box build assembly
box build assembly

Box Build Assembly

Box build assembly involves the process of integrating and assembling multiple printed circuit boards into a single housing or enclosure. It entails the integration of various individual components, such as PCB, connector, and wiring, to create a fully functional electronic system or device. This physical assembly involves the careful arrangement and connection of these components to establish the internal structure of the machine, ensuring its proper functioning.

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Full Services

Once we receive your request, our sales team will promptly get in touch with you to discuss your specific design and requirements. We will then develop a tailored and comprehensive box-build assembly solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. Whether you need a simple plastic enclosure or a complex multi-rack assembly, we are well-equipped to deliver exceptional results. Our range of services includes:

  • Automated Encapsulation
  • Complete Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Conformal Coating
  • Various Testing Options
  • Static Packaging and Shockproof Treatment
  • 24-hour Customer Service + After-Sales Service + Repair Service

Assembling Capabilities

  • Comprehensive solutions for PCB electronic assembly, encompassing box build, SMT, THT, and hybrid assembly.
  • Pre-tested subassemblies help to minimize costs while ensuring quality.
  • Specialize in resolving complex cable assemblies, handling tasks such as stripping, tying, tinning, and twisting of cable bundles.
  • Fully wired components, such as racks, cabinets, and backplanes, delivering complete solutions for your electronic systems.
  • Leverage precision machined parts to create high-quality subassemblies that meet your specific requirements.
  • Expertise covers a wide range of enclosures, cable assemblies, and subassemblies, catering to both simple and complex projects involving metal frames.

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How Box Build Services Can Benefit You

Reduced Time to Market

Box build assembly enables the integration of multiple components or modules into a cohesive unit, consolidating redundant individual assembly steps in the production process. The use of pre-designed and standardized components further enhances efficiency. These modular units or prefabricated parts reduce the need for custom manufacturing, resulting in improved production efficiency. This is particularly advantageous for businesses with fast turnaround services, as it helps shorten electronics manufacturing cycle times and allows them to gain a larger market share. Electronic manufacturers can leverage this service to reduce the new product development cycle and swiftly gather valuable customer information, gaining a competitive advantage.

Cost Savings

Utilizing PCB box build offers substantial cost reductions for companies in various ways. Firstly, by using standardized components, the need for specialized tooling or custom production processes is minimized. Additionally, the streamlined production process and reduced assembly time result in lower labor costs and increased operational efficiency. Moreover, box assembly services provide scalability, as modular components can be easily replicated and scaled up to production volumes. These advantages are particularly advantageous for companies experiencing growth or dealing with seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Flexibility and Customization

PCBA companies that accept box build orders usually possess a wider range of capabilities to cater to customer flexibility and customization requirements. In PCB manufacturing, they accommodate multiple types of substrates. When it comes to assembly, they offer comprehensive assembly techniques. Moreover, in component sourcing, they provide the ability to combine and configure different modules or assemblies. These advantages enable customers to effectively respond to market and product changes, making project progress and adjustments feasible.

Enhanced Supply Chain Management

Service providers procure pre-designed components from professional and long-term cooperative suppliers to mitigate the impact of component market fluctuations on production progress. Furthermore, the utilization of standardized components and modules enhances the overall quality, reducing the risk of errors or variations during the assembly process. By relying on trusted partners, customers can confidently focus on their core competencies, knowing that their supply and assembly are handled by high-quality components.

Box Build Assembly in China

Required Documents

  • Assembly Instructions: Guide the manufacturer through each step of box construction, including diagrams, illustrations or photos, etc.;
  • Bill of Materials: Collation of all necessary components, materials and quantities for the project for procurement by the manufacturer before commencing assembly;
  • Cut List or Dimensions: Provides precise measurements and dimensions to help determine the walls, bottom and top of the box;
  • Diagrams or Blueprints: A clear overview of how the different parts fit together helps in understanding the box design, component placement and assembly process.
  • Safety Guidelines: Outline precautions, safety measures, and best practices to follow during assembly, including information on handling tools, protective gear, and safe use of equipment.
  • Finishing Instructions: If there are special PCB surface finishes requirements, it needs to be detailed in specific documents, such as painting or dyeing, etc.;
  • FAQ: During the project, both parties actively discuss and provide common problems and troubleshooting documents to save communication time and speed up the project progress;

Materials and Tools

To complete a box-building assembly, FS Tech utilizes several essential materials and tools. The necessary materials include box components such as walls, base, and top, which can be crafted from wood, plastic, metal, or composite boards.

Fasteners like screws, nails, or dowels are essential for securely joining the box components together. Additionally, adhesives such as wood glue or epoxy may be used to reinforce joints and provide added strength.

For a polished finish, optional materials like paint, stain, or varnish can enhance the box’s appearance and provide surface protection. As for tools, measuring instruments such as tape measures, rulers, squares, and marking tools are crucial for accurate measurements.

Cutting tools such as saws or jigsaws enable precise shaping of the box components according to your desired size. Fastening tools like screwdrivers, drills, or nailers aid in the assembly process, while clamps ensure the components remain securely in place.

Sanding tools like sandpaper or a sanding block are necessary for smoothing rough edges and surfaces. If a finishing coat is desired, brushes, rollers, or sprayers may be required. We take into consideration your specific requirements, carefully plan your project, and gather all the necessary materials and tools before commencing the box assembly.

Box Build Assembly Process

Box building manufacturing process

The box manufacturing process is a comprehensive undertaking that involves multiple stages, emphasizing quality control, collaboration between teams, and efficient production practices. These steps ensure a seamless completion of the box manufacturing process.

  1. The process begins with the design and engineering phase, where specifications are determined, and individual box-like components are conceptualized.
  2. The designed components are then fabricated using various manufacturing techniques such as sheet metal fabrication or plastic molding. These techniques ensure that the components meet precise specifications. After fabrication, the components undergo finishing processes, including surface treatments and labeling.
  3. During the assembly preparation stage, sub-components, hardware, and necessary tools are gathered. The components are systematically assembled using techniques like welding, bolting, or adhesive bonding.
  4. The integration of subsystems, such as partitions or electrical panels, takes place at this stage. Comprehensive testing and quality control measures are conducted to ensure functionality and adherence to standards.
  5. Finishing touches, such as protective coatings or branding elements, are added to enhance the final product. The completed box-building assemblies are then carefully packaged for shipping or distribution.

High-quality PCB Box Build Assembly Service

When performing box build PCB assembly services for customers, it is inevitable to encounter some non-medical problems. No matter how large the service provider you choose, how to solve the problems is the key point. Let’s try the problems that may be faced in the manufacturing process and provide FS Technology’s solutions or avoidance methods:

  • Wall Misalignment: One of the most common problems, usually caused by manufacturing deviations, installation errors, thermal expansion, etc., can cause the box to be structurally weak or unstable. The key to avoid such failures affecting the delivery time lies in the review and discussion of documents, which is why FS Technology will discuss the details with customers in detail before the project starts.
  • Weak Structure: This includes the corners, bottom, and base of the box, which are critical areas that can be susceptible to weakness. If these areas are not properly reinforced, the box may collapse under external stress or experience failure and cracking when loaded. FS Technology highly recommends considering the appropriate materials and additional protection measures based on the size of the box and its intended use. For instance, adding extra reinforcement or bracing to the main body can significantly enhance its strength. Utilizing bracing-reinforced corner joints or employing stronger joint techniques like dovetail or mortise tenons can also contribute to improved durability and structural integrity.
  • Exterior: Firstly, it is crucial to address gaps and spacing issues between components within the box. These gaps can not only compromise the aesthetics of the box but also impact its functionality, especially when it is used for holding or storing items. Secondly, the surface treatment of the box plays a significant role in both its appearance and durability. Improper surface treatment can result in rough surfaces, uneven staining or painting, or a lack of protective coating. This can detract from the overall visual appeal of the box and reduce its long-term durability. By focusing on precise measurements, proper alignment, and selecting a reputable assembly services company, you can ensure that your PCB box build assembly services company meets the highest standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

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