Fine Pitch BGA (FBGA): Einführender Überblick und Fallstudien

Fine Pitch BGA: Einführender Überblick und Fallstudien Angesichts des Platzmangels bei elektronischen Produkten wie Handhelds oder tragbaren Geräten suchen die Designer aktiv nach verschiedenen Methoden, um die Größe von PCBA-Platinen zu verringern. Eine wirksame Strategie ist der Einsatz von Multilayer-Leiterplatten, die mehr Schaltungen auf kleinerem Raum unterbringen können, um den Anforderungen [...]


BGA vs. QFN In the field of electronics, selecting the correct package form for integrated circuits is one of the key tasks for engineers. This includes the oldest form of DIP packaging, the compact and highly integrated CSP packaging, and the solder ball grid array-based LGA packaging, among others. Undoubtedly, these packages have unique characteristics […]

Verbesserte Leistung und Zuverlässigkeit mit Ball Grid Array Technologie

Enhance Performance and Reliability with Ball Grid Array Technology In recent years, the electronic industry has witnessed a significant trend towards increased complexity and component miniaturization. This shift has been primarily driven by advancements in semiconductor technology, facilitating higher levels of functionality integration within smaller packages. As a result of that, electronic devices are becoming […]

TBGA/Tape Ball Grid Array (BGA) PCBA Gehäuse Übersicht

TBGA/Tape Ball Grid Array (BGA) PCBA Package Overview TBGA stands for Tape Ball Grid Array packaging which is part of the electronic chip carriers group which uses circuitized flex or tape for die carriers mounted on PCB board. Previously TPGA was known as Signetics TBGA, Wire Bond TBGA, Flex BGA, and Area Array Tape Automated […]

Einführung von Plastic Ball Grid Array

Introduction of Plastic Ball Grid Array-PBGA PBGA or Plastic Ball Grid Array packaging is used to provide the high-level PCB assembly process and design at reasonable prices. It is the main type of BGA that is commonly used for double-side PCB construction. The first time it was created by MOTOROLA company and now almost every […]