In the power control pcb assembly project, the process with a large proportion of processing is DIP. The following will give a more detailed introduction to dip, and the advantages of FSPBC in this regard.

Directory of DIP PCB Assembly

Why FS Tech is reliable for DIP?

FS Technology is the best turnkey pcb assembly service company in China, We has served a number of projects in the welding machine and energy industry, as well as power control industry. The common of these projects is the proportion of DIP processing on PCBA is relatively large.

DIP production scale

  • 7 automatic DIP production lines;
  • 300+ professional production staff;
  • 25000pcs DIP ordinary products per month (Min);

DIP quality assurance

  • Strictly control the DIP pass-through rate;
  • Workers with strict training, to control Productivity and quality;
  • Strict IPQC and QA LOT sampling standards to ensure the reliability of DIP processing;

DIP plug-in is an important part in the PCB assembly process. Basically, the quality of the DIP plug-in determines the quality of the PCBA processing.

Therefore, FS TECH pays special attention to the following items in the entire DIP process:

  • Before the plug-in, check the surface cleanliness of electronic components, whether there are oil stains, paint and other problems;
  • During the plug-in, ensure that the electronic components are closed on the PCB. To avoid unevenness and uncover soldering pads well;
  • If there is a direction indication on the surface of electronic components, make sure that correct direction been plugged in;
  • Pay attention to the power strength of the plug-in components and to the PCB,  to avoid any damage due to excessive strength;
  • Electronic components are not beyond of the edge of the PCB board/frame, and pay attention to the height and spacing between electronic components.

Entry-level DIP PCB Assembly Knowledge

What is DIP?

DIP (Dual In-line Package)or DIPP (Dual in-line pin package), refers to integrated circuit chips that are packaged in dual in-line form. Most small-medium-sized integrated circuits use this packaging form and generally does not exceed 100 pins.

A DIP packaged CPU chip with two parallel rows of electrical connecting pins that need to be inserted into a IC sockets. Or it can also be directly inserted into PCB board with the same package for soldering. 

DIP packaged chips should be inserted carefully to avoid any damage to the pins.

The DIP package structure/material is in the form of:

  • Ceramic Dual In-line Package (CERDIP or CDIP)
  • Plastic Dual In-line Package (PDIP)
  • Shrink Plastic Dual In-line Package (SPDIP)
  • kinny Dual In-line Package (SDIP or SPDIP)

DIP is the follow-up work of SMT, important part of the PCB assembly process.However, large-sized components that cannot be inserted by the auto machine, but manually plugged in, and then passing through the reflow oven to final solder.  

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