How to desolder components from PCB

Soldering is a process that is used to attach the copper pipes in plumbing operations and helps to connect the different components on the board. This process helps to make a reliable and strong connection of components. But if someone solders the component on the board incorrectly. So there is no use of the soldered components and we want to use that component in another project. So you will remove the component by heating the solder and desoldering the soldered point.

For desoldering process, there must be accurate technique and equipment is used. When there is a PCB assembly failure, we need to use the desoldering process. To ensure that the target is accurate, a PCBA failure analysis is required to find the problem areas. In that, we will can use that component for other projects if the soldering process is not fine our component will be wasted. In this post, we will discuss different methods for desoldering. So let’s get started.

What is Desoldering

  • In the desoldering process, solder is melted, and eliminated the connection between the two different materials.
  • For electronic desoldering is used to remove the components from the PCB board to repair if damaged, for troubleshooting replacement, and salvaging.
  • In simple words, the desoldering process is the opposite of the soldering process where components join on the board. In the desoldering process, everything done in soldering can be undone.
  • Similar to soldering desoldering process also needs a high level of proficiency to remove the component.
  • There are some techniques used to make the accurate desoldering process fine. Let discuss.
desoldering components from pcb

How to desolder PCB components

There are different methods used for desoldering the PCB components. Each needed different types of instruments and precautions.

Desoldering with Soldering Iron

  • For desoldering, the PCB component soldering iron technique is easy and mostly used. You just need soldering iron and filers to use this method.
  • To perform this method through the use of soldering iron heat the solder till it melts.
  • Remove the pinout through the use of iron and take away solder from the connections
  • After that remove the component through the use of pliers. Make sure that during the removing the component pressure must apply on the tips, not on the body of the component. It saves the component from damage

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The advantage of this technique is that we just need of soldering iron to remove the component from PCB
  • Also, components removed can be used for new projects
  • Its drawback is that if soldering iron is used for a long time can damage the board

Desoldering with Desoldering Wick

  • This desoldering technique is used to eliminate the additional solder on the board when the soldering process is completed.
  • Soldering wick is created through the use of intertwining copper windings and braiding. This method is also called desoldering braid.
  • For the creation of solder wick copper wires are used since it a good conductor for heat. When the solder is getting the heat the copper coil gets the solder from the metals.
  • There is the flux that comes with the soldering wicks that help to remove the solder from the PCB board.
  • Some steps are as follows to remove the solder
  • Wound the small part of copper wires and create a braid. Then put this braid i the flux pan and apply to the copper braid.
  • Then put the part of desoldering wick at the point that you have to desolder. Place the hot soldering iron at the upper point of the solder wick and the required pinout
  • Wait for some time till the solder melted and the solder wick absorbs the solder that melted. then remove the part of solder wick that has absorbed the solder
  • This process must be repeated to completely remove the undesired solder

Desoldering using Desolder Pump

  • There is a desoldering pump used for the removal of solder in this technique. Desoldering pump is a small-size high-pressure vacuum pump. When you use this pump make sure that the solder has heated and melted
  • The process of desoldering has some steps discussed here
  • There is soldering iron used for melting the solder. Press the handle of the pump close to the molted solder then releases the pressed handle to remove the solder
  • Repeat the process to remove the further solder existing on the board.

Desoldering using Power Desoldering Station

  • The finest option for desoldering effectively is temperature-controlled power desoldering station. It is mostly used for larger size desoldering processes.
  • For example, if there is a need of a larger number of component eliminated from the projects this method is fine.
  • Different types of desoldering stations are used some are explained here
  • To remove the through hole components through-hole desoldering is used.
  • For removal of surface mount component from the pads hot tweezer stations is used
  • A hot air station that has air blowing at about 800 to 1000 F is used for smt component removal

Desoldering through Heat Gun

  • The process of a heat gun is like the soldering iron. Here the process is explained through a heat gun.
  • On the heat gun then hold the board through the use of a strong grip like pliers.
  • Then place the heat gun on the component that has to remove till the solder melts. then remove the component through the use of pliers

Precaution for Desoldering

  • There are some precaution must perform to do the desoldering process are listed here
  • There must be ventilated area to perform the desoldering
  • Try to not touch the head of the soldering iron
  • When soldering is not used must place on the stand
  • Used pliers during the desoldering process
  • Uses safety glass and masks
  • Must have a first aid kit and also have fire extinguishers.

That is all about the desoldering process that is used to remove the solder to separation of two substances. All methods used for the desoldring process have explained if you have any queries ask in the comments.

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