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Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly Services

Fast turnaround PCB assembly services refer to companies or facilities that specialize in quickly producing printed circuit boards (PCBs) with components assembled onto them. For businesses or individuals who need a lot of PCBs rapidly or who have a short deadline for a project, this can be a useful service. The goal is to make sure that you receive your PCBA board more quickly.

Are you prepared to order quick turn PCB assembly?

Our goal is to produce high-quality PCBAs as quickly as feasible. We are industry leaders in circuit board production, including product design, fabrication, and assembly. Quality is prioritized and given priority while processing online orders and walk-in orders. People are available to assist with manufacturing and delivery, and we have a strong plan for responding to customers. For simple circuits, intricate circuits, and turnkey assembly projects, quick turn PCB assembly is appropriate.

Quality and speed go hand in hand

It’s not a myth that quality and speed are the two biggest factors in the profitability of your electronics project. Rapid PCBA production allows you to enter the market one step ahead of your competitors and accumulate a huge user pool; quality control reduces the worry of short circuits during electronic product operation and increases user stickiness. For electronics manufacturers, they are eager for quality and speed to go hand in hand and worry that the acceleration of production speed will reduce the yield rate.

Fast turn PCB assembly services can be compatible with both speed and quality if the manufacturer has a well-established process in place to ensure that the PCBAs are produced efficiently and to a high standard. This may entail employing cutting-edge tools and procedures, such as robotic pick-and-place systems and reflow ovens, and having qualified technicians in charge of the PCB fabrication, assembly and testing. In order to reduce delays brought on by component availability, it is crucial for the manufacturer to maintain an adequate supply of components in stock.

Utilizing a rapid turn PCB assembly service gives you access to skilled technicians and design professionals who can analyze the design and specifications for the PCBs and spot any potential problems, which may help you prevent mistakes in the production of PCBAs. In order to guarantee that the produced PCBAs match the necessary criteria, china quick turn PCB assembly services may also implement quality control methods, such as careful inspection and testing.

How to achieve fast PCBA processing

Processing factories are no less obsessed with speed than electronics manufacturers. Although these factories try their best to speed up assembly, it is often difficult to deliver on time due to certain objective factors. FS Technology has a unique advantage in fast PCB assembly so that prototypes and volume orders can be completed on time or ahead of schedule.

  • Professional Design Team

The length of time needed to build the boards can vary depending on how complex the PCB design is. More intricate designs could take longer to assemble and test. FS Technology’s design team can provide you with design or assist design services to help you complete the PCB layout design in the shortest possible time.

  • Impeccable Component Supply

For rapid PCB bulk assembly projects, component availability might also affect delivery times. The assembling process may be delayed if specific components are not readily available. To solve this problem, FS Technology’s PCB component procurement team purchases the required components from the world’s best-quality component suppliers. It is worth mentioning that we are responsible for the component procurement services of Fortune 500 companies, such as Volkswagen, and these partners obtain all the electronic components they need at the fastest speed.

  • Advanced Assembly Equipment

The capacity of the assembly plant can also affect the delivery speed of quick turnaround PCBA. If the facility is already at capacity, it might not be able to take on new projects right once. As we introduced on our website, our assembly factory provides customers with 7 high-speed SMT assembly lines and fully automatic DIP assembly equipment to ensure that multiple electronic projects can be run at the same time.

  • Meticulous Testing Services

Although full-scale testing of bulk orders can affect the speed of rapid PCB assembly, it is a critical stage in the PCB assembly process. In order to break this contradictory situation, FS Technology adds visual inspection to each PCBA production process. In addition to basic manual PCB inspection, it also uses advanced and professional inspection equipment such as AOI inspection equipment, X-RAY detector, etc. These inspection steps may seem cumbersome but reduce the time required for rework and repair.

  • Excellent Transportation Service Provider

For most fast PCB assembly suppliers, longer lead times due to transportation is an unavoidable dilemma, and many electronic projects are often blocked due to the impact of transportation methods and distances. FS Technology has established cooperation with a number of transportation companies and obtained delivery priority. We can ship quickly from China to any corner of the world by sea or air, and the quality is guaranteed.

Fast turnaround PCB assembly process

Like the regular PCB assembly process, fast turnaround electronics projects are not about cutting out any links in exchange for faster speed, but about saving unnecessary wasted time and overtime to fulfill assembly orders. However, it should be noted that some small workshops do not have faster equipment, stock components and more people to devote to your electronic projects, if the assembly process is too rushed, the quality of the finished PCBA circuit board may be affected. The following is FS Technology’s turnkey rapid prototyping PCB assembly service process:

  1. Receiving Order: The quick turn PCBA manufacturer will receive the order and review the design and specifications for the PCB;
  2. Circuit Design: For electronic manufacturers who do not have design capabilities, we can provide circuit design services or support;
  3. Procuring Components: The factory will then procure the necessary components for the PCB. This involves placing orders with suppliers or pulling components from inventory;
  4. Stencil Creation: A stencil is a thin metal sheet with openings that correspond to the pads on the PCB. The stencil is used to apply a layer of solder paste to the PCB, which holds the components in place during assembly. The quick full PCB assembly service provider will create a    stencil based on the PCB design;
  5. PCB Preparation: The fabricated PCB boards will be cleaned and ready for assembly;
  6. Solder Paste Application: The solder paste is applied to the PCB using the stencil;
  7. Component Placement: FS Technology places SMD or DIP components on the bare PCB by automatic pick-and-place equipment;
  8. Reflow Soldering/Wave Soldering: The PCBA with the components attached is placed in a reflow/wave soldering oven where the high temperature melts the solder paste and creates a permanent connection between the components and the PCB;
  9. Assembly Inspection and Rework: The PCBA board is inspected for defects such as incorrect component placement or solder bridges;
  10. Function Test: The PCBA is tested to ensure that it is functioning as intended;
  11. Packaging and shipping: The finished PCBA is packaged and shipped to the customer.

Quick PCB Assembly Service Analysis

Usually fast turnaround is used for prototypes or low-volume projects, but for suppliers who have established long-term cooperation, high-volume PCB assembly orders are often required to be completed at a faster speed. Whether it is prototyping or high-volume assembly, even if the price of fast turnaround service is higher, it is still considered valuable. There are many reasons why customers obtain this service from FS Technology, such as helping electronics manufacturers gain significant competitive advantages; avoiding errors and mistakes that may have occurred in the past; saving costs and gaining higher profits, etc. Next, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of this service to help you make a decision:

Advantages of Fast Turnaround PCBA

  • Time Constraints

If a business or individual must complete a project by a specific date, fast prototype PCB assembly may be a wise choice to guarantee that the PCBAs are created on schedule. Completing projects quickly is a testament to a manufacturer’s capabilities, which is critical for companies with short project deadlines or the need to launch new products quickly.

  • Large Quantities

Rapid PCB prototyping helps electronic manufacturers to save time in screening PCBA suppliers and establish long-term cooperation with suitable service providers to carry out batch projects, which is especially useful for projects that need to quickly generate numerous PCBAs.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

For businesses that do not have the personnel or equipment needed to efficiently manufacture PCBAs, it may be more cost-effective to obtain services from china quick turn PCB assembly factory than to assemble them yourself.

  • Flexibility

Express PCB assembly service offers flexibility in terms of production quantities, which is advantageous for businesses that need to produce small or high-volume PCBAs. Here at FS Technology, you can get more valuable design and component selection advice and knowledge, which helps to ensure that the finished circuit board meets the necessary requirements and functions expected.

  • Expertise

Manufacturers with high volume quick turn PCBA service capabilities typically employ skilled technicians and designers that can help with the project and make sure the finished PCB complies with the criteria. To ensure rapid turnaround service to meet customer needs, FS Technology uses cutting-edge technology, skilled labor, and the latest tools and procedures to complete high-quality PCB fabrication and production in a short period of time.

Reasons for reluctance to get fast PCBA quotes from China

  • Higher Fees

Due to the additional labor and materials needed to hasten the process, fast-turnaround PCB assembly services may be more expensive than alternative solutions.

  • Quality Issues

Compared with European and American countries, China’s PCBA industry started later. In some instances, PCBs created with a short lead time may not be as high-quality as those produced with a longer lead time. This may be the result of a number of things, like hurried testing or the use of subpar components.

  • Design Restrictions

The need for a quick turn-around may restrict the PCB design alternatives. For instance, certain parts or design elements might not be readily available or might not work with the assembling method.

  • Over-reliance

When a corporation uses fast turnaround PCB assembly services, it is reliant on an outside vendor to create the PCBs. If the vendor encounters delays or other problems that affect the project timeframe, this may be a concern.

  • Communication Barrier

Working with an outside vendor also raises the possibility of miscommunication or misunderstandings, which may affect the finished PCBs’ quality and timing.


If you are not highly price sensitive and expect to get your PCBA prototype in less time, expedited service is the right choice. As a fast PCBA supplier in China, FS Technology has unique advantages, which will make up for the defects caused by fast production. So far, if you are interested in our service, you can contact our sales by email and get your exclusive quick turn PCB assembly pricelist.

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