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The world of electronics is evolving rapidly, and along with it, the demand for high-quality circuit boards in various industries is also increasing. There are numerous Chinese PCBA manufacturers available on the internet, including companies like FS Technology, JLCPCB, PCBWay, etc. Among them, JLCPCB has gained significant recognition and is considered one of the leading manufacturing companies providing design services. Located in Shenzhen, China, the company was established in 2006 with the aim of meeting customer needs through continuous innovation and service improvement.

With its dedication to customer satisfaction, JLCPCB has become renowned worldwide for its low-cost rapid manufacturing and high-quality customer experience. Despite your familiarity with JLCPCB, this article aims to objectively analyze its characteristics from the perspective of its competitors.

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JLCPCB Cutting-Edge PCBA Service

Service Item

Like FS Technology, JLCPCB also offers a range of services related to circuit boards. With their turnkey PCB assembly services, they cater to the needs of individuals, businesses, and industries. Leveraging their high level of expertise and infrastructure, JLCPCB can handle projects of any size or complexity, from prototypes to mass production. Whether you require single-layer or multi-layer boards, JLCPCB ensures top-notch quality and accuracy with every order. As a competitor, FS Technology focuses more on PCB assembly and fully customized services, whereas JLCPCB specializes in prototyping and small-batch production.

  • Design Projects: As a leading PCBA company, JLCPCB understands the importance of well-designed PCBs. They have a team of industry-leading engineers who provide circuit design services, helping customers transform their ideas into actual products. These experienced engineers are proficient in using various PCB design software and follow industrial best practices to create efficient, compact, and customized PCB layouts that meet specific requirements.
  • Bare Board Manufacturing: JLCPCB utilizes the latest machines and advanced manufacturing methods to achieve high-quality bare board manufacturing. They adhere to industry standards and employ quality control parameters throughout the manufacturing process. By using high-quality materials, JLCPCB ensures the production of error-free boards that perform well and are durable. 
  • Assembly Services: Since 2021, JLCPCB has collaborated with Easy Mall to become an aircraft carrier-level PCBA processing plant, providing PCBA services to global electronics manufacturers. This means that they can meet all the needs of users in terms of electronic components, and it is worth mentioning that many Chinese PCBA companies buy their PCB parts from JLC! In addition, with the help of cutting-edge instruments and highly skilled technicians, they are able to achieve efficient and precise component assembly, saving time while ensuring reliability. They offer through-hole and surface mount technology assembly options to meet the needs of a variety of projects. JLCPCB PCB assembly has surpassed most of the companies in the prototype project, and has become the leading brand at home and abroad!

Why Choose

  • Fast Turnaround TimeIn electronics manufacturing, fast turnaround time is a primary concern for customers. JLCPCB understands this and offers high-speed turnaround times to help you deliver PCBs faster. They achieve this through fully automated production lines, digital manufacturing methods, and stable logistics partners, ensuring that your boards are made and delivered to your doorstep in no time.
  • Online Platform: One advantage of JLCPCB over FS Technology is their online quotation services. Unlike FS Technology, which requires waiting for quotations, JLCPCB simplifies the complete ordering process of circuit boards through a user-friendly online platform. On their website, you can upload Gerber files, adjust specifications, and submit orders. You can always track the status of your order in real-time and rely on attentive customer service. In contrast, FS Technology pays attention to service quality. After receiving the documents, we will review and provide modification or upgrade suggestions to help customers reduce costs, so the quotation is often not as fast as JLC.
  • Economic Benefits: JLCPCB also brings economic benefits to its customers especially in prototyping. They strive to provide the most cost-effective circuit boards, making them a sought-after choice for electronics enthusiasts. Affordability is a crucial factor for individuals and businesses, and JLCPCB delivers on this front. They offer competitive cost solutions without compromising on quality. This is the main reason why more users choose JLCPCB PCB prototype.
  • High Standard: Furthermore, they maintain high standards throughout the manufacturing process. They ensure the use of premium materials and conduct quality checks at every step to deliver PCBs that meet or exceed customer expectations. Their commitment to high-quality products is evident in everything they produce. By continually investing in top-tier base materials and the latest machinery for fully automated production lines, they can provide high output and consistently high-quality products. Aluminum based PCB and flexible PCB from JLC Corporation become a suitable choice for aerospace, military, industrial and medical projects that require high precision boards.

FS Technology VS JLCPCB

We have introduced all the advantages of JLCPCB above including famous, cheap, fast, etc., which almost contains all the advantages that PCBA companies need. Then you may ask what does FS Technology rely on to survive? How to attract customers? This was answered after looking at our client pool.

  • Quality: Our focus is on the high quality of products and delivery, even though it may not have a price advantage compared to JLCPCB in PCBA prototype manufacturing. While JLCPCB utilizes imposition production to reduce costs, FS Technology prioritizes delivering high-quality PCB. By avoiding potential problems such as increased failure rates due to factors like signal interference, FS Technology ensures reliable and top-notch PCBAs for its customers.
  • Mass Production: While JLCPCB’s production model is well-suited for prototyping, it may fall short when it comes to bulk orders. FS Technology’s second advantage lies in large-volume PCB assembly. Our factory features 7 SMT and THT production lines, ensuring efficient batch production at industry-leading speed. Through economies of scale, FS Technology is able to reduce the customer unit price of PCBA boards, making projects more cost-effective for clients.
  • Service: Highly customized +1v1 service is one of our specialties! While JLCPCB’s large client base ordering prototype manufacturing necessitates a larger organizational structure for better service, FS Technology focuses on 1-on-1 project management. We assign dedicated personnel to establish a direct connection with customers, enabling better communication and tailored PCBA services to successfully complete projects.
  • Advanced Capabilities: FS Technology is not afraid of challenges and offers advanced PCB manufacturing capabilities. While JLCPCB may have limitations in certain advanced processes, FS Technology is equipped to handle them. We offer a wide range of options, including 1-56 layers of multi-layer boards, rigid, flexible, rigid-flex PCBs, hybrid boards, ceramic boards, blind buried vias, HDI, and other advanced processes. This allows FS Technology to cater to the needs of customers with complex and advanced PCB requirements.

JLCPCB Capability Demonstration

JLC PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Layer countSingle-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer configurations (up to 4 or 6 layers)
Controlled Impedance4/6 layer default layer stack-up with impedance control for high-frequency and signal integrity needs
MaterialFR-4 with Tg value 130-140 Tg
Dielectric constant4.5
Maximum Dimension400x500mm
Dimension Tolerance±0.2mm
Board Thickness0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0mm
Thickness Tolerance ≥1.0mm±10%
Thickness Tolerance <1.0mm±0.1mm
Finished External Layer Copper1oz or 2oz
Finished Internal Layer Copper0.5oz

JLC PCB Assembly Capabilities

ParameterEconomic PCBAStandard PCBA
Assembly TypesSingle-sided placementSingle layer placement
Board Layer2, 4, 6 layers boardsOne to six layers
Thickness0.8 mm to 1.6 mm0.4 mm to 2.0 mm
Dimension2 Layer: 10×10 mm – 480×320 mm – 4 and 6 Layer: 10×10 mm – 350×320 mm – PCB Panel Size: 10×10 mm – 250×250 mm70×70 mm to 400×500 mm for 2 layers – PCB Panel: 70×70 mm – 250×250 mm
Order Volume2 to 50 pcs2 to 80,000 pcs
Surface FinishLimited by certain requirementsNo limit
PCB ColorRestricted to some pointsNo limit
Delivery FormatSingle PCB board, Panel with mouse bitesSingle PCB, Panel with mouse bites, Panel with V-cut
Edge RailsNot neededRequired
FiducialsNot neededRequired
Minimum Package04020201
Minimum IC Pin Spacing0.4 millimeter0.35 millimeter
Minimum BGA Spacing0.5 millimeter0.5 millimeter
Reflow Temperature255+/-5 °C240+/-5 °C
SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)NoYes
AOI InspectionYesYes
Visual InspectionYesYes
X-ray InspectionYesYes
Build Time1 to 3 daysFour or more days

2023 Price Concessions

JLCPCB Flex PCB$25 for 5 pieces, includes standard PCBA support
 1-8 layer PCB 5 pieces$2
1 to 6 layer boardsOffer free assembly services for 1 to 6 layers with the monthly redeemed JLCPCB SMT coupon.
High-frequency PCB$99.5 for Rogers boards (5 pieces) and $50.35 for Teflon boards (5 pieces).

JLCPCB is currently offering limited-time discounts for all users. The cost of their high-precision 6-layer PCB with ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) surface finish and via-in-pad processed by POFV (Plated Over Filled Via) technology has been reduced from over $100 to just $20. This special offer is a reward for JLCPCB users for their continued support. Users can access this discounted price for high-quality 6-layer PCBs by visiting JLCPCB’s quotation website.

Due to their large-scale production capabilities, JLCPCB is able to provide customers with highly competitive pricing while maintaining high product quality.

Here are the details and prices for some of their PCB offerings:

  • Engineering-fee-charged 4-layer PCB: $20.52 per type. Small batch PCB prices are \$65.67 per square meter.
  • Eight-layer board with dimensions of 10cm width and 10cm length: The cost for 5 PCB prototypes is \$82.09.
  • Ten-layer PCB board with dimensions of 10cm length and breadth: The cost for 5 PCB prototypes is $136.82. Small batch PCB prices are $171.03 per square meter, with engineering charges at $136.82 per type.
  • Twelve-layer PCB board with dimensions of 10cm length and breadth: The cost for 5 PCB prototypes is approximately $218.91. Small batch PCB charges are \$239.44 per square meter, with engineering charges at \$205.23 per type.
  • For PCBs with eight or more layers, JLCPCB utilizes Sytech and Nanya materials.

JLCPCB Multilayer PCB

They use advanced tools for multilayer PCB manufacturing, although the number of layers cannot be compared with FS technology, but LDI (Laser Direct Imaging) technology is of great help to the quality of the product. They can create a padded bridge of 6.66 mils when the pad opening is only 1 mil on one side, resolving the solder bridge issue completely. This allows JLCPCB to handle assembly regardless of IC gap thickness, as the problem is addressed through board design.

Single-layer and double-layer boards are produced using a CCD alignment exposure machine, which does not support solder mask opening designs and is mainly used for high multi-layer board designs ranging from four to twenty layers.

Multilayer boards are especially suitable for complex circuits that require a larger number of circuits and components. The design and manufacturing processes for multilayer boards involve the use of advanced instruments and meticulous procedures, resulting in high-quality products. JLCPCB is equipped with the latest equipment and solder mask instruments to ensure stable and reliable solder mask bridging.

Multilayer PCB boards offer several advantages, including:

  • Applicable for complicated circuits: Multilayer boards are ideal for composite devices that require a larger number of circuits and components.
  • High quality: The design and manufacturing processes for multilayer boards involve the use of advanced instruments and detailed procedures, ensuring high-quality products.
  • Less complex designs: JLCPCB provides free “via-in-pad” with POFV (Plated Over Filled Via) technology for six, 8 to 20-layer boards. This technology allows for larger space vias, enabling more complex circuit designs.
  • Less weight and smaller size: Multilayer PCB boards offer increased functionality in a smaller area compared to single-layer or double-layer PCBs, making the board lighter and more compact.

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