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The Cooperation with AR car navigation company

Since 2014, we have been cooperating with this company until now, cooperating with R & D and production.
In early 2017, the company secured financing from Alibaba Group and Sequoia Capital and so on, raising tens of millions of dollars.

Why stand today?

Materials procurement and management

Shenzhen FS Technology built well-improved&efficient materials procurement system for PCB soldering, with systematic & high-efficiency procedure to manage every steps strictly, which operated under ERP system by dedicated team.
Purchased one batch of specialized cabinets for materials storage, i.e. vacuum dryer cabinet, anti-static cabinet, electronic cryogenic storage tank etc.

And materials purchasing are based on bom list exactly.

Our materials are from well-known brand and qualified electronics supplier. Components are from authorized supplier&manufacturer. Big dealers for electronic components include Arrow Electronics, Avnet, DigiKey Electronics, Farnell Company, Future Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Newark, Samtec etc, which make sure with the highest quality and best value for PCB.
Absolutely, we have also the channel for alternatives if no choice, while we will still advise you to use original raw brand materials, and without allowance, no substitutes for use.

Purchasing uncertain/difficult materials (long leading time, overdue)is one of our strength, as we had rich marketing channel for special materials. For example, we have enough IC sources, which it is easily on purchase for IC made from Japan, Korea, China Mainland and Taiwan etc.

Short procurement cycle. Within one week for well-prepared without any service charge. And using ERP to achieve in-time management and controlling for materials stocks.

Warehouse-in inspection. Every materials have to undergo strict quality inspection, this part is carried out by professional QC department to do incoming materials checking and registration before warehouse-in.
Also, We will always arrange QC staff on training and examination to control quality.

Quality management system

Our products’ FPY First Pass Yield is 98%.

The product pass rate is the yield for one-time all processing pass from the first input to the final production.

Punctual or advanced delivery time

Professional packaging, to ensure that the product is non-destructive and perfect when arriving at the hands of customers.
PCB: anti-static vacuum packaging
PCBA: ESD bags with yellow label packaging
Card slot, foam cotton, beautiful tape package and so on. 

One-stop service with full sincerity
Sincerity on service is always our spirit&principle, we are pleased to help clients on demands, for example: LED display, products cabinet, mould, power cables, Assisting to find and audit these supplier, try all efforts to utilize our factory sources advantage around China, Guangdong, Shenzhen to help clients find good supplier with stable production capability and competitive price.

Always support from regular customers
The rate for repeat order from regular customers reach 95%, new projects are arranged us to make production, even more, some clients recommend people with related demand to us, or pay money in advance before PI, and some will invite us for meals to express gratitude etc. which let us to be not only business partner but also friends.

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