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Fast turnaround refers to the ability of electronic manufacturing enterprises to complete production work within a shorter timeframe through efficient management systems and advanced manufacturing technologies. This service proves valuable for businesses or individuals requiring a significant quantity of printed circuit boards on short notice or with tight project deadlines, ensuring prompt delivery of PCBA boards.

At FS Technology, we offer fast turnaround services encompassing circuit design, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly, providing end-to-end support for customers from concept to the final PCBA fabrication stage. As a leading manufacturer in the PCBA industry, we prioritize quality and strive to deliver high-quality PCBA boards within accelerated timelines. If you are seeking to expedite your PCB assembly process, we invite you to explore FS Tech’s capabilities and discover how we strike a balance between speed and quality.

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Enjoy Rapid Manufacturing

PCB Order Quantity (㎡)Original Lead Time (Days)Current Lead Time (Hours)
0-50 pcs & < 1 ㎡2 – 3 Days24 Hours
1 ㎡ – 5 ㎡5 – 6 Days3 – 4 Days
5 ㎡ – 10 ㎡6 – 7 Days4 – 5 Days
More than 10 ㎡8 – 10 Days5 – 6 Days

To expedite the delivery of PCBA boards to customers, our manufacturing process incorporates several advanced techniques. Our assembly process is supported by seven state-of-the-art SMT and THT automatic production lines. Furthermore, our manufacturing process leverages chemical processes for pad formation and via metallization.

Quality And Speed Go Hand In Hand​

Quality and speed are essential factors in the electronics manufacturing industry. At FS Technology, we understand the concerns surrounding the trade-off between production speed and yield rate. However, with our advanced Rapid Manufacturing technology, we ensure that both quality and speed coexist harmoniously.

Our Rapid Manufacturing technology utilizes cutting-edge tools and procedures such as robotic pick and place systems and reflow ovens. These state-of-the-art technologies enable us to achieve high-speed production without compromising on the quality of the final product. Our qualified technicians are well-versed in PCB fabrication, assembly, and testing, ensuring that every step of the process is handled with utmost precision and expertise.

Key features of our Rapid Manufacturing technology include:

  • Compliance Standards: Compliance with the industry-recognized IPC-A-610-G standard represents the foundational step in obtaining customer approval. However, at our company, we go above and beyond by implementing a robust internal management system that surpasses industry standards. This allows us to deliver fast PCB fabrication services of exceptional quality, setting us apart from other companies in the market.
  • Inventory management: The storage of materials is a major factor affecting the progress of the project. Recognizing its importance, we have made substantial investments in developing a robust system management system. This system enables us to maintain constant vigilance over component inventory and order dynamics, facilitating seamless production. In such cases, our dedicated purchasing group promptly procures the necessary components from trusted and established channels to minimize any potential disruptions.
  • Analysis and Identification: Play a crucial role in the efficient execution of design projects, especially for small electronic manufacturers that may rely on third-party assistance. At FS Technology, we offer comprehensive design services, ranging from assistance to upgrades. When we receive your files, our first step is to subject them to a thorough review by our skilled engineering department. This meticulous review process allows us to optimize the design and eliminate the need for rework, ensuring quick turn PCB assembly at a cost-effective price point.
  • Automated Test: In the PCB assembly project, only manual inspection is against the reliability and speed of production. Therefore, incorporating automated testing into the production line is of paramount importance to each stage of production. This includes comprehensive testing methods such as functional testing, electrical testing, signal integrity testing, and mechanical shock testing.
  • Market Advantage: The electronics industry can be likened to a battleground where masters compete, particularly in the realm of consumer electronics, where products often require updates within a year. Consequently, the swift design, production, and assembly of circuit boards hold paramount importance. By harnessing FS Technologies’ quick circuit solutions, you can secure a competitive edge in the market, positioning yourself to enter swiftly and cultivate a substantial user base ahead of your rivals.
  • User Experience: Our rigorous manufacturing processes help mitigate the risks of short circuits during product usage, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

How Quick Turn PCB Assembly Can Be Achieved

To differentiate ourselves from manufacturers who merely claim to be quick turn factories, FS Technology takes concrete steps to ensure fast turnaround and backs it up with reliable performance. Allow us to outline how we achieve expedited processes and highlight our distinguishing factors.

PCBA Production Process

Fast turnaround in the project does not entail eliminating any essential steps in the conventional PCB assembly process. Instead, it focuses on eliminating unnecessary time wastage, automating processes to replace manual labor, and minimizing overtime to increase efficiency. FS Technology offers a fast prototyping PCBA service that follows the following process:

  1. Order Receipt: To initiate the process, please provide us with your email address for communication. A dedicated account manager will then contact you to discuss the project requirements in detail and review the PCB design and specifications.
  2. Circuit Design: If required, we can provide circuit design services or support for electronic manufacturers lacking design capabilities.
  3. Component Procurement: We will procure the necessary components for the PCBA. This involves placing orders with suppliers or pulling components from our inventory.
  4. Stencil Creation: A stencil, a thin metal sheet with openings corresponding to the PCB pads, is created. This stencil is used to apply solder paste, which holds the components in place during assembly. The quick full PCB assembly service provider, such as FS Technology, will generate a stencil based on the PCB design.
  5. PCB Preparation: The fabricated PCB boards are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for assembly.
  6. Solder Paste Application: The solder paste is precisely applied to the PCB using the created stencil.
  7. Component Placement: Our skilled technicians meticulously position the components on the PCB in strict accordance with the design and specifications. During prototype manufacturing, manual placement is often employed to minimize time delays associated with programming automated equipment. However, for mass PCB assembly, our state-of-the-art production line is equipped with automated high-speed placement machines and AI plug-in machines, enabling efficient and precise component placement without sacrificing speed or accuracy.
  8. Reflow Soldering/Wave Soldering: The PCBA board, with the components securely attached, undergoes reflow soldering or wave soldering in an oven. The high temperature melts the solder paste, forming permanent connections between the components and the PCB.
  9. Assembly Inspection and Rework: A thorough inspection is conducted to identify any defects, such as incorrect component placement or solder bridges. If necessary, rework is performed to rectify any issues.
  10. Function Test: The assembled PCB undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure it functions as expected.
  11. Packaging and Shipping: The finalized PCBA is carefully packaged and promptly shipped to the customer.

Can't reflect the speed of PCBA manufacturing?

As you can see, the production process itself remains consistent between fast turnaround and regular manufacturing. However, at FS Technology, we pride ourselves on being a quick turn PCB factory due to several key factors that contribute to the overall speed and efficiency of our operations:

  • Self-owned factory: With our two manufacturing workshops located in Shenzhen and Huizhou, we have full control over the production schedule. Unlike brokers, we can proactively manage and plan all orders in a manner that optimizes efficiency and minimizes lead times.
  • Advanced equipment: We utilize a range of cutting-edge automation equipment to handle large order volumes. Our state-of-the-art machinery includes the Sony AOI inspection machine, ten-temperature-zone reflow soldering equipment, 3D-SPI In-Line SPI equipment, Panasonic SMT placement machines, and more.
  • Rush Service: To accommodate urgent projects, we offer a Rush Service option. This service involves “queue jumping” within the production line and the allocation of overtime for our dedicated employees. Additional costs may apply, but it ensures prioritized processing of urgent orders. Please reach out to our customer service team if you require Rush PCB assembly service.
  • One-stop service: Our comprehensive one-stop service covers everything from design and procurement to manufacturing and assembly. By providing all-inclusive support, we eliminate the need for customers to source multiple suppliers for different stages of production. This streamlined approach saves valuable time, ensuring a more efficient order fulfillment process.

Ready for Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly?​

Fast turnaround is typically associated with prototypes or small batch projects. However, in long-term partnerships with suppliers, there is often a demand for accelerated completion of high-volume PCB assembly orders. Regardless of whether it is for prototyping or high-volume assembly, the fast turnaround service is considered valuable, even if it comes at a higher price. In the following analysis, we will provide a detailed examination of the advantages and disadvantages of this service to assist you in making an informed decision:

Advantages of Fast PCBA

  • Time Constraints: When facing project deadlines or the need for speedy product launches, opting for fast prototype PCB assembly is a strategic choice to ensure on-time delivery. The ability to complete projects swiftly serves as a testament to a manufacturer’s capabilities, making it particularly valuable for businesses with time-sensitive projects.
  • Large Quantities: Quick turn PCB fabrication allows electronic manufacturers to save time in screening and selecting PCBA suppliers, establishing long-term partnerships with reliable service providers for batch projects. This is particularly advantageous when there is a requirement to generate a significant number of PCBA quickly.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: For businesses lacking the necessary personnel or equipment to efficiently manufacture PCBA in-house, engaging the services of a China quick turn PCB assembly factory can be more cost-effective. Outsourcing assembly services eliminates the need for significant investments and overhead costs associated with assembling PCBA board independently.
  • Flexibility: Rapid PCB assembly services offer flexibility in terms of production quantities, catering to businesses with varying needs for small-scale or high-volume PCBAs. At FS Technology, we provide valuable design and component selection advice, ensuring that the final circuit board meets the required specifications and functions as expected.
  • Expertise: Manufacturers specializing in high-volume quick turn PCBA services employ skilled technicians and designers who contribute to the success of the project and ensure compliance with quality standards. To meet customer demands for rapid turnaround, FS Technology leverages cutting-edge technologies, highly skilled labor, and the latest tools and procedures to deliver high-quality PCB fabrication and production within short timeframes.

Filter Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

Processing factories, like electronics manufacturers, prioritize speed in their operations. However, achieving timely delivery can be challenging due to various objective factors. When selecting manufacturers, it is crucial to consider the following aspects to ensure their reliability:

  • Design Team: The complexity of circuit designs can impact the time required for board fabrication. Suppliers with an in-house design department can streamline the process and optimize production timelines. It is advisable to check if the potential supplier has a competent design team.
  • Component Supply: Availability of components can significantly affect the delivery time for rapid PCB bulk assembly projects. Delayed availability of specific components can disrupt the assembly process. To address this challenge, FS Technology’s PCB component procurement team collaborates with top-quality suppliers worldwide. We are proud to provide component procurement services for Fortune 500 companies, such as Volkswagen, ensuring timely access to all required electronic components.
  • Advanced Equipment: The production capacity of an assembly plant directly impacts the speed of quick turnaround PCBA. If a facility is operating at maximum capacity, it may not be able to accommodate new projects immediately. Looking at the number of production lines a manufacturer has, and conducting a factory audit if necessary is key to ensure they can execute multiple electronics projects in parallel at the same time.
  • Meticulous Testing Services: While comprehensive testing of bulk orders can affect the speed of rapid PCB assembly, it is a crucial stage in the process. To address this challenge, manufacturers need to incorporate meticulous inspection throughout the PCBA production process. In addition to manual PCB inspection, employ advanced equipment such as AOI inspection and X-RAY inspection. These inspection steps may seem time-consuming, but they significantly reduce the need for rework and repair.
  • Transportation Service Provider: Transportation lead times often pose a dilemma for fast PCB assembly suppliers, potentially causing delays in electronic projects. FS Technology has established partnerships with reputable transportation companies, ensuring priority delivery. We offer expedited shipping from China to any global destination by sea or air, ensuring both speed and quality in transportation.

Get Rapid PCBA Service From China

Opting for local PCBA services is certainly a valid choice, but it often entails challenges related to quality and price. As the global manufacturing industry shifts towards Southeast Asia, China has emerged as an alternative for many electronics manufacturers.

  • Competitive Pricing: Fast turnaround and expedited services inherently come at a higher price. For European and American countries, local manufacturers may not offer the most cost-effective solutions. China, renowned for its manufacturing prowess, provides a cost advantage for expedited services due to lower labor costs.
  • Superior Quality: While China’s PCBA industry may have started later than that of European and American countries, it has made significant strides in quality and speed. Chinese quick turn PCB manufacturers offer the best combination of price, quality, and speed, often surpassing other countries like India in terms of quality.
  • Effective Communication: Among major foreign trade nations, the English proficiency of the Chinese is noteworthy, minimizing communication barriers arising from language differences. Take FS Technology as an example – our sales team is proficient in English, Russian, Spanish, and more, facilitating detailed project discussions with customers through video conferencing.
  • Fewer Limitations: The need for quick turnaround can sometimes restrict PCB design options. Certain parts or design elements may not be readily available or suitable for assembly methods. Chinese manufacturers excel at finding solutions to these challenges, helping you overcome such limitations.

Quick Turnaround PCB FAQ

Does the FS team provide global services?

Yes, we offer comprehensive PCBA services to electronics manufacturers globally. If you prioritize shorter lead times for prototyping services and price sensitivity is not a primary concern, selecting our company is the optimal choice, regardless of your location.

How does FS Technology choose between quality and speed?

As a leading PCBA company in China, FS Technology upholds an unwavering commitment to both quality and speed. During our business discussions, we will thoroughly review your requirements with our technical department to determine the fastest feasible manufacturing speed. If we are unable to meet your speed requirements, we will provide transparent and explicit communication to ensure clear expectations are set. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results while maintaining transparency and integrity throughout the process.

Can you provide a pricelist for fast turnaround service?

After showcasing our services and capabilities in this section, we trust that you now have a comprehensive understanding of FS Technology. Should you be interested in availing our services, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales team via email. They will be pleased to assist you and provide you with an exclusive Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly Price List tailored to your specific requirements.

What type of quick PCB fabrication can FS Technology provide?

Our utilization of advanced manufacturing technology grants us distinct advantages, enabling us to swiftly cater to our customers' needs with a wide range of PCB manufacturing services. We specialize in the production of single-layer, double-layer, and multilayer PCB spanning from 1 to 56 layers. Our expertise extends to various board types, including rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex PCB.

What assembly techniques are used?

Quick PCB assemblies are executed utilizing various assembly techniques, tailored to the specific project requirements. For SMD components, we employ SMT assembly, ensuring precise placement and soldering of components on the PCB. Additionally, for DIP components, through-hole assembly techniques are utilized to ensure reliable connections.
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