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As one of the primary electronic components, printed circuit boards (PCBs) undergo a series of intricate, laborious manufacturing and assembly processes to function correctly. However, for complex applications, circuit boards require more layers, hundreds of components, and thousands of soldering points. While increased complexity allows for more possibilities and potential for new technologies, devices and equipment are becoming increasingly compact. This may lead to densification, which further can result in unexpected PCB failures. Therefore, it is essential to consider PCB testing to always ensure high quality. At FS Technology, we demonstrate our expertise in bare board and PCB-Montage testing methods, equipment, and processes. Let us take you through our professional testing services.

FS Technology's PCB Testing Services

Why Our Services Are Reliable​

At FS Technology, we are dedicated to enhancing our services and capabilities from our customers’ perspective. PCB Vorstand testing is a crucial element in our Qualitätskontrolle, and we take great pride in being a reliable testing partner for our customers. Here’s why:

Anpassungen: We understand that each customer has unique requirements, and we can cater to those needs by customizing our testing services accordingly.

Seamless process: At FS Technology, we focus on providing turnkey solutions to our customers. This means that we take care of the testing services from the incoming material inspection to the final acceptance of the product.

IPC standard: We adhere to the IPC-A-610-G appearance inspection standard, which is widely recognized in the industry and ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Years of experience: With 20 years of experience in the PCBA industry, our team of quality engineers, system managers, and product quality control departments have honed their skills and expertise, providing our customers with reliable PCBA testing services.

Alternative Testing Services

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PCB Test System and Process

Step 1: Testing Before Manufacturing

Incoming material inspection is a crucial step before PCB-Herstellung. Its purpose is to ensure that the quality of raw materials meets the required standards and to identify any potential issues before formal production begins. The inspection typically covers various components, such as plates, copper foils, electrolytes, electrolytic baths, chemical reagents, and more. The common methods used in this process include design rule checking (DRC), electrical rule checking (ERC), netlist comparison, as well as electrical and thermal testing.

Step 2: Testing During Manufacturing

This refers to bare board testing. The PCB-Herstellungsprozess can be divided into several stages, printing→lamination→drilling→electroplating→solder mask application→surface finish. Different types of tests are performed at each stage to ensure the quality of the PCB:

  1. Printing: This involves transferring the circuit layout to the substrate using photolithography. The manufacturer uses an optical inspection system to check for defects or alignment problems.
  2. Lamination: This process involves heating and compressing the laminate and the copper layer together by a press machine. A peel strength test is performed to verify the firmness between the laminate and the copper layer.
  3. Drilling: This stage involves drilling holes for components and through holes connecting different layers of the PCB. FS Technology performs a drill size verification test to ensure the accuracy of the drill.
  4. Electroplating: A thin layer of copper is deposited on the surface of the circuit board and in the holes to form a conductive path connecting different components on the board. Before this process starts, a micro-etching test is required to ensure the adhesion and uniformity of the layer.
  5. Lötmaske layer: This is the protective layer of copper traces and pads, and an adhesion test is conducted on the application of the solder mask layer to detect its firmness.
  6. Surface finish: Customers can choose different PCB-Oberflächenbehandlungen according to their application requirements. The PCB manufacturer will conduct a solderability test before the process to ensure the quality of the surface finish.

Step 3: Testing Before Assembly

Als Profi PCBA-Unternehmen, we understand the importance of ensuring the quality and reliability of our products. Despite carrying out various strict testing procedures during bare board manufacturing, we conduct secondary inspections on all produced circuit boards before PCB assembly to minimize the possibility of rework or scrapped faulty boards. Although this process may slightly affect the processing speed, it is a crucial measure in saving time and money for our customers in the long run.

At FS Technology, we utilize the latest SMT high-speed placement machine, enabling us to achieve PCB-Bestückung mit schneller Durchlaufzeit without compromising on quality. We offer a range of testing options, including visual inspection, electrical testing, functional testing, and online testing to ensure the highest level of quality and performance for our customers.

Step 4: Testing during and after PCB Assembly

Assembly involves the process of placing electronic components onto a printed circuit board, which includes SMT-Bestückung und Durchgangslochmontage. With the reduction in circuit board size and the need to accommodate more elektronische Komponenten in a smaller area on the board, resulting in higher density interconnections, the product quality requirements have significantly increased. FS Technology takes great care to handle the board during the Montageprozess and after the PCBA production is completed to avoid damaging the brand image of the client company. The following steps are involved in ensuring the quality of PCBA:

  • SPI inspection: This checks the quality of Lotpaste printing to avoid problems such as excessive or insufficient solder paste or missing brushes.
  • AOI inspection: This checks for missing, incorrect, or misaligned components throughout each assembly process.
  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT): This checks that components are functioning properly and is usually done using a dedicated test fixture attached to the PCB that tests each component.
  • Functional test: This is a complete test of the entire PCBA to ensure that the expected function can be achieved, including testing the input and output of the device, checking the power consumption of the device, and detecting any functional defects.
  • Visual inspection: Dies ist eine manual PCB test performed by well-trained technicians and is the most basic test throughout every process.
  • Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI): This is the process of testing components on a PCB using x-ray inspection equipment to detect problems such as shorts, opens, and incorrect component placement.
  • Burn-in test: This involves running the device under high-stress conditions for a long period of time to ensure its proper functioning and to avoid any potential defects of the PCBA that may occur in the future.


Does FS Technology provide PCB testing solutions?

Yes, testing is a crucial step that FS Technology takes to ensure the quality of every project. However, we do not offer standalone testing services; we include testing as part of our PCB manufacturing or assembly services.

How to make sure the project is cheaper?

As the best PCBA company in China, FS Technology provides basic tests for free, including visual inspection, SPI detection, AOI inspection, in-circuit testing, and automated X-ray inspection. However, functional testing requires detailed discussions with our business team.

Compared with online quoting companies, FS Technology may have slightly higher prices. This is because we implement a one-to-one service system, which requires us to bear more risks and costs to provide you with better services. We believe that quality and reliability are crucial for our clients, and we strive to deliver top-notch services that meet their expectations.

Will testing be ignored because of small batch orders?

As a B2B PCBA company, FS Technology provides equal treatment to every order without any minimum order quantity requirements. Our business philosophy is centered around the concept of “the transaction is just the beginning, and the service is endless.”

We take pride in supporting small companies and helping them grow into larger enterprises. Our past cases have demonstrated our ability to assist companies in transforming from PCB-Bestückung in kleinen Stückzahlen zu large volume PCB assembly, resulting in orders worth more than 10 million US dollars per year. We understand the struggles and potential of small companies, and we are dedicated to providing them with better service to help them succeed while also generating bulk orders for FS Technology.

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