How to find pcb assembly companies​?

Nowadays you could easily find countless PCB assembly factory on the internet after google and there will be thousands websites about SMT factory occupying your screen, all of the manufacturers is good at showing their production capabilities and decent production lines, but it is still not very easy for us to choose a reliable PCBA manufacturer from overseas without an actual visiting and unable to do regular production supervision.

So when we looking for a PCBA factory, we must need to figure out what is our real need. Such as Do we need to do a quick prototyping? Or we need to proceed the regular mass production? Do we perusing shorter delivery time or better quality? Do we more care about the cost or the services? These are the basic factors that will effect your options for a suitable PCBA factory.

Here FS Technology PCBA blog would like to offer some keypoints for you to easily recognize a reliable PCBA manufacturer in China: 

Factory scale and professionalism

To achieve the high level quality PCBA manufacturing, advance equipment and the big enough factory scale are necessary. First of all, a complete production line should including soderpaste printing machine, Pick&Place machine, reflow oven, wave soldering oven, AOI inspection equipment, ICT on-line inspection equipment, ect. Secondly, need to confirm whether all of the equipment capabilities could meet the requirements of the PCBA specifications, such as the minimum assembly package, the maximum PCB array dimension, ect. And then confirm if the factory was ISO9001 certified and if their acceptance standard are following IPC-A-610F. If they have complete quality manual and SOP to instruct the production work of employees. The more related production record documentation means there are more production quality management method, you could examine their professionalism according to these production records. We must consider the above factors when selecting suppliers, otherwise your circuit board may not meet your needs.

FS Technology was verified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF 16949 quality standard, we strictly following IPC-A-610F acceptance for our finished PCBA, Establish and strictly implement SOP production specification, PCB quality control management level is higher than industry standard.   

Service awareness

If you are not sure how to choose a PCB manufacturer, you can try FS Technology.Only with advance and decent production equipment can not be the only standard for a reliable PCBA manufacturer partner, but also required professional project manager to follow up your orders. They should be able to listen and fully understand all of your requirements and able to offer quick solution for varies emergency. You could get to know their service awareness by knowing their enterprise culture and the cooperate attitude. 

If you are not sure how to choose a PCB manufacturer, you can try FS Technology.FS Technology has been insist on providing quality services to customer like instant replying, daily update project status and quick solution for after sales services. Besides, we never stop to develop more and more of our components resources partner to achieve a better cost for our clients and constantly improving our production skills and response speed. Our customer comments that FS Technology’s communication feels like the factory just right beside you. This article will teach you how to order PCB assembly services.

Related Industry experience

There are fierce competition in the PCBA industry, it will be difficult to survive if a factory without strength and their core competitiveness. You could judge if the factory could meet your demands by checking their establish year and the coverage of product industries, also the complexity of their assembly products. Choosing the one with more experiences and ever produced similar products in your filed would be more reliable to cooperate with. 

FS Technology establish in 2004, base in Shenzhen. We have about 18 years EMS manufacturing services experience in PCBA. We mainly producing industrial controller PCBA, new energy technology products, medical devices, automotive parts, communication devices, smart home, AI and intelligent city facilities and so on. We perfectly delivered PCB fabrication, PCB component procurement and PCB assembly, functional testing and mechanical assembly services for our overseas clients.    

Quality and Price

No matter what the size of your company is, when you find pcba supplier, price and quality will definitely be considered.PCB assembly cost is relatively transparent, different factory has different price, but not lower the better, you should be alert if a manufacturer quoted you a very low price. Nevertheless, there are still many customers who regard price as the first reference factor when choosing a manufacturer. This leads to some low-level errors on their boards, which will help improve your PCBA failure analysis ability, hahahaha, this is a joke.In any case, Purchasing electronic components from official and original manufacturers must be the best option, they implement strict quality control, and of course the cost will be higher.

FS Technology applying smart manufacturing technology, so our client could follow up the latest production status and trace the quality issue at any time. In our production room, every process of our production line installing a camera, our client can view every step of our production site through the terminal equipment. We have smart shelves to store our electronics components, every reel components will has its own unique QR code that will be more easier and quicker recognized by the worker. While this is only a small part of our smart manufacturing.  

And we also applying OA, MES, ERP, OKKI systerm to manage our ongoing orders and predict our client’s demand, improving our production efficiency and avoiding artificial problem.

That’s all for “how to choose a pcb manufacturer”, if you think our PCB ordering assistance blog helped you, you can watch more of it.

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