  • Clear Ordering Process: As shown above, FS Technology presents the complete ordering and service process to the public on the website where you would not need to ask our customer service teams “how to order printed circuit boards” or “what is the process of ordering PCB assembly service?” Organize your needs and pack your files, our professionals will serve you immediately.
  • Easily order assembled PCBs: With seven fully automatic SMT and DIP assembly lines that can quickly serve your projects, we cater to all of our customers. If you have doubts about our ability, we will accept you for verification and allow you to visit our Shenzhen facility to inspect our assembly workshop and make offline orders and face-to-face transactions.
  • Reduce time spent on screening: When you enter FS Technology, you will not need to find any other PCBA suppliers online as FS Technology can provide you with all the certificates that the PCBA industry requires for compliance, including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO13485:2016 and IATF16949:2016. In addition, if you have any concerns, we can also help you apply for any electronic product certification that you may need.

The above covers the entirety of the content from “How to order Service d'assemblage de circuits imprimés at FS Technology”. If you want to get a quotation for your product, you can contact us at any time. It is worth mentioning that our VIP partners include Greek bus station control systems, Russian Hearing aid systems for disabled persons, Walmart lighting systems, USA Electrolux air purifier machines, etc. You can completely trust FS Technology as we will be your most loyal partner.

Order PCBA Board FAQ

Certainly, our esteemed clientele spans diverse geographical regions across over 100 countries globally. Irrespective of your location, we ensure seamless global distribution of our products.

Certainly not. We assure you that our pricing may not be the most economical across the entire online sphere, but it undoubtedly reflects a harmonious balance between quality and cost. Numerous enterprises conducting online transactions have oriented their customers towards making purchase decisions primarily based on price. Such an approach caters to their target audience, which predominantly comprises small-scale customers or enthusiasts. By consolidating various orders akin to a jigsaw puzzle, these enterprises effectively reduce production costs. In contrast, FS Technology emphasizes the pursuit of B2B collaborations, specifically targeting small-scale electronics manufacturers. Our main goal is to help them complete production quickly in order to seize and expand market share and increase market share through our assemblage de circuits imprimés en petits lots.

Indeed, our dedicated sales team remains available round the clock to address your inquiries. Upon contacting us, your request will be seamlessly managed through our centralized distribution system. Subsequently, an assigned sales representative will promptly reach out to you to gather comprehensive project-specific information. In the event of any technical queries, our proficient engineers will take charge of providing you with detailed and accurate responses.

During the initial phase of our operations, our primary emphasis lies in delivering superior-grade industrial control boards for machinery and equipment within the industrial sector. As we progress, we diligently optimize and enhance our manufacturing processes, thereby effectively reducing production costs. This enables us to extend our services to the consumer electronics industry, catering to their specific requirements despite the comparatively lower profit margins. Furthermore, as our enterprise expands, we have obtained qualifications in diverse sectors such as medical and automotive industries.