Flexible PCB

The commonly used PCB is rigid after that board is flex PCB which is mostly used in different electronic devices and projects. Currently, this board is commonly accessible and can be used in any project.

Catalog of Flexible PCBs

Why choose FS Technology Flexible PCB Boards

The technology used for flexible boards also called FPC or Flexible printed circuit and make grown in different fields of life such as electronics, wearables, telecommunications aviation. Through the service of FS Technology, you will get better quality and cheaper flexible pcb boards. We specialize in flexible PCBs with 1-6 layers, the maximum acceptable size is 610mm×1650mm. Of course, if you need 8-layer, 10-layer or 16-layer advanced flexible PCB, we can still do it for you. We also provide surface treatment services for your boards, including: HASL, Lead-free HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver, Plated gold, OSP, Carbon ink, ENEPIG, and Gold Finger. We can manufacture almost all types of PCB boards and provide complete assembly services, our capabilities are beyond your imagination.

For getting the flexible boards must follow the Gerber file format like ALL Gerber Files、POWERPCB、PROTEL、PADS2000、CAD、AUTOCAD、ORCAD、P-CAD、CAM-350、CAM2000 etc.

Features of Flexible PCB

FS Technology summarizes the characteristics of flexible PCB here:

  • Flexible circuit boards use smaller and lighter substrates, measuring approximately 0.004 inches. Compared to other boards, it can achieve the complexity of the line in space and area.
  • When external force is applied on the board, the components on the board will not be offset due to its unique pressure processing function.
  • If it is combined with the rigid board the resultant boards come called rigid-flex boards to give both features of two boards.
  • It is less likely to fail in the structure of the board than other boards.
  • This board comes with the feature of easy airflow that cools the circuits of the board
  • The modification in the structure of the board makes sure to construct the complicated structures and designs with it also has features to make connections at its corners.

Advantages of Flexible PCB

Price Advantage

Quantitatively, this board uses fewer materials and components. In terms of material price, this board uses the most polyimide material, which makes the price of flexible PCB manufacturing materials lower. In terms of personnel, the circuit board can be built with fewer technicians.

Application Scenario Advantages

  • For projects with high voltage environments and high temperature circuits, these boards are often the first choice.
  • Harmful chemicals are produced in some cases, and flexible boards have a certain resistance.
  • These boards have features to operate on any type of connectors used in electronics especially has compatibility with the ZIP connectors.

Size Advantage

  • These boards require less area and lighter weight, which makes them effective for larger projects with complex configurations.
  • It makes reliable and consistent circuits and projects since it has less use of connectors and also uses less interconnection.

Application of Flexible PCB Board

FS Technology has been in the PCB manufacturing and assembly industry for ten years. We know from customers who buy flex PCBs that they are in a variety of industries, including the computer and medical industries. In this paragraph, we will introduce some applicable areas of flexible PCB to you.

Flexible printed circuit board is considered to be the main part of any electronic device, it can be applied to various types of electronic products, such as computers, computer keyboards, cameras, mobile phone circuits, etc.

Flexible PCBs are created over in different manufacturing projects in industries such as robots design are created on this board. HMI machines layout is also configured over the boards. Machines used in shopping malls such as bar code readers also have these boards with the processing devices created over the boards.

These boards are commonly used for GPS systems the vehicle’s enginers control systems are manufactured over that boards. Currently, in new cars, there is latest breaking system is installed that is called the Antilock brake system used the boards for creation. Airbags used in cars created through the help of these boards

In the medical industry, hearing instruments and heartbeat sensors are created around him.

Different types of electric components such as active and passive devices are designed through the use of these boards such high towers lights circuits are designed on flex boards. Satellite station devices and circuits are created on the flex PCB. Resistors and capacitors are created to use these boards for different circuits like ripples and filters circuit.

Comparison with other types of PCBs

Flex PCB vs Rigid PCB

Where flexible are worse than rigid 

  • Flexible PCB manufacturing process is more complex and requires longer manufacturing time than rigid PCB
  • Price comparison under the same conditions: Rigid-flex PCB > Flexible PCB > Rigid PCB

Where flexible are better than rigid

  • High reliability and small footprint
  • Better thermal management
  • Easy to repair
  • The flexible PCB is used for high-speed operation where rigid is not used

Therefore, a detailed overview of flexible printed circuit boards has been fully mentioned here. Simply put, flex boards are a type of PCB that can be easily modified and reshaped. Not only does it make electrical connections easier but it also reduces the overall cost of your project.

As a leading turnkey PCBA assembly company in China, FS tech aims to meet the needs of PCB manufacturing customers using various materials and technologies, unswervingly adhering to customer quality and certification standards. Choose FS Technology, we will provide you with the highest quality flex PCB manufacturing services and the most professional assembly services.

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